Borderlands 3 is the latest game in the popular looter-shooter franchise, and it’s packed with new guns, gear, and enemies. We’ve got a walkthrough for every mission of the game to help you get through this dangerous world.

The borderlands 3 the impending storm go to sanctuary is a mission in Borderlands 3. It is located at Sanctuary, and it requires players to journey there.

You and the Crimson Raider are looking for a piece of the vault key that you know is on Athenas.

You get a call from an old Lilith friend who claims to know where the key is hidden, but Maliwan has already come and is attacking them, so it’s up to you to back them up and take the key before they do.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Getting in Touch With Maya


After completing your task on Promethea, you return to Sanctuary and speak with Lilith to determine your next steps in the search for the vault key piece.


As the Crimson Raiders try to contact Maya, who knows where the vault key piece is, they discover that Maliwan has already attacked them, and you are sent to assist them.

When visiting Athens, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Transport the drop pod that will take you down to Athenas from the cargo area where Ellie is.

Getting to Know Maya


Make your way to the waypoint where Maya is waiting for you after you’ve landed on Athenas.


You will encounter many Maliwan soldiers along the route, and once you reach the courtyard, you must eliminate all opponents before meeting Maya.


After the courtyard has been cleaned, ring the bell on the side of the gate, which will then be opened and a cinematic introducing Maya will play.


Speak with Maya to continue the quest, and she will take you through the region to your next job.

Walking Around The Town


Follow Maya and fight off any opponents that appear in the area until you reach the waypoint at the end.


There will be many Maliwan opponents in the area, so make sure you’re ready to battle them and have enough of ammunition.


After you eliminate the opponents in your current location, you must ring two bells to unlock the gates leading to each region. There will be one bell each area that you pass through.

Ava’s Tomb Raiding


When you get to the final section, you’ll be told to keep going and look for Ava, Maya’s apprentice.

You and Ava will go out to plunder several tombs in quest of Eridian, which Maya need to unlock the vault key fragment’s location.


You and Ava will face Maliwan soldiers on your journey to each tomb, who will attempt to prevent you and Ava from finding what you need.

Kill them and stick with Ava until you’ve searched all of the graves for the Eridian.


Ava will unlock the tombs you’ll be exploring, and you’ll have to wait for her before you can open them, so be prepared to battle foes before or while she’s doing so.


The first tomb will have four containers for you to examine for Eridian, and after you’ve checked them all, you may go on to the second tomb.


The next tomb will be close, but this time there will be ratches inside and the tomb will seem to be infected, necessitating the killing of the ratches before continuing on to the last tomb.


Maliwan and ratches, as well as a ratch nest battling outside the final tomb, must all be killed.


After you destroy the ratch nest, you will get an item named “Burial Eridian,” which you must pick up and deliver to Maya, who will be waiting for you in the courtyard.


Follow Ava to Maya, who will bring you to a bridge that will take you to the courtyard where Maya will greet you.

Captain Traunt’s Protection


Maya will tell Ava to return to the bridge and urge you to go on to meet with her.


You’ll face numerous Maliwan soldiers as you make your way to the courtyard, as Captain Traunt taunts you for a battle.


As you near the conclusion, make your way down to Captain Traunt, who is already waiting for you.

Try to loot about before making the leap down so you can replenish on ammo and health.


Deal with Captain Traunt, but be cautious since he does a lot of damage and may shoot his missiles all over the place, so hiding isn’t always the safest option.

Taking a Piece of The Vault Key


Maya and other monks will come at the location after you kill Captain Traunt, and you must give over the Eridian to her so she may open the path to the vault key piece.


Wait for Maya to unlock the door and then follow her inside to get the vault key piece.


Follow Maya, who will take you to the vault key fragment, which you should collect up before returning to Sanctuary.


Once in Sanctuary, go to Tannis and give her the vault key piece before heading to Lilith.


Speak with Lilith, who is having a discussion with Maya about Ava becoming a siren someday, and the task will be completed after a conversation with Lilith.

After completing this assignment, you will be assigned to the Space-Laser Tag mission.

The Rewards for the Impending Storm Mission


You will be awarded with approximately 1047 dollars and a rare submachine pistol after finishing The Impending Storm.



  • Captain Traunt may be a difficult foe to face if you are not prepared, so acquire a few ammo SDUs as well as level-appropriate gear to put up a strong fight.
  • The Maliwan soldiers will be flooding the streets, so take shelter if you can or remain near opponents you can kill for a breather.
  • Completing side tasks before confronting Captain Traunt is a smart method to prepare for this battle and give yourself a greater chance of defeating him.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The Borderlands 3 Sanctuary walkthrough is a mission that was released in the game Borderlands 3. It is part of the final story arc of the game and can be completed by players who have reached level 50. Reference: borderlands 3 sanctuary walkthrough.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to do the Impending Storm Borderlands3?

To do the Impending Storm Borderlands3, you must go into Beat Sabers settings and enable Beat Saber VR mode.

Where can I meet Maya?

You can find her at the Mayas House in the Plaza.

How to meet Maya in Borderlands3?

The game is not out yet, so its hard to say.

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