The opposition research for Borderlands 3 is here, and it’s a doozy. We’ve compiled all the information we could find on the game’s developers, Gearbox Software, their parent company 2K Games, and their investors to help you decide whether or not this game is worth your money.

The borderlands 3 opposition research kill maliwan bug is a glitch that occurs in Borderlands 3. It has been fixed by the developers.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Promethea is the name of the planet.
  • Skywel-27 is the location.
  • 20th level

Gonner Maleggies, an undercover Atlas agent, has lost his legs and is unable to complete his job; thus, he requests your assistance in completing it before he dies.

You’ll be charged with assisting him in locating his associates who were looking for information that may jeopardize Katagawa’s relationship with the Children Of The Vault.

Walkthrough of the Mission

The Spies Must Be Found


You’ll need to track down Gonner Maleggies’ other spies to see whether they’ve uncovered any information worth transmitting to Atlas.


Gonner will instruct you to examine the corpse that shows up with no clues if you follow the waypoint to the first spy, who will already be dead.


Then you’ll go to one of the cubicles and examine the adjacent toilet for the information that the deceased spy has concealed.


You must pick up and play an ECHO log that the spy has concealed in the toilet, which will direct you to the next waypoint.


The second waypoint leads you to the second spy, who has been tortured and has surrendered the information he has gathered.


When you examine him, Gonner will assume that the spy has handed up the information, leading you to look in a nearby locker to see whether it is kept there.


Interact with the adjacent lockable locker that is indicated by the waypoint. Whilel will set off the alarms and summon an interrogator.


When the interrogator appears in the area, exit the room where the locker was unlocked and murder him.


The interrogator will drop a key that will unlock the locker you attempted to access earlier and which you will now use to get the information.


Take the ECHO log from the locker and use it to play it, which will take you to the third and final spy.


Make your way to the waypoint where the third spy is stationed, and you’ll see him battling Maliwan troops.


Before you may talk with the spy who is carrying information that he has gathered, you must first eliminate the Maliwan troops.


Approach the spy and collect the information he is giving over to continue with the operation after the Maliwan troops have been cleared away.

Getting Into The Data Center


Your next objective is to get to the data center, which you may accomplish by pushing a button on the side indicated by a waypoint to unlock the entrance.

Getting Data


Once you’ve arrived to the data center, utilize the central computer to search the servers for information.


You’ll be asked for a password, which Gonner will try to guess for you in order to log in to the central computer.

Some information will be released once Gonner provides you the proper password, and Maliwan troops will begin to react.


To continue, kill all of the Maliwan troops, but be aware that after the Maliwan have been defeated, Children Of The Vault will attack you.


When the Children Of The Vault come, continue removing them one by one until none remain.

Maliwan and COV are starting a fight.


The Children Of The Vault will get enraged when a stored audio log of Katagawa plotting to murder Tyreen and Troy Calypso plays.


The Children Of The Vault will begin fighting Maliwan soldiers, completing the task, and you will be ordered to clear the area of both the Children Of The Vault and the Maliwan troops.

Uploading the Information


After you’ve defeated both the Children Of The Vault and the Maliwan opponents in the region, return to the console and submit the data you’ve collected to Atlas.

Gonner will inform you that the task has been completed and will begin to die, but not before reminding you of your prize, which you will get soon after the job has been completed.

Rewards for Opposition Research Missions


You will be awarded with approximately 1,736 gold and a legendary weapon item known as “Stink Eye” after finishing the task.



  • You do not required to battle all of the opponents unless the goals demand it, and you may skip forward to the two spies if you want to finish the task quickly.
  • This objective should be completed in conjunction with the Space-Laser Tag mission to raise your level before facing the Katagawa Ball monster at the conclusion, so you don’t have a difficult time and don’t have to defeat all the opponents again afterwards.
  • In this task, you will be fighting both Maliwan and COV troops, so be prepared with tougher weapons or elemental weapons that can inflict a significant amount of damage to each kind of adversary, such as shock, corrosive, and incendiary weapons.

The borderlands 3 opposition research kill cov bug is a glitch that can be exploited by players to get infinite money.

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