With the release of Borderlands 3, a new chapter in the series, comes a new walkthrough. This time, we’re going to be taking you through the Malevolent Practice mission.

Borderlands 3 is a popular game that has been around for a while. The borderlands 3 malevolent practice glitch is a bug in the game that can be exploited to get an infinite amount of money.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Eden-6 is a planet.
  • The Anvil is located in the Floodmoor Basin, near Knotty Peak.
  • 24th level

Hammerlock formed a group with the Children Of The Vault while he was a prisoner, and he’s curious how they’re doing now.

Your mission is to go to The Anvil and look around for information about the gang and what happened to them after Hammerlock was rescued.

Walkthrough of the Mission

On My Way To The Anvil


Because the task takes place at The Anvil, you can either drive there or utilize fast travel to get there much faster.



Jenson’s first clue, which is recognized by his ECHO log and subsequently indicates they have been tortured by Troy, will be marked with a waypoint.


Take the clue and listen to it; Hammerlock will urge you to keep looking, which will lead you to the second clue, which is indicated with a waypoint.



Two anointed foes will appear as you approach the second waypoint, and you must fight them.


These foes will be considerably more powerful, and they will seem to be strengthened in some manner by Troy’s use of siren or Eridian.


Another clue will be dropped when you fight the two anointed foes, which you must pick up.


The ECHO report will be from another of Hammerlock’s pals, Vercuvio, who seems to have been subjected to Troy’s experiments.



Continue up to the top of The Anvil, where you’ll see what looks to be a helipad.


You’ll come upon a dead corpse on the ground, which you must examine for clues since it seems to be one of Hammerlock’s pals.


The guy will seem to have been pretending to be dead before leaping to his feet and assaulting you.


This blessed foe may turn into a fireball and bounce about the area, eventually being hurled after, granting you free shots.

Dispatch the anointed foe so you can get the next clue when he dies and leaves it behind.


After you’ve killed the anointed adversary, take the clue, which is found to be Beckett’s ECHO journal, which tells more about what’s been going on within the jail.



One of Hammerlock’s remaining friends is said to be in one of his cells, which is where your next waypoint is indicated.


When you get to Dean’s cell, an ECHO log will be waiting for you, revealing that Dean may still be alive and directing you to his whereabouts right away.


Run towards the waypoint, killing or racing past the adversaries in the area until you reach the location where the gang has been subjected to experiments.


When you get in the location, Dean will be locked up and somewhat insane, prompting Hammerlock to urge you to hurry up and liberate him.


Before you can rescue Dean, you must first speak with him, but as he begins to describe what has been going on, Dean will hear a familiar sound.

When Dean understands what’s about to happen, he starts to panic, which means it’s time for you to prepare for a battle.

Alpha’s Anointed


The Anointed Alpha will emerge from a hole in the wall and attack you, but he, like all the other anointed foes, can be easily destroyed.


When the Anointed Alpha begins to form a barrier, duplicates of himself will attack you, and you must simply kill them.


You may shoot at the Anointed Alpha one more once he is destroyed, and you will ultimately kill him when he performs his barrier 2 to 3 times throughout the battle.


When the Anointed Alpha reaches the end of its health, it will crystallize into an Eridian-like shape that you may crush for prizes.

Dean’s release


When the battle is finished, go to the jail controls and interact with them to free Dean from his shackles.


You may speak to Dean once he is freed, and he will offer you a weapon as a gift, requesting you to shoot Troy with it.

When you speak with Dean, the task will be completed and you will get your prizes.

Mission Rewards for Malevolent Practice


You’ll get approximately 3,642 coins and the legendary handgun “Dead Chamber” if you complete the Malevolent Practice assignment.



  • The anointed foes will be stronger than other adversaries and will have powers, but they may be easily destroyed if you maintain a safe distance from them.
  • Aiming for the head makes it much simpler to take out anointed and the other humanoid opponents in the vicinity.
  • You do not have to battle all of the opponents; instead, you must just navigate to the waypoints and accomplish the goals.
  • The Anointed Alpha is a tough opponent, and if you are knocked out by it, knocking out one of its duplicates will give you a boost.

The dead chamber borderlands 3 is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3. It has been updated to include all of the new features and changes that have been released since the release of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you practice malevolent?

You can practice malevolent by playing the game of life.

How do I beat the anointed Alpha?

The anointed Alpha is the first boss of the game. You will need to use your sword in order to damage it, but you are unable to block its attacks.

How do you get the anointed Alpha in bl3?

You need to complete the game on normal or harder difficulty.

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