Borderlands 3 is the latest game in the series, and it’s an exciting time to be a Borderlands fan. This guide will walk you through all of the Blood Path Walkthrough, including how to unlock each character class, where to find the best weapons, and more!

The borderlands 3 on the blood path reference is a walkthrough for Borderlands 3. It includes a list of all missions and their objectives.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Eden-6 is a planet.
  • The Anvil is where you’ll find us.
  • 24th level

You’ve met a weird guy named Ramsden who begs for your assistance in finding his closest friend, Holder.

Ramsden requests that you search the region for indications of Holder, which you will accomplish within the Shanks’ domain.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Entering Shanks’ domain


After speaking with Ramsden, he will inform you that Holder is being held by the Shanks inside their area, and you must explore to discover where he is being held.


Make your way to the waypoint, which will lead you to one of the facility’s jail holding facilities.


Open the entrance to a security office, where you’ll need to locate a key to a closed gate that has to be opened.


Look for the key in the three indicated containers; Ramsden claims to have forgotten which one holds it.


You’ll get the key after examining the third container, and Ramsden will instruct you to use it to unlock the gate.


Proceed to the closed gate and use the key on the controls next to it to gain access to Shanks area.


Make your way to the waypoint that will lead you to the area where Holder is being held captive.


Fight or avoid the opponents who stand between you and the waypoint; killing them may help you concentrate on getting to the waypoint as quickly as possible while also gaining valuable experience.


Regardless of whether you choose to battle the attackers or not, ascend to the second level on top of a container.


Approach the jail cells where an alarm has been activated and go to the cell on the left side at the end.

The Cell of the Holder


A person will be sitting down, clearly dead, and you will be instructed to open the cage and examine the corpse to see whether it is Holder.


If you inspect the corpse inside, Ramsden will inform you it is not the holder, and you must then search the cell.


You will be able to examine a sheet of metal, which will be pushed to the side if you interact with it.


Moving the metal to the side reveals a hold that leads further into Shank territory, and you must now descend into the pit.


Once you’re down the hole, make your way to the waypoint, where Shank foes will be waiting to attack you.


Remove all of the adversaries in the area so that Holder may finally come out of hiding and show himself.


Holder will disclose the truth about why Ramsden is searching for him, as well as some information about your pal.

He’ll then tell you to keep Ramsden away from him since he’s not his friend and will murder him and eat his fingers.


Decide whether you’ll assist Holder or Ramsden by speaking with him or opening the door for him.


Keep in mind that selecting one or the other will give you a different prize, but they will both generate opponents and friends for you to battle.


After choosing who to aid, kill the opponents as well as the leader you’ve chosen to support.


To finish the task, speak to the person you allied with after you’ve cleared out the enemy and killed the opposing commander.

Mission Rewards on the Blood Path


You will get approximately 2,732 cash after completing the On The Blood Path task.

You will get a different extra prize depending on who you choose to side with.

You’ll get an amazing Jakobs shotgun named “Iron-Willed Fingerbiter” if you side with Ramsden.



  • The Shank opponents are similar to bandits and will be relatively simple to defeat, but if you are on the same level or lower than them, bring a strong weapon with you.
  • No matter who you select, you’ll have to battle a lot, and it’s important to take the route that will give you the greatest return for your character’s construction.
  • Siding with Ramsden is recommended for individuals who wish to do a lot of damage since the prize is a Jakobs shotgun, which is very unique unless you want a shield mod that increases melee damage.

The on the blood path borderlands 3 rewards is a walkthrough for Borderlands 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to side with Holder or Ramsden?

The best answer to this question is that it doesnt matter which one you side with, as they both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

How to Open Door For Blood Path borderlands3?

The key to opening the door is located in your inventory.

What happens if you side with Ramsden?


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