The Borderlands 3 Gaige’s Gifts Crew Challenges Guide is a complete walkthrough for all the challenges in the game. It includes detailed information on each challenge, including location and rewards.

In Borderlands 3, Gaige’s Gifts Crew Challenge is a new mode that has been added to the game. This guide will help you on your journey through this mode.

Gaige sent gifts for people who couldn’t attend Wainwright and Hammerlock’s wedding, but some of them were lost in the accident.

She has requested that you recover any misplaced presents that you may come across while on missions or traveling.

Obtaining these presents will result in rewards both when they are collected and after they are finished.

Collecting all of the presents contributes to the Crew Challenge completion, which, when combined with the other Crew tasks, grants the “Industrious in the Face of Cosmic Terror” accomplishment.

Locations of Gaige’s Gifts

Basin of Skittermaw (Marcus)


Umbergrist Village, in the midst of Skittermaw Basin, may be found in the Frostbiter village in the center, has received a gift from Marcus.

To avoid traveling a lengthy path to the gift, quick travel to the Cursehaven Gondola in Skittermaw Basin and board a vehicle going towards the center.


You must climb all the way to the top and then turn around to the side, where you must utilize your acrobatic abilities to leap and climb up to the present.

Cursehaven is a cursed place (Mordecai and Brick)


In Cursehaven, a present from Mordecai and Brick has arrived, and it is likely one of the first gifts you will notice.

You’ll be closer to the gift if you go quickly to Withernot Cemetery or Bleak Terrace.


The present may be found outside one of the elevated houses in Olmstead Square, and you can even see it from a distance, but it is not readily accessible.

Instead of jumping from the bottom, walk around the building and you’ll discover a route to the top where you can easily grab the present.

The Cankerwoods are a group of people that live in the woods (Tina)


You may find Tina’s present in The Cankerwoods when completing the Horror In The Woods quest.

Because there is only one spawn point, you must start from the very beginning and make your way to it near the Wendigo boss battle area.


The box is near the Fermentation Station, between Frostibeter houses and wolven dens, on top of a snowy ledge.

You may either leap up to the cliff or stroll around to a more accessible location.

Archives that have become dusty (Clay)


Clay’s gift has appeared near the Dustbound Archives, right after the Empowered Scholar boss battle.

You’ll need to hurry to the beginning and keep an eye out before leaving the area, since the present will be near the Founder’s Office.


After fighting the Empowered Scholar, go through the gates and to the right before reaching the Founder’s Office, where the present is resting on raised rocks.

Neshai Negul (Tannis)


When you are approaching the Ruins Of Yogseer during the Mountain Of Mayhem quest, you will discover a present that was previously given by Tannis.

You’ll need to go enter Negul Neshai or fast travel there and go towards the floating DAHL ship, where you’ll discover the present.


Because there are rocks underneath you, you’ll have to go to the cliff’s edge, but be cautious not to tumble to your death.

Gaige’s Reward Program

Collection of Gifts


Each gift will provide you with a certain quantity of experience, cash, and eridian, which will be the same for all of them.

At level 57, you should expect to receive:

  • XP 19,760
  • 12,777 dollars in cash
  • Eridian 10

Each present you acquire will be exhibited within The Lodge among other gifts that Gaige or other visitors successfully brought with them.

Poster for newlyweds


Once you’ve gathered all of the presents, you’ll get an accomplishment from the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC, as well as a “Just Married” poster from Gaigie.

The destroy eldritch statue is a quest in Borderlands 3. This guide will provide the location, rewards, and enemies of this quest.

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