Borderlands 3 is a brand new game that released on September 13, 2018. It has been highly anticipated for years and it has finally arrived! The first thing you’ll notice about this game is the stunning graphics. There are so many details in each character’s design, it’s hard to take them all in at once.

The borderlands 3 taking flight door won’t open is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3.

Following the Cult Following Mission, Lilith examines the vault map but detects a flaw and will need you to take it to her Eridian expert for examination, followed by the Crimson Raiders preparing to leave Pandora.

You’ll be charged with delivering the vault map to the Eridian specialist, as well as assisting Ellie with the preparations for a ship that will transport you and the Crimson Raider off of Pandora.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Going to the Excavation Site


Take a ride from the Catch-A-Ride to get to the dig site quicker, or walk if you prefer and follow the waypoint.


Because the route to the dig site is limited, you’ll have to continue on foot until you reach the waypoint.

Getting to know Tannis


Once you’ve arrived at the dig site, approach the structure and wait for Tannis, the Eridian expert/researcher, to emerge from her tiny research facility.


Tannis will ask you to give over the Vault Map after a brief conversation, which she will examine within her research facility.


Tannis will inform you that while you’re waiting, you may start looting around the area, which is a smart idea, particularly if you’re short on ammo.

Defend Tannis as well as the map.


Bandits will assault your camp shortly after you finish looting the region, or even while you are still looting.

You’ll have to fight them off while you wait for Lilith to come and assist you, which will happen once you’ve killed a specific amount of bandits.


Once Lilith arrives, the two of you will battle off the remaining bandits until the area is safe.

The Vault Map Is Being Analyzed


Tannis will disclose that the Vault Map has been damaged, but there is still a clue in the map that directs you and the Crimson Raiders to a new location, Promethia.

At the Drydock, there will be a meeting.


You will be told to meet everyone in the drydock where Ellie has been working on a ship for the Crimson Raiders to utilize for their travels after the debate on the next destination for the Crimson Raiders.


When you arrive to the drydock, Lilith and Ellie will use Lilith’s siren abilities to teleport to the site, and you will have a short conversation before being assigned your next job.

Biofuel Collection


Your next job will be to assist Ellie in preparing the spacecraft for departure, which will need the collection of biofuel and an Astronav Chip.


To gather biofuel, you must utilize Ellie’s special car, which is designed to collect biofuel by running over opponents and converting them into the required biofuel.

Take the truck and run over opponents, and despite Ellie’s description of bandits and skags, you may also come across biological enemies.

To gather enough biofuel, you’ll need to run over a total of 10 opponents to meet your requirement.

How to Get an Astronav Chip


The Astronav Chip is found in a tunnel leading to a bandit camp, where you may grab it without having to battle all of the opponents in the region.


Fight your way inside the cave and look for the waypoint that marks the Astronav Chip’s position.


Take the Astronav Chip from one of the gadgets in the bandit camp and either wipe out the remaining opponents or return to your car.

You’ll need to return to the drydocks with both the biofuel rig and the Astronav Chip, so instead of rushing back or obtaining another vehicle, return for the vehicle.

Providing Fuel To The Ship


Return to the drydocks and disassemble the biofuel rig at the specified area to begin the fuelling procedure.


Once the biofuel has been put into the ship, carry on with the task by heading to Lilith’s location.


There will be an explosion, followed by a cinematic showing Lilith being ambushed and requiring your assistance.

Lilith’s Rescue


Head in the other direction and follow the waypoint to a lift that will transport you to the other side, where Lilith is downed.

Continue following the waypoint to the location where Lilith is fallen so that you may come to her aid.


Once you’ve found Lilith, take out all of the opponents in the area, but be aware that there will be a swarm of bandits chasing you.


After you’ve dispatched all of the bandits, return to Lilith, who is still downed, and revive her to complete the quest.


After assisting Lilith to her feet, she will go aboard the ship, and you must proceed to Ellie to speak with her.

Ellie will give you the Astronav Chip and instruct you to keep it for the time being until the mission is over.

The Sanctuary mission will become active after this one is finished, and it will be your next major assignment.

Mission Reward for Taking Flight


After completing the Taking Flight task, you will get an amazing handgun as well as 530 Cash, and a new vehicle identical to the one you just drove will be unlocked.



  • When collecting biofuel, keep in mind that there are numerous opponents in the region where you may gather biofuel.
  • If you want to save time, particularly if your level is greater than the opponents in the cave where the Astronav Chip is hidden, just take the chip and flee to avoid battling foes that will not provide you with any experience.
  • In the final battle, be careful to loot along the route in case you run out of ammo, and attempt to take use of cover as well as the items you may fire for explosions or other effects to gain an edge throughout the battle.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The Borderlands 3 Sanctuary walkthrough is a guide for the game Borderlands 3. It includes information on how to complete all of the missions in the game. Reference: borderlands 3 sanctuary walkthrough.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete the flight in Borderlands 3?

To complete the flight in Borderlands 3, you need to jump up and down while holding the left trigger button.

How do I revive my Lilith?

You cant. Lilith was a limited edition character that is no longer available for purchase.

How do I get to the Eridian dig site?

You can find the location of the Eridian dig site by completing a quest that is given to you by an NPC in the game.

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