Borderlands 3 is an action role-playing game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The game was released on September 13, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The borderlands 3 powerful connections glitch is an error that occurs in Borderlands 3. There are two ways to fix the issue, one of which is through a workaround.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Pandora is a planet.
  • The Droughts are a place where there are a lot of droughts.
  • Level: 2

Marcus’ Guns Vending Machine has stopped working, and he wants your assistance to figure out what’s wrong and how to repair it.

You must determine the reason of his vending machine’s power loss and devise a remedy so that it can be turned on and used again.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Take a look at the power outage.


Follow the vending machine’s cord to the power supply, which will be indicated with a waypoint as well.

Changing Out The Power Source


Marcus will blame it on bandits who scavenged the power source for their own purposes, which will enrage him and lead to him requesting that you locate a skag spine that can be used as a substitute for the power source.

A additional goal will be added to the quest, as Marcus informs you that you may get a human spine to utilize if you so want.

Getting Your Hands on a Human Spine


Even if you already cleaned out the Sun Smashers camp where a waypoint is indicated, you will discover that there are bandits in the region.

When you kill a bandit, one of them will drop a spine, and the first bandit you kill will typically drop the spine.


When you pick up the human spine, you’ll see that the goal of obtaining a skag spine is still active and hasn’t been completed.

Proceed to get a skag spine, which is an excellent method to ensure that the goal has not been deleted; you will discover why the objective is still mentioned later.

Getting a Skag Shock Spine


Marcus doesn’t just mean any skag spine; he’s looking for a shock skag spine, which you’ll ultimately discover in a nearby skag den marked by a waypoint.


To lure out the shock skag, kill a few skags in the vicinity and battle it like you would any other opponent.

When approaching too near, be cautious since it has shock characteristics and may inflict elemental damage as well as apply status ailments.


After you’ve slain the shock skag, take the skag spine and return to the power source to replace it with the spines you’ve gathered.


Marcus will instruct you to put the human spine first, which will subsequently spill all over the place, causing Marcus to chuckle aloud.

He’ll explain that all he wanted was for you to acquire it as a method of retribution, but that since you did, you’ll receive an extra prize for this job later.


Return to the vending machine with the shock skag spine, which will power up the cable and the vending machine at the other end.


Marcus will praise you for returning the power, and if you choose to take the human spine as a reward, he will unlock his hidden store beneath the vending machine.


The hidden storage is a subterranean storage facility, and you may go down and loot it for ammunition, cash, and other goods.


Marcus’ cache will include a red chest with goods that are rarer than those found in most containers, which you may plunder every time you start a new session in the region.

Mission Reward: Strong Connections


Aside from the extra benefits for utilizing a human person for Marcus’ amusement, you’ll get approximately 225 Cash and an unique head item called a Marcus Bobble Head after you complete the task.



  • To avoid having to travel back and forth with the goods, grab the human spine first and head to the den or the other way around before going to the power source.
  • If you don’t acquire the human spine first, the quest will end if you put a skag spine in the power source without a human spine.
  • This task is quick to complete and may be utilized to get rarer goods sooner by restarting the game once the mission is completed to reset the red chest.

The powerful connections borderlands 3 red chest is a walkthrough for Borderlands 3. It covers the first area of the game and shows how to complete it.

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