Borderlands 3 is an action role-playing third-person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The game was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 13th 2019.

The borderlands 3 raiders of the lost rock glitch is a bug that can occur in Borderlands 3. The player will be stuck on a black screen and have to restart their game.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Eden-6 is a planet.
  • Floodmoor Basin – Reliance – Ambermire is located in the Floodmoor Basin.
  • 27th level

Dr. Miles Brown’s rock collection has been stolen by jabbers, and he wants your assistance to recover them. He loves his collection and is desperate to get it back.

Your mission is to uncover a clue as to where the rocks have been disappearing and hunt down his favorite among them, all while keeping an eye on the jabbers who keep stealing from him.

Walkthrough of the Mission

On My Way To The Ambermire


When you first get the assignment, you must speak with Dr. Miles Brown in the Floodmoor Basin, but you will ultimately need to go to Ambermire to complete the task.

After accepting the assignment, speak with Dr. Miles Brown and make your way to Ambermire.


You have two options for getting to Ambermire quickly: either get a car and drive there, or just fly there.

Detecting Clues


As you enter Ambermire, one of the rocks near the stairwell will be highlighted on your map with a waypoint.


Pick up the “brownrock,” and you’ll be charged with following the trail, where you’ll need to keep collecting up additional rocks until you figure out where the collection has been taken.


Continue through Ambermire, collecting up pebbles as you go and fighting any foes you come across.

The Jabber Hideout’s Entrance


If you pick up a few pebbles and continue the path, you’ll come across an entrance that was previously closed if you’ve ever visited Ambermire.


As you approach the door, it will open up and jabbers will be inside, which you must kill in order to continue with the task.


After you’ve cleared out the jabbers, go on to the next section, where four waypoints indicate four rocks that the jabbers have repurposed as decorations.


Collect all four of the rocks that have been used as ornaments to summon jabbers who will attack you.

Fighting Gnasher, the Jabber King


Jabbers will appear, as well as King Gnasher, a strong jabber, and they will all assault you, requiring you to kill all of them.


Fight off all the jabbers and slay King Gnasher to put a stop to his rule, which will also prevent any more thieving jabbers from stealing from Dr. Miles Brown.


Dr. Miles Brown will have stated that his favorite rock had also been taken, and that King Gnasher subsequently dropped it.


After you’ve slain King Gnasher, take Dr. Miles Brown’s favorite rock, “Abigail,” and quickly return to Reliance to finish the task.


Once you’ve regained control, talk with Dr. Miles Brown to return his rocks and complete the task.

Mission Reward for Raider OF The Lost Rock


Completing the Raiders Of The Lost Rock quest will get you approximately 3,838 coins and the rare grenade mod “Porcelain Pipe Bomb.”



  • You only need to kill the opponents after you’ve entered the jabber hideaway, and you may sprint by the majority of them while collecting up pebbles along the way.
  • Jabbers aren’t very difficult to dispatch, and can be dispatched with nearly any weapon, particularly those that have a high rate of fire, such as shotguns.
  • Because King Gnasher can inflict a lot of damage, it’s better to maintain a safe distance from him and deal with him as quickly as possible. However, don’t kill all the other jabbers before you do so, as you’ll need some for when you’re downed.

Borderlands 3 Raiders of the Lost Rock is a walkthrough for players who are stuck in this game. This guide will help you find the lost rock, which is needed to open up the final quest. Reference: borderlands 3 raiders of the lost rock not showing up.

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