The Ark Vulture is a flying mount in Ark: Survival Evolved. It can be tamed by players with the required level of 100 and above, which will allow them to fly around at a speed of 80% faster than walking on foot.

The ark vulture taming tips is a guide that will help you tame the Ark Vulture. It includes information on what abilities it has, how to breed them, and other information such as where to find it in the game.

The Torgos Arcam is a unique species that lived during the early Pleistocene era and eats carrion. It is gentle at times yet violent when it comes near food.

Due to their docile nature that becomes violent in the presence of corpses, this species is without a doubt one of the weirdest birds you’ll come across.

Vultures typically fly about searching for food, attempting to kill anything that assaults one of their type before eating the bodies.

A vulture will not attack survivors on sight and can even be fed to be domesticated, but if there are dead animals around, these birds of prey become hostile and will follow and kill anything it believes is seeking their meal.

Vultures are used by most tribes because of their capacity to attack opponents while riding their horses.


Summary of the dossier

This Torgos looks a lot like the Lappet-Faced Vulture and spends much of its time in comparable habitats like deserts and other places where it may scavenge.

Vultures are generally on the lookout for food, and if they discover a body, they will become hostile against anyone that they believe would steal their meal.

The greater the number of Vultures in a pack, the more confident they seem to be in attacking their prey.

While these animals are too tiny to carry things or ride, they can offer an excellent form of protection for their owners and can even preserve perishables in good condition for longer than conventional storage methods.

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Look for it (Passive)


Vultures will defend their masters by attacking hostiles who provoke their rage, which may lead them to attack individuals who are mounted on other animals.



The Vulture can store perishables in its additional stomach and will try to collect from surrounding corpses if it comes into touch with its master.

When mounted on their owner’s shoulder, these animals will fight opponents, and if tossed, they will follow them.

Damage Dealer is a character in the film Damage Dealer

While Vultures do not do a lot of damage to bigger animals, they have a tendency of targeting riders rather than the beasts themselves, which may alter the result of some battles.

What is the best way to tame a vulture?AKVUL-4

Vultures are passively tamed and will need to be fed until their taming bar is full. However, any corpses around will lead it to become hostile, so be cautious.


Other Snacks

  • Meat that has been spoiled
  • Raw Meat
  • Meat from a Raw Fish


It’s impossible to get rid of

Because the Vulture cannot be ridden, it lacks a saddle, although it may be carried on your shoulder.



The female Vulture will lay a Fertilized Vulture Egg after mating, which has a navy blue body and cyan markings.


Resources taken from the body of a vulture


Vultures are typically found in deserts, although they have also been seen on rocky terrain and at the foot of mountains.

The Vulture spawns on the following maps:

Location of Vulture Spawn:

The Vulture may be found in the following spawn maps. Map (Scorched Earth) Scorched Earth Scorched Earth Scorched Earth Scorched Earth Scorched Earth Scorched_ Map Ragnarok (Ragnarok)


It would be a mistake to come across a bunch of Vultures feasting on corpses, since they can quickly rip a survivor to pieces, particularly if they are unprepared.

When left alone, these animals don’t seem to pose much of a danger, but some tribes have tamed them in flocks and even bred them to become pilot-killing birds of prey.

Another reason survivors might seek out Vultures is that they may offer ruined meat when their carcasses are taken, making them a temporary source of spoiled meat.

The ark vulture food is a guide for the Ark Vulture. This guide will give you information on what they eat, their abilities, taming, breeding, drops and more.

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