Jack is a new character in Borderlands 3, and he’s got a wild mission to take on. The game has been out for a few weeks now, so we have some thoughts on what the future holds for Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 is a third person shooter game. Jack’s Wild Mission Walkthrough is a walkthrough for the main story of the game.

The effort to complete the operation is now underway, and you and the team are ready to begin carrying out Moxxi’s robbery, but there will be some hazardous turns along the road.

Your goal is to carry out the first portions of the strategy while also carrying out the previously mentioned stages.

Walkthrough of the Mission


Timothy will be waiting for you to breach the security wing, and you must go to his position, which is indicated by a waypoint.


There will be a test to see whether the genuine beautiful jack is attempting to pass, and Timothy will have to do his best to pass it.


Timothy passes because he remains in character, and the outfit he put together during The Plan paid off since it also fooled the system.


You will be able to enter a new place named Jack’s Secret, and you must then continue inside.


As you make your way to the station core in an effort to shut off the power, Pretty Boy will be on your tail and will constantly threaten you.


You’ll come upon a large region infected with ratch, and you’ll have to clean it out before deciding what to do next.


After you’ve cleared away the ratch, you’ll need to locate a chemical tank that can be used to clean a ratch-infested corridor.

A waypoint will direct you to the chemical tank, which is located nearby.


Once you’ve gotten your hands on the chemical tank, put it where the route was blocked and fire it to clear a path through the ratch infestation.


Continue on to locate Timothy, who will teleport behind a barrier and try to unlock it for you.


Before Timothy can breach the barrier, Freddie and a machine will appear out of nowhere and grab him, indicating that Freddie has struck a deal with the enemy.


The barrier will be breached as soon as Freddie flees after capturing Timothy, and you will be on your way to the power source, clearing out several robots along the way.


After following the waypoint, you should arrive at an exhaust fan, which you must pass through before reaching a lift.


Take the elevator down to another location where the waypoint is situated, and then keep moving ahead to the goal.


The elevator will be stopped, and you won’t be able to move until the forcefield is turned off, at which point you’ll be able to crouch through the tunnel.


As soon as you exit the lift, go for the power cord to disable the above-ground defenses.


As you approach the waypoint, you’ll see an assembly line nearby, which you’ll need to shut down to prevent numerous robots from being created.

To the left, there is a huge stairway that leads to the lever that regulates assembly line production.


To halt the assembly line, follow your waypoint up to the lever and pull it.


Following the waypoint will lead you to a nearby generator, which you may destroy by shooting a barrel that goes by on the fence.

You will be able to cross through and continue with the objective after destroying the generator.


As you progressed, you’ll come upon a drop that leads to a boss battle area where you’ll face the Fabricator, whom you must beat in order to continue.


To continue the task, fight and destroy the Fabricator as well as any remaining opponents.


After you’ve destroyed the Fabricator, you’ll see a power line nearby, which you may blast to finish the current task and open the next.

Rewards for the Plan Mission


The last and last portion of Moxxi’s Heist will be unlocked once you complete the Jack’s Wild quest, and you will get a monetary reward of 69,360.



  • Because the majority of your opponents will be robots, it’s a good idea to carry corrosive and high-damage weaponry.
  • Even though robots are protected, they have weak places where you may fire them for extra damage.
  • When robots attack you, being out in the open may get you killed; instead, take shelter and outwit them since they move slowly and can be stupid at times.
  • The Fabricator’s assaults are readily avoidable, making it simple to counter and defeat.

Jack’s Wild Mission Walkthrough is a series of videos created by JackFrags that show the player how to complete Borderlands 3 missions. Reference: borderlands 3 jack hologram locations.

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