Borderlands 3 is the latest installment in the popular game series, and it has been met with much anticipation. The game takes place on Pandora, a planet that has been taken over by bandits. Players are tasked with taking down these bandits and reclaiming their land.

The borderlands 3 takedown at maliwan solo is a difficult task that requires skill and practice.

  • Takedown Mission is a kind of mission (Raid)
  • Midnight’s Cairn is a location in Midnight’s Cairn.

Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite is Borderlands 3’s first Takedown or raid assignment, and it serves as one of the game’s first endgame raids for players to complete.

Maliwan has been working on an unique unit, a huge robot capable of terrible damage, which must be eliminated, according to Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite.

Your goal is to battle your way through the Maliwan base and facility, eventually reaching and destroying their creation.

Walkthrough of the Mission

How to Get to the Maliwan Blacksite


To begin the task, go to Sanctuary and locate the console, which will grant you the Discovery: Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite mission, which will subsequently grant you entrance to Midnight’s Cairn.


You may begin the exploration assignment like you would any other side quest to prepare for the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite objective later on.


Midnight’s Cairn will become accessible as a destination after the quest has been accepted, and you may now travel Sanctuary to it.


When Sanctuary has arrived in Midnight’s Cairn, go to the drop pod and utilize it to be sent to the surface, where you will begin your raid.


The discovery mission will be accomplished after you’ve been taken down by drop pod, and you may then go on to the takedown mission.

Additionally, arriving to Midnight’s Cairn will reward you with a sum of money equal to or around 20,808 dollars.

Getting Into The Facility


You and your friends will find themselves in a more abandoned region of the globe after you get at Midnight’s Cairn, and you’ll have to start from there.


Inside the complex, you’ll discover vending machines where you may load up on supplies before launching your attack on the perimeter.


When you’re ready, walk to the door and press the button indicated by a waypoint to begin the takedown and open the door for you to pass through.


As you approach the indicated waypoint, you will first find yourself outside of the facility, where the Maliwan are battling numerous ratch.

Use this to your advantage to get close to the Maliwan facility’s outer defenses and push ahead to obtain access.


A forcefield will block a gate, which will be turned off after you’ve slain three Maliwan guards who are stationed on the wall and shooting at anything beyond the complex.


Fight your way through the opposing troops and clear the base to reach the waypoint guarded by a forcefield, which will be removed after you’ve killed the Kraken, a robot that appears once a significant number of opponents have been eliminated and as you approach the big gate.


Fight the Kraken until it’s fully destroyed so you may finish the task, and the forcefield around it will deactivate once it’s gone.


After the forcefield has been deactivated, go to the waypoint, passing via the Tritanium Receiving Dock, which will also contain vending machines for you to replenish your supplies.


To continue with the task, take the elevator at the end of the hall down to the second section of the quest.

When you’re up against the Valkyrie Squad, you’re in for a fight.


As the elevator descends, you will find yourself in the Nest Of The Valkyries, an open area with three mechs that must be defeated in order to continue.


Each Valkyrie will attack you at first, then back off if you do enough damage to them, while generating opponents for a few times before completely engaging you.


Deal enough damage to the Valkyries and eliminate all of the foes they summon until the Valkyries are destroyed.

Getting Over The Bridge


Following the battle with the Valkyrie Squad, you will go to Katagawa’s Reach, where vending machines will once again be available for replenishment.

Proceed ahead and engage the side switch to deactivate a forcefield, allowing you to proceed to the next section of the quest.


Continue walking towards the waypoint on your map, which will lead you to a huge bridge where you must first take out all of the attackers before continuing.

Clear out all of the opponents until there are none left, then follow the waypoint to the end of the bridge to the entrance to the next section.


Be careful to eliminate the powerful heavy troops in the region where the forcefield was just deactivated before moving on to the next location.

Face-to-face with Waton


If you keep walking towards the waypoint, you’ll eventually arrive inside the Mechanized Warfare Development Labs, where vending machines will allow you to restock one final time.


Proceed to the waypoint where there will be an opening, which, like earlier locations in the game, indicates that a boss battle is on the way, so be ready to face the mission’s boss.


After a brief cinematic presenting the quest boss, Wotan The Invincible, the battle will commence.

The monster will instantly launch a barrage of assaults at you, including long-range missiles that you must dodge.


Continue battling Wotan The Invincible and the other monsters in the area until it is destroyed, at which point the quest will complete and you will be able to loot all of the items that have been dropped in the region.

Mission Rewards for Defeating the Maliwan Blacksite


You will be awarded with approximately 104,040 coins and will be allowed to look at any of the goods that have fallen in the area after Wotan The Invincible has been destroyed.



  • Try to take out the tougher opponents first, or reserve a few lesser adversaries so you can have a second wind in case you get knocked out.
  • Unless you’re stuck with a very powerful physical weapon, bring several elemental weapons for the boss and some of the opponents.
  • If you want to use elemental weapons to battle the boss and other opponents, make sure you have shock, corrosive, and incendiary for each of the enemy health kinds so you can quickly kill them.
  • Avoid rushing into a battle because your opponents may overwhelm you and kill you.
  • It’s a good idea to switch to a more durable build instead of focusing only on delivering damage, since survivability is crucial for finishing this task.

The borderlands 3 takedowns list is a list of the enemies that you can kill in Borderlands 3. It’s important to know who they are, because some enemies will drop rare items when killed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get maliwan takedown in Borderlands 3?

Maliwan is a manufacturer of weapons and technology in the Borderlands universe. The companys name has been used as a derogatory term for their products.

What is true takedown mode maliwan blacksite?

True Takedown is a mode in Black Ops 4 which allows you to take down other players without being detected.

Can you solo maliwan takedown?

No, I cannot.

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