Borderlands 3 is a popular first-person shooter video game created by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The game was released worldwide on September 13, 2019.

The borderlands 3 leveling guide reddit is a guide that can be found on the internet. It provides tips and tricks for players in order to level up faster in Borderlands 3.

You’ll need more than just excellent equipment to make your character stronger; you’ll also need to raise your level to acquire new talents and equip better gear.

Aside from earning abilities that enhance your character as you go, you’ll eventually work your way up to the Guardian Rank, which will make your character even more powerful.

There are many methods to get experience, all of which occur at the same time or while you play the game regularly.



Experience is tracked in the center of the screen, with a yellow bar representing regular experience and a purple bar representing your Guardian Rank.

The amount of experience you earn is shown above the bar, and as you acquire more experience, the bar will fill up, raising your level and/or Guardian Rank.

Experience may be gained in a variety of ways, including the following:

Missions in the Story


As you advance through the game, the major missions or narrative missions provide a significant amount of experience, and completing them is the most fundamental and important method to level up.

You should be around the level of each of the additional tasks you accept if you complete the missions.

Missions on the Side


Side missions are optional tasks that you may do in addition to the primary Borderlands 3 quest.

Some side tasks may emerge on your map, or you will be required to do some exploring, in which case they will be indicated with a yellow exclamation mark on your map.

These missions may be provided by various characters or obtained through job boards, and they can reward you with a significant amount of experience, particularly if you are trying to catch up with your level.

Enemies are being assassinated.


In addition to earning experience for completing tasks, killing opponents will provide a consistent amount of experience.

The more opponents you kill, the quicker you’ll earn experience, but bear in mind that killing foes below your level isn’t particularly rewarding since they don’t give much experience.

Areas to be discovered


When you find a new place for the first time, you will get a notice indicating a new region has been found, along with experience.

Exploring the maps becomes more interesting as a result of the experience gained as well as the possibility of finding some fairly nice items in various places.

Working on a Farm


Players will ultimately achieve level 50 in Borderlands 3, which is the game’s level cap, and then proceed to earning experience towards their Guardian Rank.

Some players have difficulty leveling up once the main narrative is completed, and if they miss out, they will not be able to reach level 50 straight away.

There are a few things you can do to get to level 50 faster so you can start enjoying the Guardian Rank sooner.

The Main Story Is Completed


First and foremost, the primary narrative will almost certainly propel you to level 50 if you remain focused on it.

There’s nothing wrong with doing some exploring or enjoying other aspects of the game, but if you’re serious about reaching the level maximum, you’ll need to complete the main narrative.

Carrying out side missions


It is suggested that you complete site tasks in order to get extra experience and other prizes, as well as to ensure that you are always at the appropriate level when moving on to the main narrative.

If you are unable to complete the main narrative owing to a low level, you may always undertake side missions to compensate for your lack of experience.

Agricultural Bosses


Bosses generally don’t offer much unless you’re close to their level or in Mayhem Mode for a higher experience payout.

If you and a boss are on the same level, you may farm them by killing them again and over until you earn the experience you need.

To do so, just kill the boss, return to the main menu, and restart the game, allowing the boss to respawn.

Mayhem Mode is active.


Once Mayhem Mode is enabled, you may play through any region to raise the level of opponents to match your own, allowing you to earn valuable experience regardless of where you are fighting enemies.

Activating Mayhem Mode and completing any side missions that you missed may provide a significant amount of experience, as can just going to locations where you can easily kill many opponents.

Endgame Content Playing


The Maliwan Takedown, Proving Grounds, and Circle Of Slaughter missions are among the extra content available in Borderlands 3.

These missions will provide gamers with something new to do if they want to get a lot of experience, earn prizes, and blow off steam by killing opponents.

Bonus content enables you to participate in the game’s various challenges and put your skills to the test.



  • Early on, you may get a lot of experience by completing the major objectives as well as secondary missions in the locations you’re in.
  • If you miss out on any side tasks, you may always use Mayhem Mode to go back and finish them so that they are still rewarding.
  • Avoid farming lower level opponents until you reach level 50, since the grind is not worth it because you will ultimately require level 50 gear.
  • Because the only essential gear later on is level 50 equipment, use what you have and complete the main narrative.
  • If you’re having difficulty completing tasks, consider gaining more experience so you can come back and try again later.

The borderlands 3 level cap 70 is a guide to help you get through the game. It includes tips and tricks on how to maximize your experience in Borderlands 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to level 72 in Borderlands 3?

To get to level 72 in Borderlands 3, you will need to play the game on Normal difficulty.

What is the fastest way to get to level 65 in Borderlands 3?


How do you level up after story in Borderlands 3?

You will be able to level up after the story in Borderlands 3.

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