Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The game was released worldwide on September 13, 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The borderlands 3 the feeble and the furious kill pappy is a walkthrough for Borderlands 3.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Pandora is a planet.
  • Roland’s Rest is located near Devil’s Retreat.
  • 35th level

Lizzie needs someone to take her father for a trip around the desert, since it will be beneficial for him to get out of the home.

Your mission will be to see Lizzie and drive Pappy around the desert, doing a few chores along the way before returning him home.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Lizzie’s is the place to be.


Following acceptance of the assignment, go to Lizzie’s house to pick up her father and take him for a drive.


Dismount your car and approach Lizzie at the waypoint to reach Mesa Marron, where she will be waiting for you.


Talk to Lizzie to get her to open the garage door, where her father will be waiting with his car, which you will be driving.


Wait for the garage door to open after you speak with Lizzie so you may climb into Pappy’s jalopy, which is currently clinging to the wall.


Get into your car and drive out to the waypoint, where you’ll begin the first of three chores.

Collecting Milkpods


Assist Pappy in collecting milkpods from milky spiderants by driving to the waypoint indicated on your map.


Milky spiderants will emerge in the area surrounding you if you park in the spot and leave the car.


Kill the milky spiderants to get them to drop “Intact Milkpods,” which you’ll need to gather five of to complete the job.


When you kill a milky spiderant, go to where it died and pick up the “Intact Milkpod” it dropped.


Continue doing so until you have a total of 5 “Intact Milkpods” to finish the job and go on to the next.


Return to your car and travel to the next waypoint, which will be to collect coins that a coin dealer should have provided.

Getting the Coin Collection Back


Follow the waypoint until you reach the Dahl Refinery, then get out of your car and search for the coin vendor.


The coin dealer will be dead, and you’ll need to examine his corpse before continuing with the job of collecting the coins from the robbers that murdered him.


Enter the refinery and fight or flee through the robbers who have strewn the coins around the area, collecting each one.


Continue going up stairs and through pipes to collect all of the coins indicated by waypoints until you have a total of 5.


Return to Pappy’s Jalopy and drive to the next waypoint, which is the dentist, after you’ve collected all of the coins.

Getting Dentures from a Dentist


Park your car in front of the dentist’s office and go to the front door to complete the task.


You’ll need to knock on the dentist’s door to ask him to come out and speak with you.


When you knock on the door, the dentist, known as Dental Dan, will emerge and turn aggressive, forcing you to murder him.


Pick up Dental Dan’s teeth and return to Pappy’s Jalopy to return to Lizzie’s after you’ve murdered him.

Pappy is being dropped off.


Return to Lizzie’s and park Pappy’s Jalopy in their garage, then leave the car and go over to Lizzie.


Go up to Lizzie and speak with her to finish the quest and get your prizes for accomplishing the objectives.

The Mission’s Feeble and Furious Rewards


You will get a reward of approximately 9,503 dollars for finishing The Feeble And The Furious.



  • To get to Lizzie’s, you may either walk or take a car, although using a car will save you time.
  • Pappy will remain in his Jalopy for the duration of the task, so there will be no need to wait for him.
  • The milky spiderants aren’t very dangerous, but if you’re a low level or have less effective gear, you should maintain your distance and aim at their Metasoma (abdomen or rear).
  • You’ll have to hop about a little to collect the money, so make sure you get a good start and check the pipes for a suitable spot to climb up, since random leaping may cause you to tumble down and force you to go all the way back up, which can be frustrating.
  • Dental Dan is rather harmless, but you can quickly kill him with headshots if you start shooting at him as soon as he leaves his house.

The Borderlands 3 pappy coins is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3. It includes tips and tricks, as well as strategies to help you complete the game. Reference: borderlands 3 pappy coins.

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