Borderlands 3 is the latest installment in the popular first-person shooter video game series developed by Gearbox Software. The game was released on September 13, 2019 and has been met with a great deal of anticipation and hype from players and critics alike.

The borderlands 3 pandora’s next top mouthpiece stuck is a problem that has been present for a while. Borderlands 3 players have found many ways to fix the issue, but none of them seem to work.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Pandora is a planet.
  • Ascension Bluff is a place in the United States.
  • 31st level

The Calypso twins are holding tryouts to choose who will be the replacement Mouthpiece, which you murdered on Pandora not long ago.

Your goal will be to participate in the tryouts in order to prevent Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece from being crowned.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Identifying Entry Requirements


After receiving the assignment from Ellie, quickly go to Ascension Bluff, the location of the mission, and follow the waypoint to the entrance criteria.


Make your way to the entrance requirements area, where you’ll discover a list of what the Calypso twins have demanded of individuals who want to join.


Once you’ve completed the entrance criteria stated on the “Information ECHO,” the following goals will appear, and you’ll be given the job of collecting all of the things specified.

Obtain Entry Items


Make sure you have a car before you leave since you will need to go to three separate places, each of which can be reached in a short period of time if you have a vehicle.

The War Pig’s Trophy


A trophy from War Pig, who is believed to have a strong rig that you must fight off, is one of the things you will need to acquire.


As it seems, War Pig’s steering wheel is in the water; he may not have spawned or may have already been killed.

The Banner of the Hammerclan


One of the things you’ll need is the Hammerclan flag, which can be found at The Sty, a bandit outpost in the region.


You’ll need to climb all the way to the top and around to the front of the building to collect the banner.


Grab the banner and go to the other objects to gather them all and continue on with the quest.

Puttergunk’s Strongbox: Loot


One of the final items stated as something you should acquire was a random item from Puttergunk’s strongbox that isn’t specified but will be found later.

Later on, you’ll find yourself at Puttergunk’s Perch, where the artifact is kept, and you’ll have to fight your way past several bandits to get there.


There will be a tiny hut at the end of the area that is secured by an electronic latch that must be powered.


Follow the cable to a target that must be fired in order to provide electricity to the electronic lock that will unlock the door.


After you’ve shot the target, you’ll be able to go inside and unlock Puttergunk’s Strongbox to loot it.


Take the Puttergunk’s Prize Gunk inside after opening Puttergunk’s strongbox and then exit the location.

Getting Ready For The Event


Make your way to the Holy Broadcast Center, where the ceremony for the new Mouthpiece will be conducted, after collecting all of the entrance materials.


Fight your way inside, through any opponents you may come across, and to the waypoint where the new Mouthpiece is waiting.

Getting Rid of The New Mouthpiece


Continue along the road that leads to where you battled the last Mouthpiece, as you will now have to fight and kill the new one.


Once you’ve dispatched the new Mouthpiece, go to the stairwell, where a waypoint will be placed indicating his Organ instrument.


To get access to a hidden chamber containing containers and treasure, including a crimson chest, play Mouthpiece’s organ.

Getting the Mission Done


Return to Ellie by fast traveling back to Sanctuary after you’ve finished plundering the hidden chamber.


To finish the task and get the rewards for completing the assignment, speak with Ellie.

Pandora’s Next Great Mouthpiece Will Reward You


The Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece quest will pay you approximately $8,053 if you complete it.



  • Bring a car with you so you can get about fast since you’ll need to pick up three separate things before heading over to the Holy Broadcast Center.
  • If the opponents are close to your level, kill as many as you can; otherwise, ignore them if they don’t give any experience.
  • The new mouthpiece will be similar to the one you used when you first started out, but it will be of a better quality.

The kill (brand new mouthpiece glitch) is a bug in Borderlands 3. It has been present since the game was released and can be exploited to give players a brand-new mouthpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Pandoras Next Top Mouthpiece mission?

The next top mouthpiece mission is a timed event that occurs every 3 hours where the player must kill 100 enemies with their mouth.

How do you beat a mouthpiece?

This is a difficult question. It would be best to ask someone who has experience playing the mouthpiece.

How do you get the War Pig Trophy?

The War Pig Trophy is earned by completing the game on hard difficulty.

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