Borderlands 3 is an action-role playing game. It was released on September 13, 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

This is a walkthrough for the borderlands 3 swamp bro glitch in Borderlands 3.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Eden-6 is a planet.
  • Reliance is located in the Floodmoor Basin.
  • 27th level

Chad, a stunt enthusiast, wants your assistance with some new feats and has requested you to join him while he does them.

Your goal is to assist Chad in doing some badass feats that will take things to a whole new level as he responds to the call of danger.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Boxing of the Saurians


Chad wants to start with a stunt dubbed Saurian Boxing, which basically means he’ll go head to head with saurians unarmed.

To lure the saurians, he’ll need your assistance killing grogs so he can spread their slime all over himself, since he says saurians like eating them.


Kill a lot of grogs in the tiny area indicated by the waypoint so they drop grog guts, which you need to gather.


Bring three grog guts back to Chad so he may smother himself in them to lure the saurians.


Go to Chad and give him the grog guts you’ve gathered, then watch as he applies it to himself as if it were lotion.


Follow Chad to the saurian nest where the Saurian Boxing will take place after he’s finished greasing himself with grog guts.


Chad will be knocked down and down for the count the minute the saurians arrive, but he will still be ecstatic with his act.


To assist Chad complete his slightly unsuccessful attempt and go on to the next stunt, kill the saurian in the area.


After you’ve defeated all of the saurians, go over to Chad and revive him so he may move on to his next dangerous action.

Keep an eye on Chad.


Return to Chad’s side as he returns to Reliance to plot his next prank, which you will ostensibly be dragged along with.


As he claims to be practicing parkour, Chad will leap off a cliff and climb up a building just to fall back down again, and it is up to you to follow him or simply remain close till he goes for the next big stunt.


Chad will come to a halt and begin producing a ringing sound, which he will wait for you to respond like a distress call, and you must speak with him before he goes on.

Base Jump is a badass move.


Chad will announce his next stunt, the Badass Base Leap, and will jump to a neighboring cliff after obeying the call of danger.


You will next go to the Lover’s Leap location, where you will be able to see Chad’s Badass Bass Jump.


Chad will scream and make his leap once you’re in place, which will clearly hurt him again later.


Leap down to Chad’s location so you may once again assist him while also getting a thrill out of the jump.


Chad will be knocked out again, and you’ll have to resuscitate him before the two of you can go on to his last trick.

The Boosty Jammer is a character in the game Boosty Jammer.


Chad’s last trick will need him to alter the neighboring lift and equip it with rocket boosters, since it is much too sluggish for him.


Take several of the gasoline cans that are laying about and gather all three of them in the area by going to the neighboring shacks.


When you return to the lift, position the fuel cans such that when they are triggered, they will power up the lift, allowing Chad to do his last trick.


Chad will get atop the Boosty Jammer and advise you to keep an eye on it, but it will not activate.


Chad will advise you to simply fire the igniter to initiate the lift if the Boosty Jammer fails.

Chad also says that you should go to his stash for a prize after the jump.

If you simply damage the igniter with a grenade, you can really be launched up with Chad on the Boosty Jammer.


If you decide to join in, the Boosty Jammer will rocket Chad and you into the air.


You won’t be able to see where Chad lands since he just vanishes, so you’ll have to go to his cache to discover what he’s left for you.


Return to the waypoint, where the case that was previously locked will now be opened, allowing you to obtain the righteous treasure that Chad mentioned.


You’ll find an Extreme Hangin’ Chadd weapon inside, which you’ll need to finish the task.

Mission Reward for Swamp Bros


You will get approximately 5,117 dollars as well as the “Extreme Hangin’ Chadd” weapon that was in the container before after finishing the Swamp Bro task.



  • Chad will mostly need your assistance in reviving him and assisting him in injuring himself, so stay close to him and avoid straying off to complete the task as quickly as possible.
  • There will be several fairly powerful bandits in the area while collecting the fuel cans for the Boosty Jammer, but you can either run away or kill them as they leave the shacks.
  • You may either ride the Jumpy Booster to get to Reliance quicker or simply fast travel after the last leap.

The Borderlands 3 swamp bro walkthrough is a walkthrough for the game, Borderlands 3. It’s written by an author who goes by the name of swamp bro. Reference: swamp bro go to lover’s leap.

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