Borderlands 3 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This walkthrough will show you how to complete the Sisterly Love Mission.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Planet: The Attractive Lottery
  • The Spendopticon is where you’ll find the Spendopticon.
  • 50th level

A rivalry exists between two sisters, each of whom owns a casino, and they are attempting to knock the other out of business for good.

Both sisters will give you a job and will ask you to assist them in taking each other out, which you will do in the hopes of getting the most out of the assignments in terms of rewards.

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Walkthrough of the Mission


Sandy Hart will be the first sister to approach you, and she will urge you to go fishing in a nearby fountain as part of her plan to put her sister out of business.


Once you’ve arrived to the fountain, either shoot it or throw a grenade at it to mimic dynamite fishing.


Fish will start to rise out of the fountain when you fire or throw a grenade and cause damage, which you will then pick up.


After you’ve picked up the fish, go to the casino, where you’ll find three waypoints to put the fish.


Place the fish in all of the designated areas and wait as clients become aware of the situation and depart the casino.


Leah Hart, the second sister, will call you and offer you twice the prize if you help her get even with her sister, which your character accepts.


After that, Leah will tell you to travel to a shady merchant who owes her a favor in order to get an algorithm that will cause the other casino to lose all of its money.


The shopkeeper will give you the Shady Cartridge after a little conversation, which you must take and bring to Sandy’s casino.


Access the mainframe of Sandy’s casino, which is situated in a room in the rear of the facility.


To get into the system and put the algorithm in the mainframe, Leah will have you try a few passwords.


After gaining access to the mainframe, a waypoint will appear indicating where you should install the algorithm, with which you will simply engage.


When the algorithm is activated, money will begin to pour out of all of the machines in the vicinity, and people will rush to grab it.


Unfortunately, things go out of hand, and Sandy’s debt becomes too large owing to the loss of cash, and a debt collector is sent to vaporize her.

Leah is pleading with you to intervene and rescue her sister from the Debt Collector on its way to the casino.


Intercept and destroy the Debt Collector, which will lead to the two sisters apologizing to each other.


Wait for the sisters to conclude their discussion, which will eventually lead to them fighting, and the task will be completed.

Rewards for Sisterly Love Mission


You will get a reward of approximately 69,360 cash when you complete the Sisterly Love quest.



  • If no grenades are available, it seems that certain weapons may cause the fish to emerge in the fountain after being shot.
  • You may disregard the opponents along the route and go straight for the waypoints while putting the fish in the casino.
  • When utilizing corrosive weaponry, the Debt Collector’s armor dissolves quickly, making it easy to kill.
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