This is the walkthrough for the Lair of the Harpy Mission in Borderlands 3.

The borderlands 3 lair of the harpy vault key clue is a mission walkthrough for the Borderlands 3 Lair of the Harpy DLC.

Aurelia has offered you a huge sum of money if you leave the world so she may continue her evil job, which includes assisting the Calypso twins.

You and Wainwright will deceive Aurelia by seeming to accept the offer while Wainwright infiltrates the estate.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Visiting the Jakobs Estate


After you and Wainwright have discussed how you intend to accept the offer, he will slip into the manner, use the elevator, or take another route to the Jakobs Estate.


Make your way towards the waypoint that will point you in the direction of the Jakobs Estate.

It’s advisable to bring a car since walking takes a long time, and bear in mind that the map is a little wacky, so double-check your route beforehand.


When you get close to the waypoint, continue walking to the Jakobs Estate and enter the location to access the mission area.

On My Way To The Jakobs Manor


You’ll be in a swampy environment, and you’ll need to make your way to a lift that will take you over a huge crossing to the Jakobs Manor.

Either battle your way past the attackers or hurry to the waypoint, but bear in mind that you will encounter foes in either case since the lift is delayed.


As you approach the lift, you will see the Jakobs Manor in the distance, and you must go to the button that summons the lift.


Activate the button to send the elevator over to your side and deal with any opponents that have been following you.

If you’re in a hurry, you may run over to the button and activate it, then kill any additional opponents that appear while you wait for the lift.


Because the lift will take some time, it’s a good idea to perform some looting or killing for experience, ammo, health, and perhaps some gear while waiting for the lift.


Get on the lift and press the lever to send it back to the opposite side, where the mansion is located.


Once the elevator has come, go to the mansion, which is located across a bridge.


When you get to Jakobs House, check for the doorbell on the right side of the entrance as you approach the manor.

Getting Into The Manor


When you ring the doorbell, Aurelia will welcome you and tell you to come in via hologram, following which the doors will open.

Getting to know Aurelia


Aurelia will tell you to meet her in the dining hall, so go to the hall indicated by a waypoint.

You are free to explore and plunder as much as you want, but the next phase of the task requires you to enter the hall indicated by the waypoint on your map.

The Assault


Troy Calypso will be waiting for you as you enter the dining hall and will phaselock you while a cutscene starts.

Aurelia has apparently betrayed you and given you up to him as part of a pact they’ve made.


Wainwright will come out of nowhere, taunt Troy, and shoot at him just as Troy is ready to kill you.


Wainwright shoots Troy with his shotgun and teases him again, causing Troy to pursue him down just as you are about to be released from the phaselock, enabling you to escape.

Trying to Find The Key to the Vault Clue


Instead of Wainwright looking for the vault key hint, he will divert Troy’s attention while you complete the task.


Continue exploring the mansion in quest of the vault key hint and the waypoint directing you to your next destination.


Make your way to the theater, where you’ll soon come face to face with a boss manufactured by Troy in an effort to stop you.

The Anointed Billy


Troy will summon a goliath-like foe named Billy, The Anointed, whom you must defeat in order to go to the next stage of the quest.


After you’ve beaten Billy, you may shatter him like other Eridian shards to get his treasure.


After dealing with Billy, go to the second level, where you must solve a problem in order to get access to the vault key hint.

Under the Theater, There Are Hidden Rooms


Before you can begin solving the problem, you must first turn on the theater’s set, which will allow you to access a trapdoor that will lead to the vault key clue.


To put the right combination together, you’ll need to arrange the stage props according to the clues concealed around the space.


Typhon DeLeon, who is shown with a whip, a vault gate that looks like an inverted letter “V,” and the vault backdrop will make up the combination.


The tunnel will be unlocked, and you will be directed to explore under the theater for clues.

The Vault Key Clue


Look around the chamber you just dropped down into for the vault key hint, which will be indicated by a waypoint.


When you get to the end of the area, there will be a skull on a bookshelf that you must interact with to reveal a secret entrance.


You will be taken to a secret chamber where you will discover a record, which is an audio recording that must be played by Wainwright since he is the only one with a functioning record player.


Following the record retrieval, go to the basement exit, which will urge you to return to Wainwright after leaving the mansion.


Return to Wainwright in the Floodmoor Basin – Knotty Peak and give over the record to him, which will prompt a short conversation and conclude the task.

Following the completion of this objective, The Guns Of Reliance will become the active primary mission.

Rewards for the Harpy’s Lair mission


The “Whispering Ice” epic grenade mod is worth approximately 4,569 dollars if you complete The Lair Of The Harpy quest.



  • At times, there will be many opponents, therefore it’s best to carry some weapons with a wide area of effect for easy kills against foes trapped in small spaces.
  • It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for the chests and other interactable items in the area since the Jakobs Manor has a lot of treasure.
  • Billy, Because the Anointed is extremely tanky and may inflict a lot of damage if he comes too near, maintain a decent distance and aim at his head.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The borderlands 3 lair of the harpy return to wainwright is a mission that you will play as part of your campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into the lair of the harpy in Borderlands 3?

The harpys lair is located in the northern part of the map, on top of a mountain. It can be reached by climbing up the mountain and following the path to the left.

Where is Wainwright in Floodmoor basin?

Wainwright is a town in Wales.

How do you get to the theater in Borderlands 3?

You can use the following codes to unlock the theater in Borderlands 3.

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