Borderlands 3 is finally here, and with it comes a new Vault Hunter mission walkthrough! This time around, you’ll be tasked with destroying the enemy’s airship.

The borderlands 3 great vault walkthrough is a complete guide for the first mission of Borderlands 3.

Following Troy Calypso’s defeat, his sister Tyreen Calypso was able to flee, and The Destroyer is about to be unleashed, causing Typhon DeLeon to contact you through an ECHO device.

To meet up with Typhon DeLeon, the first vault hunter, you must make the required preparations and set a course towards Nekrotafeyo.

Walkthrough of the Mission

The Slab Is Being Analyzed


You’ll need to return to Sanctuary quickly in order to utilize the Eridian Analyzer to examine the slab inside Tannis’ lab.


Make your way to the lab, where Tannis has asked you to examine a slab that has been sitting about for a while.


Examine the slab in the lab to interpret it and hear a message from one of the ancient Eridian creatures that imprisoned The Destroyer.


You’ll pull out your gadget after interacting with the slab, and you’ll hear Nyriad’s voice informing you about The Destroyer.

Set Your Sights On Nekrotafeyo


Proceed to the bridge to speak with the crew, after which you must sail to Nekrotafeyo, where Typhon DeLeon awaits you.


Select Nekrotafeyo from the navigation console so that you and the Crimson Raiders may follow the route that leads there.


When Sanctuary has arrived in Nekrotafeyo, go to the drop pod and descend to the surface to locate Typhon DeLeon.

Typhon DeLeon’s location


Make your way to the waypoint shown on your map, which will place you in front of a tangle of vines obstructing the route.

With your melee attack, destroy the vines and continue on your journey to the waypoint.


You’ll come across new animals on your journey to the locations where you’ll meet Typhon DeLeon, which you may either kill or just flee through.


You’ll come to a room with a barrier obstructing the exit, which you’ll need to remove in order to go to your waypoint.


There will be a power unit wrapped in vines that you will have to remove using your melee assault.


After you’ve removed the vines, interact with the power unit to reroute the energy, allowing you to break through the barrier.


Obtain a car from a local Catch-A-Ride and go to the location where Typhon DeLeon is waiting.


The route will narrow as you get closer to the waypoint, so you’ll have to continue on foot as you reach the meeting location.


There will be a dead end that you must approach in order to discover its true appearance, which is a stone barricade.


As you approach the dead end, the obstructed route will become translucent, and you will encounter two robots who will subsequently open the barrier.


Follow the robots as they lead you to Typhon DeLeon, who is waiting for you nearby.


When you arrive at Typhon DeLeon, he will give you a brief introduction and engage in some light conversation before taking you further into the region.


You don’t have to worry about Typhon using his whip to go around since there will be places where you can meet up with him.

Putting The Vault Keys In Place


Typhon will begin talking about the issue as soon as you arrive, and you will need to put each of the vault keys you have with you in their proper places afterwards.

This will finish the task by completing the preparations for the opening of another vault.

The Benefits of the First Vault Hunter Mission


You’ll be awarded with approximately 14,192 coins and a unique cosmetic skin if you complete the First Vault Hunter quest.



  • This quest introduces you to Nekrotafeyo and finally reveals the legendary Typhon DeLeon you’ve been hearing about.
  • The opponents are all different from the ones you’ve faced before, but they’re all easy to defeat provided you have gear that matches your current level and theirs.
  • Most of the goals may be completed by making your way to the way points and avoiding combat, particularly if your level is greater than the opponents in the region.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

Borderlands 3 is the latest game in the popular series. The game has a lot of different missions for players to complete. This walkthrough will help players through their first mission, The First Vault Hunter Mission. Reference: borderlands 3 typhon logs.

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