Borderlands 3 is the latest installment in the popular shooter series. This guide will walk you through all of the different weapons and how to use them.

Borderlands 3 kill killavolt glitch is a popular topic that has been asked about on the internet. This article will help you get through Borderlands 3 with ease.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Promethea is the name of the planet.
  • Lectra City is a city in the state of Lectra.
  • 15th level

Killavolt has replaced Moxxi’s gladiatorial contest with his disgusting “who wants to bang a bazillionare contest,” in which contestants fight and murder each other for the opportunity to sleep with him as a reward.

Moxxi wants you to join the competition for her, but she has something more in mind to get Killavolt out of the picture for good.

Walkthrough of the Mission

I’m on my way to Lectra City.


If you’re not sure where Lectra City is, go to the Watershed headquarters and follow the waypoint after the quest starts.

Taking Part in the Battle Royale


There will be a throng, and Moxxi will stand there, saying that you will battle in her place, which Killavolt accepts.


While you battle your way to each of the other contestants, Lectra City will be swarming with bandits.

Competitors are being assassinated.


To make things simpler, go to each of the competitors who will be designated with a waypoint and go to them while killing other opponents along the way.


After you’ve killed each rival, remember to collect their token, which you’ll hand over to Killavolt at the token ceremony.


Trudy the Toe-less may be found near the water at the far end of the Big Dock Energy area.


To get to the battery that has to be gathered, cross over the containers on the side.


Jenny of Raden-3 may be found at Downtown Square, where you must down the stairs and look for her in the rear.


Climb up the wall of a building that has a marking indicating that it is reachable, and then follow the waypoint.


Lena Of Raden-6 is in The Hills, which forces you to go around a portion of the city, making her a suitable option for the last opponent.


The battery near Lena Of Raden-6 located on the far side of the building, where you’ll have to clamber up between sections of the structure.

I’m on my way to Moxxi’s


Head up to Moxxi’s tavern in Lectra City after killing all of the rivals and collecting everything you need.


Deliver the batteries to Moxxi so she may make a special token for you to give to Killavolt later on, which will destroy his defenses.


Take Moxxi’s unique token once she’s finished crafting it and go to the Bone Dome, where Killavolt will present Moxxi with her reward for winning.

The Ceremony of Tokens


Make your way inside and to the combat arena, but make sure you load up on ammunition in case you ran out during the prior bouts with the rivals.


Jump down to the combat area, where you’ll soon surprise Killavolt with the Moxxi special token.


You will hand out all of the tokens at the token ceremony, including the unique token that Moxxi produced, which will be handed last.


Killavolt Moxxi’s shield will burst once you give him the token, and the fight will commence in a few seconds.


To continue with the objective, kill Killavolt and the other opponents, causing him to drop his charge pack.


Pick up his charge pack and return it to Moxxi’s tavern, where she will explain what you should do with it.


As a way of demonstrating his value, Moxxi will tell you to put it on the Killa Krapper, a portable toilet.


Return to Moxxi, who will praise you for your assistance before returning to Sanctuary, completing the quest and awarding you a prize.

Mission Reward for Killing Killavolt


Moxxi will offer you approximately $1,313 in cash and a famous “Moxxxi’s Bar” decoration to hang in your room.



  • If you aren’t yet level 15, attempt to knock down any bandits you come across on your way to the competition to get the most out of the experience you can so you can acquire stuff from the region and have a better chance battling Killavolt.
  • When battling Killavolt, try jumping and firing at him to escape taking damage from the ground and to make him miss his strikes.
  • Enemies don’t spawn very often while battling Killavolt, therefore it’s best to store the chests inside for health rather than opening them all at once.

The borderlands 3 kill killavolt batteries is a game that was released on September 13, 2019. This game has been receiving mixed reviews from critics and players.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to kill Killavolt?

The easiest way to kill Killavolt is by using a weapon that is able to kill him in one hit.

What level should you be to kill Killavolt?


How do you kill Killavolt?

Killavolt is an enemy in the game. To kill it, you must use a weapon that has a certain amount of power.

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