Borderlands 3 is a looter-shooter RPG with an emphasis on exploration, character building and shooting. This guide will help you get the most out of your time in Pandora’s desert wasteland.

The borderlands 3 killavolt location is a guide to the Borderlands 3 world. It offers tips on how to kill, locations, drops and attacks.

Killavolt is a robber who has overdosed on electricity and organizes his “bang a bazillionare” event in Lectra City on Promethea.

In the Murder Killavolt side objective, Moxxi requests that you kill him so that he may no longer interfere with her plans with her underdome.

To compensate for his limited skills, he wears a helmet and armor with a battery mount and shields himself when possible.


Killavolt is the boss in the Kill Killavolt quest, who you will encounter after battling for a chance to meet him via the token ceremony, which is really Moxxi’s plot for you to kill him.

Killavolt’s Fight & Killavolt’s Killavolt’s Killavolt’


Killavolt may be a pain to battle since his shield can cover the bulk of his body and striking other areas of his body does not inflict much harm.

However, his charge pack, which is situated on his back, is uncovered, allowing you to inflict more damage to him.

He’ll assault you with a variety of strikes, so keep moving so you can dodge as well as get a good shot at him.


Killavolt will often move slowly, allowing you to fire shots at him. However, be aware because bandits may spawn at any moment.

Save the bandits for when you’re downed so you can get back on your feet, and use the container laying around if you need to recover.


Keep an eye out for areas of the floor that are glowing with shock effects, since they can cause you to take damage and deplete your shields or health if you ignore them.

He’ll fire a shock laser or shock missiles at you quickly, which you may avoid by running or leaping out of the path.



Killavolt’s weak point is his charge pack on his back, which may be damaged by firing the glowing sections on top of the rods or in the middle of his charge pack.

Attacks of Note

Attack with a Charge


Keep an eye out for his slam strike, which enables him to narrow the gap between you and him while battling.

While he is dazed, slide out of the path or score a critical hit to cancel his assault and give you additional bullets.

Shock Absorber


Killavolt will sometimes smash his fist into the ground, causing sparks and stunning damage that may be avoided by leaping out of the path or maintaining a safe distance.

Drops of Note


Killavolt has a chance to drop the legendary weapon “9-Volt” in addition to a variety of uncommon and even rare goods.



  • Be cautious where you stand and don’t remain too long since the arena is prone to being packed with electrical panels for the floor.
  • Killavolt may be sluggish at times, so keep moving and don’t stand still, otherwise you’ll suffer more damage than normal and won’t receive as many excellent shots.
  • Jumping and shooting can make it very simple to target his weak areas while also keeping you safe from most of his assaults.

The kill killavolt tokens not spawning is a guide that will help you with your Borderlands 3 experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to kill Killavolt?

If youre not sure, you can try to use the weapon that hes holding.

What level should you be to kill Killavolt?

You should be at least level 10 to kill Killavolt.

What element is Killavolt weak to?


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