Borderlands 3 is the latest game in the series, and it’s a lot of fun. This guide will cover everything you need to know about how to kill, location, drops, and attacks in this game.

The shiv drops borderlands 3 is a weapon in the game Borderlands 3. This guide will show you how to find, kill, and obtain this weapon.

Shiv is a boss that appears as a mutant bandit with more health and greater attacks. He is faced during the Children Of The Vault Mission.

His look is identical to that of other bandits, with the exception that he has a deformed smaller left arm and seems to have been sewn across his chest.


You battle Shiv in the Children Of The Vault quest while trying to clear out the propaganda center and rescue Claptrap, who has challenged Shiv to a “Trial By Combat” in which you must fight as his champion while he is trapped on the huge magnet.

Shiv vs. Shiv vs. Shiv vs. Shiv


Shiv is simply a monster who you fight at the beginning of the game, so he shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with. You can easily deal with him by running and gunning.

He’ll rush at you repeatedly, attempting to strike you at close range or using his slam attack to knock you out.

Keep a fair gap between you and him throughout the battle since he will hit you with melee strikes and even a more powerful spin attack if you stay too near to him.


When Shiv is charging towards you, shoot the electrical equipment and bursting barrels surrounding the area to inflict extra damage to him as well as a significant amount of damage over time.



Shiv’s weak point, like that of other bandits and humanoid foes, is his head, which will result in a critical hit if you shot him while aiming at it.

Shooting him in the head will temporarily knock him out, enabling you to fire additional bullets at him or perhaps land a melee strike before reloading.

Attacks of Note



Keep an eye out for his slam strike, which enables him to narrow the gap between you and him while battling.

He’ll leap into the air and smash against the ground, sending a wave of damage and pushing you or your friends into the air.

This may be avoided by simply sprinting or leaping to the side of the wave that follows his smash strike.

Attack of the Spine


Shiv has a spin move that does somewhat more damage than his regular strike, but you may dodge it by not letting him to get too near to you.

Most of the time, moving backwards or out of the path will cause this strike to miss, saving you from suffering needless damage.

Drops of Note


Shiv almost always drops a common weapon and some ammunition, and hasn’t been known to drop anything recently since this is typically the start of the tale.



  • Shiv isn’t difficult to take down; just aim and shoot at him, aiming for headshots to inflict the most damage.
  • Being mobile throughout the fight will help you avoid receiving a lot of damage, and using the sliding motion to put distance between you and Shiv will also assist.

The borderlands 3 boss locations map is a guide that provides information about the location, attacks, and drops of each boss in Borderlands 3.

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