The Life of the Party is a new DLC for Borderlands 3 that takes players on a wild ride across Pandora. This guide will help you complete all of the quests and collectibles in this new area, as well as provide tips for how to get through some of the more difficult parts.

In Borderlands 3 Life of the Party you will be able to play as Gracey, a new character introduced in Borderlands 2. She is a Vault Hunter with a strong sense of justice and she has been tasked with finding Roland’s treasure.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Pandora is a planet.
  • Devil’s Razor is located in Boomtown.
  • 33rd level

Mordecai invites you to join him at a party since it would be the birthday celebrant’s fantasy come true if a vault hunter showed up.

Your job is to prepare the food that you and Mordecai will bring, as well as to go to the birthday celebration and rejoice with the other guests.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Gathering Flowers


Mordecai will first instruct you to go to a certain area and gather flowers to present to the birthday celebration.


When you get to Phalanx Pass, travel throughout the region collecting the flowers Mordecai has requested.


Before you may go to Mordecai’s birthday celebration, you must gather 5 of the unique flowers.

Getting Ready For The Party


Drive to where you and Mordechai will meet and get out of your car since they won’t be accessible over the bridge.


Head over to Mordecai’s location, which is indicated on the waypoint, and introduce yourself.

A Surprise Of A Different Sort


Mordecai is taken aback since the birthday girl had been murdered, and he instead requests that you lay the flowers at her grave.


Hirschim, the girl’s father, will tell you that Gracey would be delighted that a vault hunter has arrived to her celebration and will invite you to join him in celebrating.

Games for a Party


Hirschim will invite everyone to eat cake and play games, with the cake eating being a kind of content for which his daughter Gracey allegedly holds the record.


You may choose whether to eat many cakes or just give up on the extras, as well as whether to let Gracey’s record remain or try to beat it.

Mordecai will ask that you leave the record alone so that Gracey’s record remains unblemished for Hirschim’s sake.


The grenade toss will be the next party game, and it will need you to throw grenades through makeshift rings.

Gracey’s record will be undefeated once again, according to Mordecai, for the same reason.


The shooting range is the last party game, which will include rakks being frightened away by their pet skag, which you will shoot while they are flying.

The same is true at the shooting range; Gracey will have a score that Mordecai does not want to be broken in order to keep her undefeated record.

The Party Comes To An End


When the party games are finished, go over to Hirschim, who will thank you for treating them well and then ask you to whack the pinata.


Melee or shoot the piƱata to smash it, which will result in some treasure being dropped and the party coming to a close.

Hirschim will be pleased with how you performed later on, and if you were kind enough, he will offer you an extra prize in the form of his daughter’s gun, even though he said that he would only give it if you broke her records.

Mission Rewards For The Life Of The Party


You will be awarded with approximately 7,576 dollars and the legendary handgun “Dastardly Amazing Grace” after finishing the Life Of The Party task.



  • Unlike most of the side missions, this one focuses on your character’s mindset rather than fighting.
  • This quest is a fantastic method to get lower-level experience while also earning a powerful legendary pistol.
  • Almost every scenario results in you receiving the famous handgun.

The borderlands 3 life of the party cake locations is a walkthrough for Borderlands 3. It includes maps, pictures, and other helpful information to help you complete the game.

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