Borderlands 3 is an upcoming science fiction, first-person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The game will be the third main installment in the Borderlands series and will be set on Pandora’s moon Elpis.

The borderlands 3 moze best build is a guide that will help players get to the end of Borderlands 3.

Moze, the Gunner, is a veteran who utilizes her fundamental military instincts, as well as her Iron Bear mechanical armor, to tear and blast her foes to pieces.

Moze’s strong shields and her Iron Bear, which she utilizes in battle, enable her to let off many rounds and inflict a lot of explosive damage either alone or within the Iron Bear, allowing her to take a lot of damage.

Build Your Own Bottomless Magazines


With a huge supply of ammo behind her, the Bottomless Mags build seeks to enable Moze to do a lot of damage by boosting gun damage and adding incendiary damage.

Moze may use Cloud Of Lead to inflict more incendiary damage while also conserving ammunition every few rounds she takes; this also applies to Iron Bear.

When utilizing Iron Bear, the matched set offers Moze a greater magazine capacity as well as a lower level of heat buildup, making it useful for those who employ weapons from the same manufacturer.

Stoke The Embers boosts incendiary damage done by both Moze and Iron Bear, in addition to any extra incendiary damage that Moze delivers.

By include Redistribution in the build, Moze will be able to maintain a consistent supply of ammo as long as she makes critical hits, enabling her ammunition to regenerate.

Rushin’ Offensive is ideal for individuals who want to stay mobile since it enables Moze to fire her weapons while sprinting, providing both offensive and mobility while battling opponents.

Because Moze’s ammo efficiency will improve, Raging RPMs will offer her a significant increase in critical damage as well as a faster firing rate.

Specialist Bear is an excellent dual weapon passive for Iron Bear, since it may help it do a lot of damage while wielding two weapons of the same kind.

Some For The Road is essentially a powerful passive that grants Moze unlimited ammo after leaving Iron Bear for a brief period of time.

When Moze is short on ammo, the Click, Click passive provides a significant damage boost, which works well with weapons that have a limited magazine capacity but great damage.

Forge is an excellent method to maintain ammunition, since it constantly regenerates ammo for Moze by a set percentage.


Because we have the Specialist Bear passive, we want to utilize two of the same weapons for Iron Bear in this build.

As long as you utilize the same weapon for each hand, we may deliver an additional 25% damage with the weapons.

Two miniguns are an excellent option for continuous damage when Cloud Of Lead is learnt, but Salamander may be switched in if you intend to get up up and personal in Iron Bear.


The additional incendiary damage in between every few shots, as well as the overall boost in incendiary damage from her passives, provide Moze a lot of damage.

Moze can deliver many shots and large quantities of damage over time because to the skill tree’s ability to maintain ammunition.

Having weapons from the same manufacturer gives this build a significant advantage since it expands her magazine size and lowers the heat per shot while using Iron Bear.


When utilized, Iron Bear will benefit from several of Moze’s passive abilities and will finish up inflicting enough damage.

For the 25% increase from Specialist bear, it is suggested to utilize two Salamander or Minigun weapons.

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Demolition Woman Constructs


The Demolition Build is ideal for individuals who like blowing things up and inflicting area of effect and incendiary harm.

At full level, Fire In The Skag Den adds an amount of damage to Moze’s splash damage, totalling up to 15% extra incendiary damage.

Grizzled is very useful since it lowers Moze’s action skill cooldown, enabling you to utilize Iron Bear more often than you would otherwise be able to.

Stainless Steal Bear offers you more fuel and protection than Iron Bear, enabling you to utilize it for longer periods of time.

Pull When you get fortunate with a critical strike, the Holy Pin enables Moze’s grenades to inflict critical damage, giving you a big increase in damage.

When Moze learns the Auto Bear passive, she may leave Iron Bear and keep it active to fight with her, enabling the Iron Bear to distract and inflict damage to opponents.

When Moze hits opponents with grenades, Vampyr restores his health, which may be quite useful for surviving battles with a huge number of adversaries.

Explosive Punctuations also enables her to make better use of her action skill by increasing the cooldown rate while she delivers splash damage, allowing her to use it more often as long as she continues delivering splash damage.

Short Fuse provides a lot of damage per second to Moze’s strikes and helps wipe out opponents quickly since it offers her a chance to inflict additional explosive damage to enemies when she fires her weapons, which almost always activates.


We utilize one of each weapon from the Demolition Woman skill tree in this build since they work well together when dealing with opponents, particularly when there are a lot of them.

While in Iron Bear, the V-35 Grenade Launcher serves as a continuous supply of damage, which we supplement with the Musical Chairs.

