Borderlands 3 is a looter-shooter that pits players against each other in a battle for control of Pandora’s moon. Players can choose from four classes, each with their own unique abilities and weapons.

The borderlands 3 the rampager location is a guide that will teach you how to kill, locations, drops and attacks in Borderlands 3.

The Rampager is the first vault monster you meet, as well as the boss of the Beneath The Meridian quest.

It looks as a massive monster with twisted skin, ripped muscles, and shattered bones, with tremendous strength similar to that of a hellish beast or demon.


During the Beneath The Meridian quest, you come across The Rampager, who you battle with Maya as you both try to unlock the vault that the Crimson Raiders were looking for.

The Rampager: Fighting and Killing


When battling you, the Rampager will go through three distinct stages, each with a slightly different look and assault.


Keep as far away from The Rampager as possible since it may inflict a lot of damage if it catches up to you, and its missiles can easily strike you if you get too near.

Maintaining a safe space between yourself and The Rampager may let you dodge all or most of its strikes.


After exhausting the initial half of its health bar, it will continue to absorb energy into itself, eventually pulling what seems to be a lengthy dragon-like head from its back all the way forward to replace its present head.


The Rampager will then launch green missiles at you and acquire more attacks as well as a more hostile demeanor.


When another portion of its health bar is depleted, it will undergo another metamorphosis, this time sprouting wings from its back.


The Rampager will use incendiary colored strikes in its final version, as well as more aggressive powers and a more chaotic assault style.

To remain alive, you must seek shelter as frequently as possible and put as much space between yourself and The Rampager as possible.

Few opponents will appear at certain moments, which you should ignore and reserve for when you are knocked out by The Rampager and need a boost.



The Rampager’s chest has a tiny aperture that can sometimes open up when roaring or attacking, giving you an excellent shot at it.

Shooting it in the inner chest will cause critical hits, allowing you to inflict considerably more damage and kill it much quicker.

Attacks of Note

Jump Slam


The Rampager will either rush up to you and smash the ground, or it will leap from afar and slam the ground when it gets close enough.

Reposition yourself as soon as it jumps into the air to avoid being caught in its smash and to prevent it from injuring you from a closer distance.

Projectiles should be spread out.


The Rampager fires energy blasts in an arc in front of it or all around it that will spread out to a set distance.

This may be avoided by leaping at the proper moment or moving in between the missiles as they spread outward, causing them to miss you.

Projectile of Bones


The Rampager may sometimes seem to spit forth a missile that looks identical to its previous projectiles, but this one appears to include bones.

Swipe Projectiles are a kind of projectile that may be used to make


The Rampager will perform a swipe attack that seems to be a hybrid of a melee and a ranged strike, followed by the release of missiles in an arc in the direction of the swipe attack.

Projectile with Multiple Bones


When in its secondary form, the Rampager spits forth a fast barrage of a few bone missiles that may do a lot of damage if not dodged.

If you are far away from The Rampager, the missiles may be a little sluggish, so shift sideways or run away from the attack’s direction.

Chest Projectiles Unleashed


The Rampager holds its chest open as a beam of energy shoots from its mouth, followed by missiles that seem like they’re made of bones.

A lengthy torrent of missiles will emerge from its chest and flow quickly towards your direction.

To prevent this, you must move sideways, which is risky if you don’t have a lot of movement speed, so you may either run away from your former location or slide out of the path instead.

Assault from the Air


The Rampager will take flight and fly over the area in its ultimate form, unleashing a barrage of bone missiles and flaming projectiles.

The bone projectiles will zero in on your position (or your prior location if you relocated), and the other projectiles will flow down from its route in a similar fashion to carpet bombing.

To escape being murdered by this lethal assault, keep as much space as possible and run out of the path or hide behind cover.

Drops of Note


The Rampager is renowned for dropping uncommon to epic items, with a high possibility of dropping the legendary rocket launcher “Stuffed Quadomizer.”



  • Before you fight this monster, make sure you have enough ammo and a decent shield mod to keep your survivability up.
  • Always move, either shooting at it or moving sideways to escape its strikes, while running and sliding to avoid some missiles and assaults.
  • Ignore the weaker guardians and use them as a last option after you’ve been knocked out.
  • Because you may run out of ammunition before the battle is through, make sure you have powerful weapons and at least an updated SDU for them.

The borderlands 3 the rampager glitch is a glitch that allows players to kill anything. This includes enemies, bosses, and even other players.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Rampager drop?

The Rampager drop is a green-colored, mechanical glove that has the ability to increase your movement speed.

What is the Rampager weak to?

The Rampager is weak to the Saber.

How do I farm Rampager?

Rampager can be farmed in the following ways. You can play through the game and complete all of the missions, you can do a speedrun to get him as soon as possible, or you can buy him from the store for 300 crystals.

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