Borderlands 3 is a loot-shooter where players are tasked with fighting off the Hyperion Corporation, which has been turning people into mindless husks.

The borderlands 3 ratch’d up bug is a glitch in Borderlands 3 that can be exploited to make it easier to complete the game.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Promethea is the name of the planet.
  • Atlas HQ is where you should be.
  • 17th level

Ratch has been showing around a lot recently, and Rhys has asked you to look for Terry, the janitor who was in charge of keeping things clean until he mysteriously vanished.

You’ve been given the job of investigating Terry’s office and beyond for clues as to what’s going on, where these ratch are coming from, and what’s happened to Terry.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Take a look at the power outage.


To go to the maintenance room, go to Terry’s office, which is indicated with a waypoint.


Rhys will instruct you to look around and see if you can find a concealed switch under a jar on a table.


When you press the secret switch, a hidden chamber will appear, which is later revealed to be a lab that was locked down in the past.


The lab will be filled with ratch eggs and muck as you make your way through it, and you must continue explore the surroundings in search of Terry.


As you get closer to the waypoint that indicates a closed door, a voice will speak to you and beg for assistance in unlocking the door.


The speaker, subsequently identified as Glenn, will inform you that the controls for unlocking the door are on the other side of a glass, which you must reach by circumnavigating the space.


Make your way to the waypoint, but be cautious since there will be a swarm of ratch waiting to attack you.

Kill all of the ratch in the area before going up the stairs to the door controls.


When you open the door Glenn is hiding behind, a ratch will emerge, which you should go to.


You won’t have to walk all the way back around since the door that was previously locked when you went around the area on your way to the controls has now been unlocked.

Proceed through the now-unlocked door to the ratchet that has emerged from the other previously opened door.


Speak with the ratch, who is really Glenn, and he will explain what has occurred, as well as suggest that you look for Terry together.


Terry’s corpse will be found near the controls, but he will be dead, and Glenn devises a method to resurrect him.

Glenn will propose that you do what Terry did for him and implant Terry’s brain into a ratch body so that he can resurrect.


Glenn will eat up Terry’s corpse, leaving just the brain for you to pick up and transport to the area below, where it will be transferred to a ratch body.


Glenn tells you need to lower Gary’s cage, which contains Gary, a ratch with the brain of a Maliwan war criminal, as you descend.


After lowering the cage, clear the space below to get access to the brain transfer region, which is linked to where Gary’s cage has fallen and freed him.

Before continuing to the brain transfer region, go down and kill Gary as well as the other ratch who are roaming about below.


Make your way to the experiment control panel, where you’ll need to put Terry’s brain and transfer it to an already-in-the-tank ratch body.


After you’ve placed the brain as Glenn has directed, you’ll be prompted to start the transfer process.


When you interact with the controls, you’ll see a short animation of the brain transfer, as well as the ratch being released in the center of the room.


Talk to the ratch who now possesses Terry’s brain to remind him that he is still human on the inside.


Once Terry has regained his composure, follow him back up to where Glenn is waiting, which will bring you closer to the mission’s conclusion.


As the two reconnect, speak with Glenn to complete the task and get a reward from Glenn.

Rewards for Ratched-Up Missions


You will get approximately 1,235 cash and the legendary handgun “Peacemonger” after completing the Ratch’d Up quest.



  • Bring a weapon that can rapidly dispatch ratch, such as high-damage shotguns or elemental weapons that can also inflict a significant amount of damage over a wide area, since the ratch will swarm you.
  • Gary may be a thorn in your side, and if you don’t have a high-damaging weapon, the battle might drag on for a long time, so make sure you have at least one weapon that can do a lot of damage.
  • You may stand atop Gary’s cage when you lower it to prevent taking too much damage while entering the pit.

The borderlands 3 ratch’d up reward is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete Ratch D?

Ratch D is a difficult song, but it has been completed by many people. You can find videos of people completing the song on YouTube.

Where do I find Terry in Borderlands 3?

Terry is the name of a character in Borderlands 3. You can find him on Pandora, and he will be located at the Bandit Camp.

Who voices the Ratch in Borderlands 3?

The voice actor for the Ratch is not yet known.

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