In Borderlands 3, players will be able to equip a mouthpiece that allows them to communicate with the game’s AI. This guide will teach you how to kill, location and drops of your enemies in order to optimize your time in the world of Pandora.

The borderlands 3 mouthpiece location is a guide that shows you where to find the mouthpieces for Borderlands 3. The mouthpiece is an item that can be used to help with health regeneration, and it also has other uses.

Mouthpiece is a boss that emerges during the Cult Following Mission as a masked large-bodied opponent who concentrates on damaging the player with music or sound assaults.

He wears a mask and carries a shield to defend himself, but he is still susceptible due to his slow movement and the fact that his shield only protects a limited area in front of him.


Mouthpiece initially appears in the Children Of The Vault mission, in the form of a message intended for Shiv, who you will have previously beaten before starting the Cult Following quest.

He may be located in The Holy Broadcast Center and is the mission’s primary boss. He will also drop the Vault Map, which you must collect and return to Lilith.

Mouthpiece for Fighting and Killing


Mouthpiece will have groups of Apocolytes fighting with him, who are similar to Tinks but focus more on melee assaults. You should ignore them and instead concentrate on delivering damage to Mouthpiece.


You can easily kill one of the Apocolytes and utilize them to resurrect you during “Fight For Your Life” if you are knocked out during the fight.


If you come closer to obtain a clearer shot, Mouthpiece will continue to shoot at you from a distance or try to smash you at close range.

His shield won’t be able to cover his whole body, giving you an edge and the ability to pick off shots on certain areas of his body, particularly his head.


You may have seen speakers on your approach inside The Holy Broadcast Center that might blow up and push you back, causing harm.

Keep an eye out for them, as they may do serious damage and place you in a situation you don’t want to be in if you aren’t knocked out by the first hit.

Keep an eye out for glowing wires and speakers, since they’ll indicate which ones are about to go off and create explosions.


Mouthpiece will become resistant to damage after a specific period of time or damage has been dealt, thus this is a good moment to open containers or scavenge fallen objects to replenish your ammo or health.

During this time, he will also try to set off explosions with his speakers, which you should keep an eye on since they may go off on either side of the fighting area or in the center.

After a brief period of time has passed, he will be susceptible to harm again, and you may attack him.



Mouthpiece is susceptible to headshots since he can’t keep his shield that high, and being a humanoid opponent, he’s prone to being shot in the head, resulting in critical hits.

Shooting him in the head may force him to stumble, allowing you to fire additional bullets while he is still immobilized.

Attacks of Note

Attack on the Speaker


Mouthpiece may sometimes utilize his speakers to inflict huge amounts of damage in addition to his regular assaults of firing at you or striking you at close range.

You may escape damage by moving out of an area with flashing wires and speakers, and you can also take several free strikes at him during this phase.

Drops of Note


Aside from the Vault Map gadget and a few other items worth looting, Mouthpiece will drop his trademark weapon, “The Killing Word,” which shoots off the musical founds you may have seen him blasting you with before.



  • To prevent excessive levels of damage and being thrown about, avoid getting caught in places where speakers or wires are glowing.
  • When possible, aim for Mouthpiece’s head to do extra damage, since he is still susceptible even with his shield because he doesn’t always position himself correctly.
  • Because he rotates slowly and moves slowly, maneuver around him and attempt to remain mobile so you can obtain excellent shots at Mouthpiece.

The borderlands 3 mouthpiece legendary drops is a weapon in Borderlands 3. They are used by the Mouthpiece enemies and drop from them. This guide will tell you where to find Mouthpieces, what attacks they have, and how to kill them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat mouthpiece in Borderlands 3?


Can mouthpiece drop a legendary?

No, mouthpiece cannot drop a legendary.

What can mouthpiece drop?

A mouthpiece is a component of an electronic cigarette that is made of plastic or metal and is inserted into the end of the e-cigarette.

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