Using the Musical Chairs augment, every seventh grenade becomes a singularity grenade, drawing opponents closer together for a huge assault.

On the other side, we equip the Vanquisher Rocket Pod weapon and alter it with the Hammerdown Protocol augment for enormous damage.

When the Vanquisher Rocket Pod is equipped with the Hammerdown Protocol augment, it may unleash a nuke instead of a torrent of rockets, inflicting massive damage to opponents in the vicinity.

We inflict a huge amount of damage to them with a shot from the Vanquisher Rocket Pod with its Hammerdown Protocol augment to fire a nuke at the assembled enemy with the combo of the V-35 Grenade Launcher providing continuous damage and dragging foes in one place every now and then.


This build can do a lot of damage, which makes Moze ideal for clearing out groups of opponents thanks to her high damage and explosive perks.

There are many weapons that may be employed, and those that shoot in rapid succession can do a lot of area damage, while those that fire slowly can still do a lot of area damage.


When opponents are drawn together by the singularity, the V-35 Grenade Launcher and Vanquisher Rocket Pod function together as a combination with their chosen augments, allowing you to simply lay down rounds from the V-35 and fire off a nuke from the Vanquisher Rocket Pod.

This gives you a tremendous amount of damage and allows you to eliminate big groups of opponents in a matter of seconds.

Retribution’s Shield


The Shield Of Retribution build is a survivability-focused build with high shields and enhanced gun damage.

Selfless Vengeance is a fantastic method to increase damage at the expense of health, which is nicely compensated for in this build since Moze has a lot of shields to compensate for the life drain.

As long as Moze’s shields are engaged, Armored Infantry boosts her gun damage and improves her damage resistance, further bolstering her durability.

Drowning In Brass boosts Moze’s damage when she kills an opponent at the expense of a slight reduction in firing rate, but as most weapons fire quite quickly later on, this is tolerable.

Vladof Ingenuity is added to the build to boost both maximum shields and shock resistance to minimize additional damage received, thus increasing the amount of damage Moze can take head on.

Experimental Munitions adds 10% incendiary damage to Moze’s critical strikes, allowing you to do a lot of damage per second if you get a lot of them.

Desperate Measure boosts Moze’s damage depending on how low her health is, and with Selfless Vengeance active, her health may stay low for a long time, ensuring that it stays active for a lot of damage.

The Phalanx Doctrine talent is one of the most powerful passives in the game, providing extra maximum shields and gun damage for a set amount of time every time an opponent is killed, with no stacking limit.

Moze may utilize Force Feedback to keep herself awake since it forces her shields to begin regenerating the instant she achieves a critical kill.

Tenacious Defense gives Moze an advantage and prevents her from dying by restoring her shields and significantly increasing her gun damage anytime her shields are low, preventing her from being felled more often.


During this build, we spend the most of our time using Moze, but we also utilize Iron Bear, who is armed with Railgun and the Bear Fist weapon, to do a lot of damage.

The Corrosive Sabot Round is added to the Railgun to inflict corrosive damage and allow for faster shots, while the Shock Hammer augment is added to the Bear Fist to allow for rapid melee strikes and electrical damage.

The two together inflict additional damage over time and may cause significant damage to opponents with shields or strong armor.


This build stacks multiple passives to boost damage at the expense of life, however the high shields compensate for the health loss.

Moze will be able to move about, kill opponents, and increase her damage indefinitely until she has eliminated all adversaries.

Regardless of whatever weapon you choose, utilizing this setup is one of the greatest methods to take on many groups of opponents.


You may summon Iron Bear to enable your shields to regenerate and deal damage while within it if you absorb unexpectedly large levels of damage.

Iron Bear may be used strategically to prevent Moze from being knocked out as well as inflict massive amounts of damage to opponents with strong armor or high shields, which can drastically alter the course of a battle.



Moze has a variety of weapons with which she may dispatch her foes, and each weapon or combination of weapons can be utilized tactically to complement various builds.

She specializes at delivering massive quantities of damage, and with the aid of her incendiary strikes, she can deal much more.

She may seem to be a little easy to take down at first, but as she progresses, she stays one of the finest characters that can absorb a lot of damage and take on many opponents with ease.

Borderlands 3 Moze Build Guide is a guide for the Borderlands 3 Moze Build. This build is a great way to get started with the game and has been tested by many players. Reference: borderlands 3 moze builds reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best class for Moze Borderlands 3?

Moze is a Tank in Borderlands 3. Tanks typically have high health and can take a lot of damage, but they are also slow and have low mobility.

What is the strongest build in Borderlands 3?

The strongest build in Borderlands 3 is the Berserker.

Which action skill is best for Moze?

Moze is a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

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