Borderlands 3 is the latest game in the popular series. After a long wait, fans are finally getting their hands on this new installment. This guide will walk you through every mission and offer tips for completing each one with ease.

The borderlands 3 walkthrough side missions is a guide to the Sanctuary Mission in Borderlands 3. It includes all of the side missions and challenges that need to be completed for this mission.

Following the events of the Taking Flight Mission, you successfully assisted Ellie in preparing the ship for take-off, saving Lilith from an ambush.

You, Lilith, Ellie, and the rest of the Crimson Raiders are now leaving Pandora to go to Promethea, led by the Vault Map and any clues Tannis discovered inside it.

After a little mishap, things don’t go as planned at first, and it’s up to you to make sure things get back on track on the journey to Promethea.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Get On The Ship


Head up to where the ship is and make your way to its entrance after assisting Lilith up and getting the Astronav from Ellie.


Once you’ve arrived to the ship, go to the darkened door where the waypoint is located, which will trigger a scenario depicting the ship departing Pandora.

Putting The Astronav In


Talk to Lilith to continue the task after the ship has left Pandora and all of the Crimson Raiders have boarded the ship, later known as Sanctuary.


After a brief conversation with Lilith, she will instruct you to install the Astronav, allowing the spacecraft to begin exploring other worlds.


Claptrap finds this uninteresting and chooses to start pressing a lot of buttons after Ellie advises care since a single error may create issues.

The ship will be damaged, and there will be a hull breach, but Claptrap’s ass fills the hole and covers the hull breach.

Ellie will repair the ship’s gravity system, and Lilith has asked you to check on the crew to see if anybody needs assistance.


This is a very simple job that is more akin to a tour of the ship, which you will need to be acquainted with since you will always find gear appropriate for your level in vending machines, and you will have access to shops and storage, as well as the ability to utilize golden keys.

Keeping an eye on Tannis


As you approach Tannis, you’ll see that the room has completely frozen over, and she’ll begin begging for assistance, but you won’t be able to find out where she is right away unless you’re excellent at guessing the obvious.


Tannis will ask you to reset the room’s thermal control, which you will then assault with a melee attack, which should do the job.


Tannis will then emerge from the body in the center of the room, thanking you and telling you to keep an eye on the others.

Keeping an Eye on Marcus


Next, go to Marcus’ shop and shooting range, since they’ve caught fire, and you’ll need to put it out before it burns everything down.


Enter his store and use the fire suppressor on the left to put out the first fire before continuing beyond the shop.


A corridor will be burning as well, so shoot the next fire suppressor to put out the flames once and for all before continuing on to the shooting range.


Shoot the final fire suppressor on the side of the shooting range, then exit; Marcus will no longer need assistance, leaving you with the crew quarters.

Taking a Look at the Crew Quarters


As you approach the crew quarters, you’ll hear cries for assistance, and Ellie will say that it seems like they’ve been trapped inside since the ship departed Pandora.


You may open the chamber once Ellie finishes speaking by pressing the release on the left side of the door, if you’re facing it.


When one of the crew members says “mad robot,” Lilith has a short discussion about imprisoning crew members.

The Entropy Accelerator is a device that accelerates the rate of entropy


After completing the first three jobs, Ellie will have discovered the ship’s issue and will need your assistance in installing an Entropy Accelerator, which should be located in the cargo bay.


You and Ellie will see that much of the cargo bay’s equipment is on fire when the view to the cargo bay is exposed, and Ellie will require you to release the “losses” into space.


You and Ellie will ask Crazy Earl for an Entropy Accelerator since it was among the things that were vented into space.

Ellie will advise you to go to Moxxi for some Eridian to trade with if Crazy Earl refuses to give it to you without anything in return.


As you walk away from Crazy Earl’s store, take the steps on the left side of the cargo area and follow the waypoint to Moxxi, who you’ll need to speak with.


Moxxi will next advise you to try one of her tampered-with slot machines, releasing Eridian for you to utilize while trading with Crazy Earl.


Take the Eridian and return to Crazy Earl in the cargo area, where you may start a transaction with him like a vending machine.


You do not have to purchase anything from him, and you may leave the menu at any point, and he will still give you the Entropy Accelerator.


Pick up the Entropy Accelerator and follow the waypoint to the location where you’ll need to install it.


Return to Lilith and install the Entropy Accelerator so that you may continue your journey to Promethea.

Getting Promethea on the Right Track


You’ll set the destination after everything is in order, and Sanctuary will have arrived in Promethea.

The task will be finished when you arrive, and you will be given a new assignment named Hostile Takeover.

Rewards for the Sanctuary Mission


You will get approximately 834 Cash and a rare shield mod after finishing the Sanctuary task, as well as having unlimited access to the Sanctuary.



  • There will be no fighting in this mission, and the only shooting required will be to put out the fire in Marcus’ store.
  • It’s a good idea to remember places like Tannis’ lab and Marcus’ store so you can go there when you need to purchase stuff that’ll always fit your level.
  • Follow the waypoints and begin with the closest ones, since the ship may be difficult for novice players to adjust to at first.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The borderlands 3 the droughts walkthrough is a mission in Borderlands 3. It’s part of the Sanctuary mission.

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