In this guide, we’ll be walking you through the mission “Playing with Fire” from Borderlands 3. This is a story mission where you must find and rescue a group of scientists who have been kidnapped by the bandits on Pandora.

The borderlands 3 playing with fire is a mission walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3.

Playing With Fire is the second mission in Moxxi’s Heist, and it begins the formal crew collecting phase of the heist. Timothy sends you to recruit Ember, a dancer at the Vice District who would eventually become the gang’s “Firepower.”

Your goal will be to locate Ember in order to recruit her to join the team you and Moxxi are assembling.

Walkthrough of the Mission


Make your way to the waypoint where you’ll board the hyperway to reach the Vice District.


Timothy will open the hyperway for you, but first you must clear the area of the loading robots.


Once all of the loading robots have been sent, wait for Timothy to arrive and open the hyperway, allowing the person in command, known as Pretty Boy, to contact you.


Proceed to the hyperway and activate it to be transported to Vice District, which is a separate part of the casino.


You will arrive at The Velvet Shuffle after utilizing the hyperway, where you must follow the waypoint to meet Ember.


Fight your way through the neighborhood until you reach the area where the performers are looking for Ember.


Shelly, the first performer, is presently performing for several bandits, whom you will kill shortly in order to speak with her.


Shelly will direct you to Trent, who will then instruct you to talk with Shiny Hunk, who will deliver an Ember message to you.


Ember will ask you to do a job for her, which is to obtain and deliver her welcome present to a particular place.


After picking up Ember’s welcoming present, go to the waypoint, which will lead you to a location with a Pretty Boy statue.


Remove the opponents from the area and go to the Pretty Boy statue to put the welcoming present.


After a little time, a minor explosion will occur, and the statue will be set on fire, with Ember thanking you and instructing you to meet up with her.


Follow the waypoint to Foxxxi’s, which looks to be a bar and irritates Moxxi for blatantly imitating her.


After you’ve defeated all of the opponents in the bar, Ember will emerge, allowing you to recruit her to your crew.

A cinematic will play once you’ve defeated the final opponent, presenting Ember.

Mission Reward for Playing With Fire


You’ll get approximately 69,360 coins and an amazing shield mod if you complete the Playing With Fire task.



  • Instead of rushing through too many opponents, which may get daunting if surrounded, battle your way to each waypoint.
  • Because there will be bandits and robots throughout the expedition, corrosive and incendiary weapons are recommended.
  • Some places may need to be cleared, so make sure you have enough of ammo on hand.

In this walkthrough, you will learn how to complete the borderlands 3 impound lot mission. The mission is a story-based quest for those who have completed all of Borderlands 2’s campaign missions.

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