Borderlands 3 is the latest in the long-running series of first-person shooters. It’s got a lot to offer, including plenty of loot, co-op play for up to four players, and a brand new world to explore.

The borderlands 3 rise and grind glitch is a secret area in the game that can be accessed by using a glitch.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Promethea is the name of the planet.
  • Meridian Metroplex is located in the state of Idaho.
  • 12th grade

Walkthrough of the Mission

I’m on my way to Rise and Grind Coffeehouse.


Head over to the Rise And Grind Coffeehouse after receiving the assignment from Lorelei, and keep in mind that having a car with you may be quite useful later on, particularly for getting to the location quickly and dealing with opponents.

Getting Started


You’ll need to first summon the barista bot so you may order some coffee from it before you can open the cafe.


The barista bot will inform you that he is unable to do any jobs because the coffeehouse requires a new power core, which you must locate and install in the coffeehouse’s power supply.


Lorelei will then instruct you to seek out someone known as Core Daddy, who will possess a power core that you may utilize, necessitating your death.


You will be engaged and forced to battle against Core Daddy and other Maliwan soldiers as soon as you approach the waypoint that indicates his position.


Pick up Core Daddy’s power core after beating him and return to the Rise And Grind Coffeehouse to install it.


Install the power core behind the barista bot where the waypoint displays a green outline-like form that indicates where the power core has to be put.


Return to the front of the Rise And Grind Coffeehouse after installing the power core and activating the coffeehouse’s power button.


Once the coffeehouse is turned on, the barista bot will grow a stylish mustache, and you’ll need to speak with it to continue the task.

The barista bot will inform you that he can’t offer you coffee since you’ll need a cup for him to pour it into, prompting you to pursue the Coffee Commander and take his coffee container.


To draw out the coffee runner, go to the building right in front of the Rise And Grind Coffeehouse and start murdering the Coffee Commander’s soldiers.

Obtaining a Coffee Canister


Kill the coffee runner when he emerges from concealment so that the coffee container, subsequently referred to as the “to-go cup,” may be returned to the barista bot.


Pick up the coffee container and return it to the barista bot, but be prepared for a battle because the Coffee Commander will order his soldiers to recover the coffee container, resulting in a conflict in which Maliwan troops attack the Rise And Grind Coffeehouse.


To continue with obtaining the coffee from the barista bot, kill all of the opponents that emerge throughout the battle.

Getting Coffee at Long Last


Go up to the barista bot and press the appropriate key to put the coffee container. You will notice another outline-like object in front of you that seems to be the same as the coffee container.


It will take some time, but there isn’t much you can do to speed up the barista bot’s procedure of pouring the coffee, so simply ready to return to the base.


Return to the Watershed base where Lorelei will be waiting for the coffee container after the barista bot has finished filling the “to-go cup.”


Locate Lorelei within the base and give her the coffee container, causing the Coffee Commander to call the base and indicate he is on his way to get the coffee container.

The Last Coffee Fight


Maliwan soldiers will begin attacking the Watershed base, forcing you and the other Atlas troops to fight back and destroy the Coffee Commander and other adversaries.

Target his weak point on his back, the ball-like item that seems to either fuel his armor or provide him with fire.


Once the battle is finished, return to Lorelei and speak with her to complete the assignment and be rewarded for your efforts.

Mission Reward: Rise and Grind


Lorelei will reward you with a rare shield mod and approximately 935 dollars once you complete the task.



  • Bring a car with you so you can move about more quickly and fend off attackers more easily if the coffeehouse is attacked.
  • To defeat enemies quicker, aim for their weak areas, particularly when dealing with Core Daddy and the Coffee Commander, who are stronger than the other soldiers you’ll encounter throughout Promethea.
  • During the final battle, you may utilize the other Atlas troops to assist you by fighting alongside you. This will deflect opponent concentrated fire away from you by a set percentage, giving you a greater chance of survival.

The borderlands 3 lorelei is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to rise and grind in Borderlands 3?

To get to rise and grind, you need to use the jump button while you are in a crouched position.

How do you kill core Daddy?


Who is Lorelei Borderlands 3?

Lorelei is a character from Borderlands 3.

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