The Family Jewel mission walkthrough is now available. This guide will help you get through the mission and find all the collectibles and treasures hidden throughout the map.

The the family jewel borderlands 3 locate key fragment bug is a bug that can be found in the game. It’s not a big problem, but it’s worth mentioning.

The Children Of The Vault task is the game’s first mission, and it essentially acts as a tutorial for new players.

You’ve accepted The Siren’s call and ultimately meet Claptrap, who helps you get started. You’ll eventually meet the one who called you and assist the Crimson Raiders get back on their feet.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Playing The Tape


Take the record from Wainwright and play it in his record player to learn what message was left regarding the vault and the vault key fragment.


To continue with the task, go to the waypoint and play the record, which will lead you to another zone.

Getting to the Abundant Canopy


Make your way to the waypoint that will take you to the Voracious Canopy zone, which will be a separate map.


Because the map does not allow for the usage of automobiles, you will have to leave any vehicle behind and continue on foot.


To continue with the task, enter the Voracious Canopy, which will take you to a huge wrecked spacecraft as mentioned in the audio that was played.

Getting to know BALEX


Continue exploring the Voracious Canopy and make your way to the waypoint that will lead you to The Family Jewel.


Along the journey, you’ll come across saurian, and as you get closer to the waypoint, someone will start contacting you and asking for your assistance.


The voice comes from someone who seems to be trapped with a huge tyrant that you must kill in order to complete the assignment.


After slaying the tyrant, a hideous pink plushie will fall to the ground, and a voice will urge you to pick it up, revealing BALEX to be the pink teddy bear.

On My Way To The Jewel


BALEX will assist you in “navigating” your way to The Jewel and will tell you what occurred, including how the ship crashed in the first place.


You must go to a side entrance that is locked, but BALEX will shortly offer you directions on how to get inside despite the fact that it is locked.


Smash the side panel to expose secret cables, which you will then destroy in order to open the side door.


After you’ve removed the panel and destroyed the cables, the door will open and you’ll be able to enter The Jewel.

Getting to Know GenIVIV


As you attempt to enter and go to the location of the vault key fragment, another AI known as GenIVIV, BALEX’s current enemy and former companion, will begin to talk.


GenIVIV will refuse you and BALEX access and will do everything possible to keep you from accessing the vault key fragment.

Getting Around The Jewel


Since you approach the waypoints, pay attention to BALEX’s directions, as he understands the ship thoroughly and out.


BALEX will instruct you to hotwire one of the consoles since one of the closed doors is unavailable to him.


Regardless of how much health and protection you have, you will be knocked down right away, and BALEX will advise you not to worry.

Don’t panic, and don’t force a respawn; assistance will arrive shortly.


A robot will appear to restore you, and you will later try to accompany it so that it can open one of the doors.

BALEX will be refused entrance, which enrages him and prompts him to suggest that you remove its head so that you may put him instead.

The New Body of BALEX


Remove the robot’s head, ideally with a melee strike, and the headless robot should panic.


Place BALEX on the decapitated robot as soon as possible so that he may take control of the body and assist in opening the door.


Continue navigating from room to room using BALEX until you reach the next waypoint, where the vault key is allegedly stored.


You’ll come across a variety of opponents, including a saurian in one location, which you may ignore but is still a valuable source of experience and worth killing to avoid problems.


GenIVIV will block one of the routes that should provide you and BALEX easy access, forcing you and BALEX to take a detour.


BALEX will try to get access to the console, and you must fend off hostile robots sent out by GenIVIV to stop him.

I’m On My Way To The Security Bay


You and BALEX must go to the security bay, where the vault key piece is said to be kept.


BALEX will try to unlock the vault key fragment’s holding doors, which may take a long time.

During this moment, GenIVIV will mimic jabber mating noises, causing a massive swarm of jabbers to assault you.

Keep the attackers at bay until BALEX unlocks the door, which happens when you’ve cleared all the jabbers.


A badass jabber will knock BALEX off of the robot he’s using and deactivate it when the two of you enter the door.

Kill the jabber so you may continue with the objective despite BALEX’s lack of a corpse.

BALEX has a new body.


Pick up BALEX and go to the bridge, where BALEX has devised a plan to acquire yet another body, this time to oppose GenIVIV’s insertion into a Maliwan mech.


The mech will be locked up and held on a crane when you approach the bridge, which you must reach.


Fight your way past the opponents and across to the other side, where there will be boxes to climb in order to leap over to the mech that BALEX plans to use.


Cross the bridge until you reach the mech that BALEX will take command of.


When you’re on top of the container, press the top switch to make the mech container fall.


The container will open up when it falls, and you must then put BALEX on the mech so that he can control it.

You are apparently too short to reach the head, so you will store it in a more private area of the mech.

When it comes to GenIVIV, there are a few things to keep in mind.


After BALEX has acclimated to his new body, he will demonstrate some of its abilities by slaying several foes.


BALEX will, unfortunately, fly away and inform you to meet him where GenIVIV is so the two of you may battle her together.


Make your way to the waypoint that will take you to the battleground where you must defeat GenIVIV.

Vending machines will be available throughout the area, allowing you to replenish on ammo and health.


GenIVIV will greet you and begin babbling about BALEX and how he won’t be able to arrive as planned.


BALEX surprises GenIVIV by bursting through a breach in the ship’s ceiling and knocking off her shield, allowing you to engage in battle.


After that, you and BALEX will battle GenIVIV until her shields are depleted, at which point she will knock BALEX off his mech and leave you to face her alone.


Destroy GenIVIV so you may continue your objective, which may prove difficult due to her tenacity.


After you’ve defeated GenIVIV, you’ll get a bunch of treasure, including the vault key piece.


Gather the vault key piece and any other treasure before searching for BALEX, who should be anywhere on the ground.


Pick up BALEX and prepare to return to Sanctuary to provide Tannis with the vault key piece.

Getting Back To Sanctuary


As soon as you land on Sanctuary, GenIVIV will have seized command of the ship and will intend to take you all the way to Aurelia in return for her own dreadnought.


As you approach the bridge, GenIVIV will cause the service bots onboard Sanctuary to turn against you and the crew, which you must kill.


When BALEX comes up with a plan to get Aurelia out, GenIVIV will start sending the ship back to meet her.


You must go to the console and plug BALEX in so that he may battle GenIVIV and prevent her from commanding the ship and permanently kicking her out.


BALEX will lock GenIVIV in a hard drive, preventing her from causing any more harm and allowing him to assume command of the ship.


Marcus, on the other hand, requests that you bring the hard drive to him since he has a plan for it.


Make your way to Tannis and deliver her the vault key fragment after handing over the hard disk to Marcus.

This will complete the objective and start the Going Rogue mission.

Rewards for the Family Jewel Mission


When you complete The Family Jewel assignment, you will get $5,392 in cash and the rare handgun “Omniloader.”



  • This task may take a long time since the two AIs are fighting, and it’s a good idea to loot the area while they fight.
  • Because there will be numerous opponents aboard the ship, restock whenever you have the opportunity.
  • Bring a corrosive weapon and a shock weapon with you to deal with GenIVIV’s shield and armor.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The borderlands 3 the family jewel door won’t open is a mission in Borderlands 3. It can be found on planet Pandora.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the key fragment in the family jewel mission?

The key fragment is hidden in the family jewel mission, but its not a physical object. You have to find it by solving puzzles which are scattered around the level.

How do I get to the container in Borderlands 3?

You can either use the vault key or you can take a grenade launcher to the container.

Who is the voice of Balex in Borderlands 3?


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