Borderlands 3 is a loot-filled, fast-paced first person shooter that offers players the opportunity to explore and fight their way through a diverse set of procedurally generated levels.

The borderlands 3 agonizer 9000 glitch is a new weapon that was introduced in the Borderlands 3 update. This guide will show you how to kill, location, drops and attacks of the Agonizer 9000.

The Agonizer 9000 is a boss that appears during the Blood Drive quest and can be found inside the Guts Of Carnivora.

It is a massive robot that will assault you with its heavy steel weaponry and fire attacks while you are free to roam about within the combat arena.

Terror And Pain


The bandits have Tannis, who will be murdered for the pleasure of the Calypso twins’ fans, in the Blood Drive quest.

Pain and Terror are two opponents that control the Agonizer 9000, but once destroyed, they provide no further danger, leaving the Agonizer 9000 as the mission’s primary boss.

To go to the Agonizer 9000, you must first travel to Splinterlands, then to Carnivora, and last to the Guts Of Carnivora.

This will be accessible after you’ve completed the Blood Drive task, since you’ll need to complete everything in order before you can repeat the boss battle.

Defeating and eliminating the Agonizer 9000


When confronting the Agonizer 9000, you will be enclosed in a dome and the arena will be circular, with the Agonizer 9000 remaining in the center but free to spin.

It will release several assaults throughout the battle that may easily strike you, so keep moving or equip yourself with a shield mod to help you resist part of the damage.


The Agonizer 9000 has numerous area of effect strikes that will take a lot of effort to avoid since each assault may still damage you even if it isn’t striking you directly.

The best thing to do is move about and keep an eye out for whatever attack it will use, so you’ll know what type of evasion you’ll need when it uses a different attack later on.


When the Agonizer 9000’s health meter reaches the bottom, you’ll be granted a short rest time during which a hologram of Marcus will appear, giving you chests that you may open for more ammunition and health.


When the yellow health meter is completely drained, the Agonizer 9000 will assault you with its Eridian core.

This is readily harmed and can be destroyed with almost any weapon, but be cautious not to remain in one location for too long since its effects may get very severe if you stay in one area for too long.



When fired at, the Agonizer 9000 will have many tiny fuel tanks connected to him that will cause critical damage.

Once they have received sufficient damage, they will ultimately detonate, temporarily or permanently stopping a certain assault.


A bigger fuel tank may be fired on his back, but you’ll need to be more accurate with your aim or have a good movement speed since it’ll be facing you throughout the battle.

Sliding will typically earn you a couple shots at the gasoline tank on the rear of the vehicle, which can later be held and do a lot of damage.


Another tank towards the bottom portion of its body absorbs critical damage as well, although it may be difficult to strike owing to the sawblade launcher blocking it when it tries to fire at you.

Attacks of Note

Knife of a Giant


Agonizer 9000 will attempt to crush you with its big knife, which it typically carries in its head, with a few chops going in one direction.

You may avoid this attack by timing your dodge or going in the other direction from where Agonizer 9000 is chopping.

Launch of Sawblade


The Agonizer 9000’s body will be blocked by a spiked shield, and it will try to fire a single sawblade-like missile or three at once.

Its health dictates whether it will employ a single projectile or three at a time, with lower health implying more projectiles.

The sawblades will charge up before being fired, allowing you enough time to move out of the path or switch between several sawblades.

Fire on the Floor


Agonizer 9000 may sometimes cause a fire to erupt from the earth, causing widespread destruction.


To avoid this assault, keep a close eye on the ground to observe where the fire will be unleashed so you may flee to a safer location.

Blender (Mega)


The Agonizer 9000 will pull out a chainsaw-like serrated blade and spin it around, holding it at a high or low angle.

You’ll need to leap or crouch/slide to escape the attack if you simply look where it’s being held, since it may inflict a lot of damage.



The Agonizer 9000 uses its left-hand weapon to crush you with a spiked tenderizer, which may kill you immediately if your health and shields aren’t high enough.

When it has it above you, immediately get out of the path since it will only hold it for a few moments before slamming it to the ground.

Drops of Note


The Agonizer 9000 will often drop rare to epic items, with a possibility of dropping legendary items at random.


When killing the Agonizer 9000, there seems to be a significant possibility of getting the “Agonizer 1500,” which is clearly a signature weapon for him owing to the name and similarity to one of its strikes.



  • You can usually predict what assaults Agonizer 9000 will launch based on the lines it speaks or the movement it exhibits.
  • Corrosive weapons may be very damaging to the Agonizer 9000, particularly when used to target its weak areas.
  • Having a decent shield mod may help you survive some of its assaults and turn a difficult battle into a simple one.
  • To offer yourself flexibility and comfort while battling it, try using various weapon types to target his weak areas from different ranges.

The agonizer 9000 loot pool is a guide that has information on the location, drops and attacks of Borderlands 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to kill Agonizer 9000?

You can use a shotgun, and shoot the head.

Can you farm Agonizer 9000?

No, you cannot farm the Agonizer 9000.

Where do you fight the Agonizer 9000?

I fight the Agonizer 9000 in an asteroid field.

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