Borderlands 3 is one of the most anticipated games of 2019, and with good reason. The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s a co-op loot shooter that has players fighting against hordes of enemies to collect rare weapons and gear for their characters.

The borderlands 3 tips and tricks 2021 is a list of 15 tips that will help you improve your gameplay. It includes things like how to use the gyroscope, as well as general advice for new players.

Borderlands 3 has a lot in store for us, but like with the other games in the series, we sometimes forget the basics and wind up having trouble sooner or later.

Whether you are new to the game or have played previous games, there are a few key points to remember.

Here are 15 Borderlands 3 tips that can dramatically enhance your performance.

1) Participate in a side mission

As you advance through the game, you’ll find that your level is typically lower than your opponents’, which may be difficult for certain players.

Side missions are a fantastic method to catch up on the level of the opponents you’re up against while also rewarding you for your efforts.

Try to complete all of the side tasks you come across in order to advance in the game and earn a little more cash, since this may make a big difference later on and is a fantastic way to get started.

Also, have a look at the other BL3 guides.

2) Complete the Bonus Goals


Some missions will offer you the option of performing what you were assigned to do or completing the job in a different manner.

Missions with two goals, one of which is optional, may be an excellent opportunity to gain extra prizes by completing the mission using the optional approach.

You will always earn extra for your efforts if you choose to complete the additional goals instead of simply finishing the task the regular manner.

3) Take whatever you can.


Borderlands 3 is chock-full of treasure, and the easiest way to acquire it is to leave no stone unturned, or, to put it another way, open every storage container.

Take the time to examine any loot container you come across, particularly chests, since you may discover money and equipment that you may use or store for later.

Looting and obtaining equipment that you do not need allows you to make money indefinitely by just selling the items that you do not require.

Looting and selling, followed by improving your bag so you can carry more, is a fantastic method to make a lot of money. Repeat until you have more money than you need.

4) Make a plan for your construction.


Because your character will profit from the way you construct them, the way you design them will largely decide how difficult or easy the game will be.

To ensure that you can get the most out of your skill build and utilize it effectively, choose the appropriate talents and stick to the weapons that fit your skill build.

Make sure to read your talents so you can plan out your next step and create a strategy for what you want to level up. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake; you’ll be able to forgive yourself afterwards, but it’s preferable to plan ahead to save time and money.

5) Put money aside for a rainy day


You should make a lot of money from all the looting and selling as you advance, but be careful not to spend it all on frivolous items.

You don’t need to buy a weapon every time you encounter a tougher enemy; instead, you may depend on looting or drops from stronger opponents.

When you save money early on, you’ll have a lot more money later on when you truly need it.

6) Concentrate on Upgrading


You may increase your weapon’s ammunition capacity as well as the various spaces for your goods, such as your bag, loaded weapons, and so on.

Early on, upgrading is a smart investment since you can carry more goods to sell later or remain in combat longer because you don’t run out of ammunition as often.

Focusing on upgrading may save you time by reducing the number of journeys back and forth to sell things and replenish ammunition.

7) Carry a variety of weapons


In Borderlands 3, you can carry whatever kind of weapon you choose, although it’s a good idea to bring a variety of weaponry.

When you carry weapons of the same kind, they use the same amount of ammunition, leaving you with no backup or a quicker ammo consumption.

Having a variety of weapons will enable you to remain on the battlefield for longer, allowing you to fight longer and avoid running out of ammunition.

You may be more efficient in battles and swap when you run out since you employ various kinds and each consume different ammo.

8) Get to Know Your Equipment


It’s important to understand your equipment, so check to see whether your guns have various firing modes and how to utilize them.

When you’re fighting opponents, the damage kinds of your weapons may make a big difference since certain damage types deal greater damage against specific sorts of enemies.

Checking your grenades and class modifications to see what you have that may assist you with your build and playstyle is a smart method to remain one step ahead and get an edge.

9) Always have ammo on hand.


In Borderlands 3, ammo is very essential since if you run out, you’ll have to turn to another weapon or perhaps melee to survive.

Scavenging for ammunition in the middle of a combat isn’t a good idea, and it’s better to replenish before a fight or a mission to prevent issues with running out of ammo.

10) Fight For Your Life Should Be Strategic


Whether we are reckless and rush towards opponents or are overpowered by tougher foes, we eventually run out of health and are knocked down.

You should immediately figure out what you’re going to do during this moment, or even before it occurs, such as reposition yourself and choose an opponent to kill, so you can bounce back for a second wind.

Anticipating what will happen and properly planning your next action may drastically alter the outcome of most situations.

11) Make the Most of Your Environment


Borderlands 3 has a lot of explosives, and utilizing them to your advantage may help you take down opponents quickly and perhaps save your life.

Targeting explosive barrels or items that may be shot at and produce a burst of a certain element in a given region can be a highly smart method to battle.

12) Double-check your map at all times


The places you explore and have tasks in may be large, and you may find yourself traveling in the wrong way while attempting to find the marker.

Always check the map to make sure you’re on the correct track, since this may save you a lot of time if you have to turn around.

Checking the map for stations that you need will also help you avoid having to return to specific locations quickly.

13) Be Aware of Crew Challenges


Crew Challenges are a wonderful way to earn prizes, and completing them is typically simpler than you would think. You could even accomplish some without realizing it.

Remember to equip weapons or do activities that will assist you in completing crew tasks so you may earn additional prizes with little to no work.

14) Take a look at The Lost Loot Machine


When you forget about stuff and leave it behind, it usually ends up in the Lost Loot Machine, where you may get it for free.

This is an excellent method to check for any important treasure you may have missed since you didn’t have enough room to transport it.

15) Steal Vehicles from Opponents


You’ll ultimately need to use vehicles, which may be quite useful while traveling and battling opponents in wide areas.

The great thing about Borderlands 3 cars is that they can be improved, and one of the methods to upgrade them, or to put it another way, acquire the components to alter them, is to take enemy vehicles.

Stealing an enemy vehicle with modifications that your own vehicle lacks and bringing it to the Catch-A-Ride for scanning will unlock components for you to utilize.



Borderlands 3 is a great game to play, but it can be difficult at times, and whether you’re new to the game or its prior installments, keeping these ideas in mind may make a big difference in your experience.

Remember to keep the suggestions in mind so you don’t run into any problems later on and can continue to enjoy the game without becoming stuck for the smallest of reasons.

The borderlands 3 arms race tips is a list of 15 tips that will help you improve your gameplay.

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