The Great Vault Mission is one of the most difficult missions in Borderlands 3. This guide will walk you through how to complete this mission and what to expect.

The borderlands 3 the great vault glitch is a bug that was present in Borderlands 2. It has been fixed in Borderlands 3, but it still happens occasionally.

The moment has come to strike back against the Children Of The Vault, but the Calypso twins already have a plan in place, and it’s up to you to prevent them from carrying it out.

Your mission is to carry on the attack that failed before, but this time with Tannis utilizing the Eridian amplifier, you will be able to enter their base and take on the Calypsos head-on.

Walkthrough of the Mission

The Calypso Twins’ Call


Once you’ve completed the Angels And Speed Demons task, go to Lilith and talk with her to strategize your next move.


An incoming communication from the Calypsos will interrupt Lilith, ordering the Crimson Raiders to check outside the window.


Pandora will send a brilliant beam to the moon, which will later show that Troy Calypso is really charging it since it is the vault key to The Great Vault.

Saying Your Farewells


It’s now time to confront the Calypsos, and Lilith advises you to say your goodbyes to the crew before leaving.


It is optional to speak with all of the crew members mentioned in the goals, or you may begin with speaking with Lilith.

Attacking The Vault’s Children


To launch the attack against the Children Of The Vault, go to Roland’s Rest and talk with Vaughn.


Tannis will recharge her batteries with the Eridian amplifier before heading over to the turrets that thwarted the Crimson Raiders’ last assault.


Grab a car and drive over to Tannis’ location near the turrets, where she’ll be waiting for you to assist her as she takes control of them.


Exit your car and go to Tannis, but first you must remove the Children Of The Vault from the area before meeting with her.


Ascend the stairs and continue to the waypoint, killing any Children Of The Vault that stand in your way.


There will be many opponents to fight before you can approach Tannis, so make sure you kill them all before moving on.


Tannis will seize control of the turrets protecting the Children Of The Vault and convert them to the side of the Crimson Raiders if you approach her.


Return to your vehicle and go to the waypoint to continue the assault against the Children Of The Vault.


The next zone will be open to you, and you must enter with your car before driving to the area where the Calypso twins are charging up the vault key from afar.


Drive through the enemy’s fortifications and reach the waypoint indicated on your map.


Once you’ve arrived at the waypoint, dismount and follow Ava, who has joined the fight against the Children Of The Vault.


Wait for Ava to drop a bomb at the entrance so you may detonate it and allow the Crimson Raiders to enter.


Shoot the bomb and rush in to kill the Children Of The Vault inside once the explosive is in position and Ava has moved out of the way.


After that, you must wipe out all of the Children Of The Vault in the region before proceeding further into the base.


After murdering every single bandit in the region, make your way to the Courtyard Of The Damned, leaving no opponent remaining.


After you’ve defeated the adversaries, keep moving towards the waypoint until you reach the Inner Sanctum.

Obtaining Access to the Inner Sanctum


Proceed to the waypoint where you will need to open up the route leading further into the Inner Sanctum later.


You’ll discover a lever that will unlock the sanctum door, and you’ll need to utilize it to continue on your way to Troy and Tyreen.

Eridian Supply Shortage


In the Altar Of The Twins, there will be lots of Eridian being processed, which you must disrupt in order to prevent Troy from obtaining more Eridian to power himself with.


In order to disrupt the Eridian supply, you must first murder Rachael, The Anointed, who is keeping watch at the Altar Of The Twins.


After you’ve slain the anointed adversary, go to the four valves you’ll need to interact with to increase the pressure in the tank where the Eridian is being fed.


The pressure will be too great to manage after all of the valves have been opened, and the tank will become unstable, enabling you to fire at it and ultimately cause it to explode.

On My Way To The Great Vault


Once Eridian’s supply has been cut off, go through the hole indicated by a waypoint and leap down to Troy and Tyreen’s location.


You’ll be able to enter a zone called The Great Vault, where you’ll confront Troy and Tyreen.


You’ll be in a dig site and need to go to the waypoint, but don’t forget to replenish on ammo since you’re in for a battle.


Proceed to the waypoint that indicates the entrance to the region from where Troy and Tyreen are charging the moon.

Calypso Calypso Calypso Calypso Ca


When you reach the waypoint, leap down and battle Troy while Tyreen concentrates on harnessing her siren abilities.


If you opt to continue without preparation, Troy will attack you with his siren powers, and you will have to fight back with whatever you have on you.


Fight Troy until his health is fully depleted, which will result in a cutscene with him and Tyreen falling to the ground.


Tyreen will be able to rise after Troy has died, and she will absorb Troy in order to launch a last assault, which will be successful, enabling her to flee.

The First Vault Hunter’s Call


You’ll be left with an echo device, which you’ll need to pick up to see who it belongs to and react to a call.

The call comes from Typhon DeLeon, who informs you that the vast vault is going to open and that you must immediately travel to Nekrotafeyo.


After receiving a call from Typhon DeLeon about going to Nekrotafeyo, go to Lilith and talk with her to continue the task.

The Great Vault is being raided.


You will visit the vault that has just opened in the region and plunder everything you can before heading to Nekrotafeyo.


Take the Eridian Analyzer from the vault’s storage area, then steal anything else you can before returning to Tannis.


To finish the task and activate the next major mission, go outside and talk with Tannis.

Rewards for the Great Vault Mission


You will get a reward of approximately 11,314 cash and a rare head costume piece if you complete The Great Vault.



  • There will be a big battle ahead of you when you go through the whole base and face Troy in the end, so make sure you have all of your stuff ready before leaving.
  • To avoid spending time with enemy defenses, you may just hurry towards the waypoint while in your vehicle.
  • Troy will attack with simple patterns that will allow you to avoid taking excessive damage while also allowing you to quickly terminate his life.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The borderlands 3 mission list is a walkthrough for the last level of Borderlands 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What chapter is the great vault in Borderlands 3?

The Great Vault is the final chapter in Borderlands 3.

How do you beat the vault in Borderlands 3?

To beat the vault, you must jump on top of it and then shoot a grenade at the door.

Is Pandora the great vault?


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