Borderlands 3 is an open world shooter game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. It was released on September 13, 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The borderlands 3 sacked glitch is a game-breaking bug in Borderlands 3. It’s caused by the game’s save system, which doesn’t work properly when you’re playing on PC.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Eden-6 is a planet.
  • Jakobs Estate is located in the town of Jakobs.
  • 26th level

Aurelia has been evicting the building’s hired staff, and Wainwright has suspicions that she is up to something bad.

Your job will be to hunt for secret facts that the manor’s helpers have found and put away in order to figure out what she was concealing.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Trying to Figure Out What’s Going On


To view the clues in the room, go to the location where the waypoint is marked.


You are meant to engage with a statue near a locked box to disclose a clue.


After the statue cracks, you’ll see a button that you must push to go to the next step: finding out how to open the treasure.


To open the treasure, you must shoot three statues, one of which is across the left side of the bed.


Another will be in the next room, on top of a bookcase, near the hallway.


The second statue will be on a table close to a chair at another entrance in the opposite chamber.

Make careful to shoot all of the statues in order to open the treasure.


After you’ve shot all of the statues, return to the chest and open it up to see what’s inside.


A tape of a discussion between Baldrin and Aurelia will be found in the chest, proving that she murdered him.

Looking for More Suggestions


Wainwright will accuse Baldrin of passing on information to the other servants in the estate and will urge you to continue your investigation.


You must go to the waypoint, which will take you to the quarters, where you will find another clue.


There will be another dead corpse to examine, which will lead to the discovery of a nearby clue, an eviction notice.


Take the eviction notice and give it to Wainwright, who will put what you’ve learned together and advise you to keep looking.


Return to the theater and either battle the attackers or dash for the trapdoor you may have already unlocked.

If you haven’t already, kill Billy, The Anointed and solve the riddle first, as seen in the Lair Of The Harpy assignment.


Once everything is in order, descend the trapdoor and go to the next clue.


You’ll notice a hint on top of the barrels in front of you as you leap down the basement and down to the manor’s exit.


Climb up to the barrels and take the hint that was placed on one of them before continuing on to the next waypoint.

In the Grotto, There Are Clues


The clues in Grotto will be a little unusual in that the waypoints will take you to a location, but you’ll have to hunt for the clues.

The first clue will be on a chest with a light, and you must take it, which will later be shown to be a shopping list.


The next clue is a pink slip hidden behind a pillar in the Grotto, which is also put on top of a chest with a light.


You must next go to Claire, who has been taken from service and is being served beverages by Aurelia, who will then inform you of what has occurred.


Claire will collapse to the ground as soon as she informs you about the next clue, as it turns out that the beverages she was given were cyanide and a means for Aurelia to murder her.

The Recording’s Location


Before she died, Claire will have indicated where the recording is kept, which will take you to an abandoned hut.

Enemies will appear via teleportation, similar to Lilith’s technique when she was a siren.


Take eliminate the attackers before entering the cabin, or just rush inside.


Within the hut, interact with the bed to shift it to the side, revealing the secret recording that Wainwright is searching for.


Pick up the tape, which exposes the events of what occurred, and it turns out that Troy and Aurelia slept with each other as a way of kind of sealing the deal.


Return to Wainwright and speak with him once you’ve picked up the recording to accomplish the quest.

Rewards for Sacked Missions


You’ll get approximately 4,569 cash after completing the Sacked task.



  • Because there is no need to wipe away opponents, most of the clues may be hurried to, making the task extremely simple to accomplish.
  • Enemies will spawn in huge groups, forcing you to either take them out or flee through them.
  • This task is best completed in conjunction with the Lair Of The Harpy assignment, so you won’t have to return to clean the regions again.

The side mission sacked borderlands 3 is a walkthrough of the side missions that can be found in Borderlands 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete the sacked mission in Borderlands 3?

You have to find the key that unlocks the door leading out of the building.

How do I find the sacked search clue?

The sacked search clue is a special clue that can be found in the game. It is located at the bottom of the screen and it appears when you are close to an area where you have been sacked.

How do you unlock chest sacked in Borderlands 3?

In order to unlock the chest sacks in Borderlands 3, you need to complete a side-quest called The Lost Treasure of Handsome Jack which is found by following the quest marker on your map.

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