Borderlands 3 is finally here, and it’s time to get your game on. Whether you’re a new player or a veteran of the series, we’ve got you covered with our guide for all things Borderlands 3.

The borderlands 3 proof of wife bug is a glitch that allows players to progress through the game without having to complete the main story.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Promethea is the name of the planet.
  • Lectra City is a city in the state of Lectra.
  • 15th level

A person dressed as an Atlas soldier has been apprehended and is pleading with you for assistance since they have been kidnapped by crazed bandits.

You’ve been charged with locating the bandits’ life partner, who has been kidnapped, and bringing them back to trade with the prisoner, who has been dressed as an Atlas soldier.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Make Your Way To The Hideout


Make your way to the subterranean hideaway where the captive prisoner is being held by Tumourhead, a deranged bandit.


Outside, corrupt deputy bots will want a cut when the captive is returned, which you must destroy in order to continue with the task.


After you’ve dispatched the deputy bots, use the buzzer to contact Tumourhead and make a bargain with her to release the captive.


Tumourhead will communicate with you via one of the bandit gatekeeper robots, instructing you to locate Bloodshine, her boyfriend, and release her in return for the prisoner.


Ascend the stairs to the Police HQ, where Bloodshine is being kept captive by deputy bots.


When you get at the Police HQ, go up to the intercom and activate it, which will fool the deputy bots into unlocking the gate.


Defeat all opponents within the Police HQ and go to the waypoint that leads to Bloodshine’s cage.


Activate the release mechanism on the cage’s side to free Bloodshine from the cops, but be alert and at a safe distance.


Bloodshine will be freed, and she will hate the fact that a vault hunter has rescued her, so she will give your spleen to Tyreen, and you will, of course, murder her.


Because there isn’t any more Bloodshine, the hostage, later revealed to be Naoko, advises you to take her mask and return it because she has a plan.


Return to the hideaway and put the mask on one of the hanging corpses in an effort to fool Tumourhead, who can’t see very well, into believing it’s Bloodshine and allowing her to unlock the gate.


As soon as the gate opens, kill all of the opponents inside and go to a pit where all of the people who are meant to welcome Bloodshine back will be waiting.


Jump down into the pit and kill all of the spawning foes until there are none left, but be sure to stock up on supplies and equip weapons that will assist you deal with numerous bandits before doing so.


While you’re down in the pit, take care of all the adversaries until Tumourhead is the only one remaining, who will be waiting behind a gate after you’ve cleared the area.


When the gate opens, kill Tumourhead as quickly as can to avoid receiving damage from her, then go to the left of the chamber to find Naoko.


To free Naoko, shoot the luminous lock to open the gate where she is being kept prisoner, and she will speak with you for a short time before the quest finishes.

Rewards for the Proof of Wife Mission


Naoko will give you an epic sniper weapon known as the “Soleki Protocal” as well as a monetary prize of approximately $1,313 USD.



  • If you are below the required level and can’t handle most of the monsters in Lectra City, avoid doing this assignment and instead earn several levels over the required level.
  • When battling Tumourhead’s family, focus on the stronger opponents first so you can utilize the weaker ones to restore yourself if you are knocked out.
  • Before entering the Police HQ or leaping into the hole, make sure you have enough ammunition, since you may run out owing to the large amount of opponents within.

The borderlands 3 kill tumorhead is a proof of wife walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3. This guide will help you get through all the missions in the game, including those that are not available yet.

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