Gearbox has created an intriguing and immersive world with its first Borderlands game, which is now three games in. The first two games were set on Pandora and the third will be taking place on a new planet.

The borderlands 3 cold case: restless memories bugged is a mission that has been found to be bugged. It can be done, but it will not give the player any rewards.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Xylourgos is a planet.
  • Cursehaven – Lantern’s Hook is the location.
  • 57th level

You and Burton previously discovered a Mysterious Box with a sign on it, which you have yet to decipher the meaning and history of.

Your task is to follow Burton as he sets out to discover what the Mysterious Box contains, as well as to pursue any further investigations.

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Walkthrough of the Mission

The Seventh Sense: An Unboxing


Following your encounter with Burton, you will both visit a gunsmith shop, where he will ask a guy called Hartford to examine the Mysterious Box you have discovered.

When Burton instructs you to, place the Mysterious Box on the table in front of Hartford and wait for it to be inspected.


Hartford will explain that the box was created by his grandpa and that he has discovered a method to open it, exposing the Seventh Sense gun.

After inspecting the handgun, Burton will give it over to you so that you may examine it as well.


Burton will instruct you to examine the weapon and then equip it in order to see through the scope, which will show a ghost inside the structure.

The Seventh Sense, as its name suggests, is capable of perceiving ghosts and perhaps other paranormal things during this time.

The Secrets of the Underworld


After that, you and Burton will set off for the Dustbound Archives, where you will have to pass through one of the closed doors.

Burton will be able to unlock the door, and you will come upon a group of Bonded who have built up a kind of gateway.


After you’ve cleared out all of the Bonded in the area, a door will be obscured by black fog, and you’ll need to utilize your Seventh Sense to fire moving orbs to clear it away.

After you’ve cleared the fog, you’ll enter the next area, which has an unseen barrier that creates a labyrinth.

Use the Seventh Sense to view the walls and locate the path leading to the next region as you navigate the labyrinth.

Iris’s location


As you approach the waypoint, you’ll come across a little child who seems to be imprisoned and is pleading for assistance.

More Bonded will emerge via portals, attempting to murder the ghost girl, which you must kill in order to protect her.

The girl says her name is Iris and then vanishes just as Burton comes on the scene and inquires about her whereabouts.


There will be a picture that is once again obscured by the black fog, which you must dispel using the Seventh Sense.

When it’s discovered that Iris is Burton’s daughter, he’ll hesitate for a moment before requesting you to remove the Portal Device that the Bonded had left behind.


Pick up the Portal Device and deliver it to Burton so he may store it for safekeeping till later.

Burton will also want that you give up the gun so that he may inspect it in more detail.

Mission Reward: Cold Case: Restless MemoriesB3GLTS11-10

The task will be completed after you give over the Portal Device and Seven Sense to Burton, and you will get approximately 115,000 as a reward.


  • If you try to rush inside the chamber when you first see Bonded defending a portal, you will die, therefore it is recommended that you draw them out or fire from outside to decrease their numbers.
  • The majority of the linked will be vulnerable to flaming weapons, however carrying a corrosive weapon will aid in the elimination of those that are armored.
  • Because you will use the Seventh Sense for its unique function many times during the quest, it is recommended to maintain it in one of your weapon slots to prevent switching back and forth.

The borderlands 3 mission weapons is a mission walkthrough for the Cold Case Restless Memories DLC.

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