Borderlands 3 is the newest game in the series. It has a lot of new content and features, but it also has some old ones that are still present. This guide will give you everything you need to know about how to kill, location, drops and attacks in this game.

The borderlands 3 jackpot boss location is the name of a guide that gives new players information on how to kill, location, drops and attacks.

Pretty Boy has been attempting to eliminate you since you initially started the robbery and freed Timothy, and when the two of you eventually meet during the All Bets Off operation, he attempts to even the odds by bringing his mech.

Based on the appearance, the mech seems to have been designed just for Handsome Jack, and given Handsome Jack’s high standards, you can anticipate the mech to be very intimidating.


After defeating Freddie The Traitor, you will confront Pretty Boy, who is flying the Jackpot mech in the location where Timothy is being kept.

The space is big enough for the mech to battle in, but the minimal amount of cover makes you an obvious target.

Pretty Boy And His Mech“Jackpot” Fight & Kill


Jackpot will be sluggish at first, but will eventually start shooting laser bursts and rockets, as well as attempting to rush towards you.


Your speed and ability to avoid most of Jackpot’s strikes will be your advantage against him, since they are all very sluggish and can be dealt with by finding tiny cover, leaping, sliding, or just fleeing to the side.


When Jackpot’s health is exhausted, Pretty Boy will be given the option of having the mech repaired, which he will accept three times.

This, however, becomes too costly for him, and after the third time you drain all of Jackpot’s health, Pretty Boy will no longer be able to pay.


Although Pretty Boy is unable to pay for the emergency repair, he is given one more alternative, which, to his astonishment, is an emergency plan that takes your blood rather than your money.

The final health bar will be crimson, with red vein-like tubes visible, which are most likely what was taken from Pretty Boy.

The battle will be over after Jackpot’s red health bar has been depleted.



Jackpot’s weak point, despite being a sophisticated mech, is its head, which may be targeted for critical damage.

Attacks of Note

Hand-held lasers


Jackpot will fire lasers from his hands, doing constant damage, although they are sluggish and may be easily dodged by going to the side or leaping over them.



If the mech completes its spinning finale, it will rush forward and try to crash into you, causing incendiary damage in the area.

You may avoid this by shifting your position or slipping away from him as he prepares to perform the dash.

Blast of the palms


Jackpot may fire blasts with one or both hands that inflict area damage and travel significantly quicker than normal missiles.

It is still possible to avoid being struck, but the closer you are to Jackpot, the more likely you are to get hit.

Several Lasers


Jackpot fires several lasers that go straight in one direction and get more deadly as you get closer to it.

You can watch how the lasers grow and easily avoid them by keeping an eye on their path.

Salvo of Rockets


Jackpot will launch multiple rockets at you as you crouch, each of which will inflict heavy explosive damage.

This assault may take a few seconds, so locate anything to hide behind or remain fully mobile to avoid being struck by running or sidestepping in a new direction.

Tornado with a high level of incendiary potential


Jackpot swirls about like a flaming tornado, causing heat to build and grow everywhere around it.

It’s difficult to dodge if you’re too near, although those with a strong shield or some resistance don’t take as much damage.

Fist Slam


Jackpot will use more melee attacks, like as its ground slam, during the last phase, when the health meter is red.

It will charge up a punch as it approaches or hovers above you, then launch a smash strike on the ground where you are standing.

Run out of the path as soon as it starts charging to prevent this.

Lasers for the eyes


Jackpot fires a laser from its eyes instead of shooting from its hands, and it aims at you in the same manner, trying to follow you with the laser for a short period.

Continue sprinting in a different direction or sidestepping out of the laser’s path to prevent injury.

Kick Sliding


Jackpot will hover in the air for a brief period before launching a sliding kick that will inflict damage if you are close by or directly struck.

To avoid this, get out of the path as soon as Jackpot begins to charge.

Drops of Note


When it is destroyed, it will drop a large sum of money, as well as a chance for common to epic gear, as well as a chance for legendary gear.


When Jackpot is killed, there’s a good possibility he’ll drop the famous submachine pistol “Cheap Tips.”



  • If you are unprepared, Jackpot may inflict a lot of damage, so make sure you have a strong shield and several high-damage weapons.
  • Using corrosive weaponry at the start and an incendiary weapon at the conclusion of the game may help melt Jackpot and destroy it quickly.
  • For those who can predict the course of the assaults, they may simply escape them by facing Jackpot and sidestepping left or right or sprinting in that direction.

The jackpot bot is a helpful tool for players of Borderlands 3. It provides information about the locations, drops, and attacks for all levels of enemies in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you kill the pretty boy in Borderlands 3?

You can use a grenade launcher or shoot him with a shotgun.

How do you beat the jackpot?

It is possible to beat the jackpot, but it is very difficult. You must have a high score on each song and then win the jackpot by getting an average of over 500 points per song.

How many times do you have to kill jackpot?

This is a very difficult question to answer. The jackpot can be killed infinitely, but it would take an extremely long time to do so.

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