What makes this walkthrough so unique is that it’s the only one of its kind. This means that there’s no other guide out there that will teach you how to complete the entire game with all of the achievements and collectibles.

The borderlands 3 happily ever after glitch is a mission in which players must use a glitch to get through the mission. It is not difficult, but it can be frustrating.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Xylourgos is a planet.
  • The Lodge is the location (Skittlemaw Basin)
  • 57th level

The happy grooms are enjoying the wedding celebration, and you will, too, but only after checking with Gaige to see whether she has any other plans.

Gaige will need your assistance with one last job, which she claims was a surprise she had planned but was unable to carry out owing to her crash landing.

Other Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC Side Missions

Walkthrough of the Mission

Getting The Fireworks Back


When the mission begins, Wainwright and Hammerlock will debate whether or not he is willing to continue with the reception after the recent occurrences.

They will thank you once they have agreed that everything is OK, and you will be requested to check with Gaige, which you will do by going over and speaking with her.

Gaige will be extremely tipsy and will want you to assist her by collecting up fireworks that she left behind after the accident since she is clearly too drunk to do so herself.


To examine the drop pod, go to the crash location of the drop pod and clear the area of Frostbiters.


The fireworks will be gone when you inspect the drop pod, and Gaige will see someone nearby lighting them up.

Follow the waypoint that indicates where the fireworks will be launched.


As you go closer to the building where the fireworks are being let off, you’ll see a doorbell that you’ll need to call in order to confront whomever discovered them.

You’ll have to track down the individual who is fleeing in a car.


To compel them to drop the pyrotechnics, spawn in your car from the Catch-A-Ride and pursue them down while inflicting damage.

Fireworks will fall as you do damage to the car, and the detonator will fall after the vehicle is completely destroyed.

If you ride over the fireworks and detonator, they will be automatically picked up, or you may pick them up manually.

Getting Ready For The Surprise


Once you have the fireworks and detonator, go to Umbergrist Village (which will be filled with Frostbiters) and battle your way to the top, as indicated by your waypoint.

Place the pyrotechnics and return to The Lodge after making your way past the Frostbiters and reaching the top.

Mixing and mingling with the visitors


Return to Gaige, who will advise you to mingle with some of the other guests before the big reveal.

Before the surprise can occur, you must talk with Claptrap, Mancubus Bloodtooth, and the happy couple.

Activating the Fireworks


Gaige will instruct you to set up the explosives while she gets the grooms into place after chatting with the newlyweds.

You’ll need to set up the detonator and decide on the fireworks’ design.


Gaige will instruct you to start the fireworks display once everything is ready, and the task will finish shortly after.

Mission Reward: Happily Ever AfterB3GLTS8-11

The task will be finished after the fireworks have gone off and the couple has enjoyed the display, and you will be awarded with approximately 153,334 dollars and the legendary shotgun “Firecracker.”


  • As you will need to travel between locations, make sure you have a car with you to swiftly get from one spot to another.
  • In this side quest, the primary opponent will be Frostbiters, making incendiary useful for those with red health bars and corrosive useful for those with armor.
  • To avoid wasting time after putting up the fireworks, just return to The Lodge quickly.
  • You’ll get the Firecracker regardless of whatever design you select.

The borderlands 3 dlc mission list is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3.

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