Borderlands 3 is a loot-filled, story-driven shooter with cooperative and competitive multiplayer. It’s the perfect game for players who like to explore, shoot things, and collect loot all in one place!

The borderlands 3 sell out destroy cameras is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Eden-6 is a planet.
  • Ambermire is a place in Ambermire.
  • 27th level

Tyreen Calypso explains how her followers are starving for a new murder film, but she has no clue what sort of murder to perform next, so she built a death machine into which you may enter and kill yourself for everyone’s amusement.

Your mission is to either enter the death trap, which will undoubtedly kill you, or to thwart Tyreen’s plot by destroying the murder cameras that would film your death.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Getting Ready To Enter The Death Trap


After receiving the assignment, you must go to Ambermire if you have not already done so, and then proceed to the death trap indicated by a waypoint.


As you approach the death trap, you’ll see a bandit running inside who is subsequently blasted to pieces, indicating what will happen if you enter.


You may either enter the deadly trap or shoot the five cameras scattered around the area.

Tyreen promises that if you murder yourself inside, she would give you a pistol as a gift.

Making a Choice


If you opt to shoot the cameras, Tyreen will attempt to persuade you differently, allowing you to enter until the final camera has been destroyed.

If you destroy all five cameras, the task will be completed, and regardless of whether you cooperated or not, Tyreen will offer you a consolation as a prize.

Tyreen will be pleased if you choose to kill yourself, and she will subsequently fulfill her promise and reward you once you have respawned.

Mission Rewards are being sold out.


If you choose to kill yourself in order to accomplish the Sell Out objective, you will be awarded with a legendary handgun called “Sellout.”

In the unlikely event that you damage the cameras, you will be compensated with a modest sum of cash, estimated to be about $2,558.



  • Aside from the adversaries you meet along the route, there aren’t many foes in this quest.
  • It seems that killing oneself and respawning to get the legendary gun is preferable than destroying the cameras for a little amount of money.

The borderlands 3 sellout mission rewards is a walkthrough for Borderlands 3. It includes all the missions and gives you information on what to do and how to complete them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sell out in Borderlands 3?

To sell out in Borderlands 3, you must first use the D.E.P. to increase your level cap to 30, then trade in all of your old gear for a new set of gear with better stats at the vendor.

Should I Sell Out or destroy cameras?

This is a difficult question to answer. Some people feel that destroying cameras is not morally right, while others feel like they should sell out and make their money back somehow.

What do you get for the Sell Out mission Borderlands 3?

The Sell Out mission is a timed mission that has you and your team trying to sell as much loot as possible in a limited amount of time.

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