A guide to help you get through the mayhem mode in Borderlands 3.

The borderlands 3 ultimate vault hunter mode is a game mode that has been released with the latest update for Borderlands 3. It is a new and unique experience that will have you playing in a whole new way.

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You can always rely on Mayhem Mode to liven things up in Borderlands when things appear to be getting boring.

Mayhem Mode is a new feature in Borderlands 3 that enables you to raise the game’s difficulty while also increasing the rewards for completing it.

Enemies will grow more powerful, drops will improve, and the new difficulty factor will bring a whole new level of challenge to the game.

Mayhem Mode’s Benefits


Mayhem Mode provides more experience, gold, Eridian, and, most importantly, a lot of treasure to those who are up for the battle.

The more harder the game is, the more you will get by killing opponents, and your chances of obtaining legendary items will grow dramatically as your level rises.

Modifiers for Mayhem Mode


Aside from encountering higher-level opponents, there will be other modifiers that impact the players, enemies, or both, and are generally random at some point.

Mayhem 1, 2, and 3 are three different types of mayhem.


Mayhem 1, 2, and 3 are modifiers that may include a variety of positive and negative buffs that might make things easier or more difficult, and are chosen at random for each map.

The greater the difficulty, it seems, the more modifications will be available, as well as an increase in opponent health, armor, and shields, among other things.

Mods for Mayhem 1, 2, and 3 include the following:

  • Bulletproof – Enemies will take less damage from bullets and assaults.
  • Incendiary assaults do less damage to opponents while they are insulated.
  • Icehard – Cryo strikes cause opponents to take less damage.
  • Shock strikes do less damage to opponents while they are grounded.
  • Nuclear – Radiation assaults cause opponents to take less damage.
  • Corrosive assaults cause opponents to take less damage.
  • Savage – The damage dealt by enemy weapons is enhanced.
  • Enemy firing rate has been raised by Swift.
  • Enemies are fortified, meaning they have more health.
  • Double Whammy – When firing, enemies will discharge extra projectiles.
  • Precision – When shooting, enemies’ weapons will be more precise.
  • Explosive – Enemies’ explosions have a wider radius of impact.
  • Overwhelming – Players get faster mobility, firing rate, and reload speed at the expense of delayed shield regeneration, shield regeneration speed, and health regeneration speed.
  • Exposed — Players will suffer greater damage from elemental assaults, while regular bullets will inflict 45 percent more damage.
  • Players will deal less damage with weapons but acquire a faster cooldown rate and do greater damage with abilities if they are skilled.
  • Unitarian — Players will deal more shield, melee, grenade, ground slam, and slide damage, but their accuracy and handling will suffer.
  • Hit And Run – Players will do less damage with assault rifles and sniper rifles, but more damage will be dealt with handguns, submachine guns, and shotguns.
  • Aim For The Head — Damage from pistols, submachine guns, and shotguns will be decreased, while damage from assault rifles and sniper rifles will rise.
  • You’re a Wizard – Players inflict greater elemental damage, but standard bullets do less.
  • Sun’s Out, Guns Out – Players will be able to inflict greater gun damage at the expense of action skills and grenades.

Mayhem 4


Mayhem 4 will have the greatest rise in opponent stats compared to the previous difficulty levels, while having just one positive mod that helps the players and one negative mod that helps the foes.

  • Players in Mayhem 4 may use the following mods:
  • Damage from melee, shield, and grenades is increased by 20%.
  • (+16) fire rate, reload speed, and movement speed
  • Damage and cooldown rate of skills have been increased by 25%.
  • Bullet damage is increased by 20%.
  • Pistol damage is increased by 30%.
  • Damage from shotguns is increased by 30%.
  • Damage from submachine guns is increased by 30%.
  • Damage from assault rifles is increased by 30%.
  • (+30) Sniper rifle
  • Corrosive damage is increased by 20%.
  • Cryogenic damage (20 percent )
  • Damage from fire is increased by 20%.
  • Shock damage is increased by 20%.
  • Damage from radiation (+10% )

Mods for opponents in Mayhem 4 include the following:

  • Weapon damage is increased by 40%.
  • (+20%) increase in weapon firing rate
  • Add two more projectiles to each shot.
  • Weapon accuracy has improved.
  • Increased explosion effect area
  • Critical hit damage has been reduced (25 percent )

Difficulty Levels in Mayhem Mode

The following are the many effects for each of Mayhem Mode’s stages, which will vary based on which one is chosen.

Mayhem 1


  • Health of the Enemy – 15%
  • Shield of the Enemy – 25%
  • Enemy Armor is worth a quarter of a point.
  • Gained experience – ten percent
  • Eridian (more Eridian) – 30%
  • Loot quality has improved by 100 percent.

Mayhem 2


  • 75 percent enemy health
  • Enemy Shield is 100 percent effective.
  • Enemy Armor is 100 percent effective.
  • 30 percent gained experience
  • 60 percent additional Eridian
  • Loot quality has improved by 300 percent.

Mayhem 3


  • 150 percent enemy health
  • 200 percent Enemy Shield
  • Enemy Armor is 200 percent stronger than yours.
  • 50 percent gained experience
  • 100 percent additional Eridian
  • Loot quality has improved by 500 percent.

Mayhem 4


  • 850 percent enemy health
  • 1000 percent Enemy Shield
  • Enemy Armor – a thousand percent
  • 100 percent gained experience
  • 75 percent additional Eridian
  • Loot quality has improved by 700%.

Effects of Mayhem Mode

Mayhem mode will have a number of effects, like boosting opponents and increasing the prizes you get, as well as changing the places in the maps you visit.


Regardless matter where you travel, as long as Mayhem Mode is on, the adversaries’ levels will be raised to 49 or higher.


In addition to Mayhem Mode, missions, as well as the opponents inside them, will be set to level 50, allowing you to experience the missions at a difficult level even if you have completed the narrative.


Vending machines will also offer gear that is equivalent to the level that Mayhem Mode has set, which is typically 50, in order to meet your requirements while gearing up.

How Do I Activate Mayhem Mode?


To access Mayhem Mode, just complete the narrative, which will allow you to continue playing and enable the Mayhem Mode option.

Mayhem Mode is switched on.


To engage Mayhem Mode, go over to Tannis’ lab and look for the activation gadget, which lets you activate, deactivate, and adjust Mayhem Mode levels.


To change the levels of Mayhem Mode, just push the left or right buttons, and to turn it off, click the device’s center button.



  • Mayhem Mode is a fantastic method to earn money for filling up your SDU slots, and it can be easily improved later with the huge amount of money earned.
  • Eridian may be readily farmed from opponents, particularly bosses, by simply repeating the procedure of beating the monster, leaving to the menu, and returning to the game.
  • When you’re in mayhem mode, your Guardian Rank may level up considerably quicker, and choosing the appropriate level for you can help you harvest experience more effectively.
  • Mayhem Mode will be simpler to complete if you play with other people. It will also be more enjoyable.

Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode is a new mode that was added in the latest update. This guide will teach you how to unlock and play with it. Reference: borderlands 3 mayhem mode 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you start mayhem mode Borderlands 3?

The best time to start mayhem mode is when you have a lot of enemies around. You should also wait until the map has been fully explored, as the more enemies there are, the better chances you have at finding loot.

When should I start using mayhem mode?

The best time to use mayhem mode is when you are performing a difficult maneuver in the game.

What mayhem mode should I do?

The best mayhem mode is to use the X-Ray Visor on people.

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