Borderlands 3 is a loot-based first person shooter game. It is the third installment in the Borderlands series, and was released on September 13th, 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game features four playable characters who are all trying to find their way to Sanctuary.

Tyreen is one of the most powerful characters in Borderlands 3. She has a lot of attacks, so there are many different ways to kill her.

Tyreen The Destroyer is the last boss in Borderlands 3 and the last monster you will encounter before the narrative concludes.

Tyreen Calypso’s combination after she has absorbed the destroyer, forcing them to merge and turning her into an abomination.


As you go through Borderlands 3, you will come face to face with Tyreen Calypso during the Divine Retribution task in The Destroyer’s Rift, but she will have already absorbed The Destroyer and will be a stronger and deadlier opponent that you must defeat in order to avoid disastrous consequences.

Killing & Fighting Tyreen The Destroyer is a character in the game Tyreen The Destroyer


Tyreen The Destroyer may seem to be a powerful boss, but that doesn’t mean she’s tough to beat. She uses a basic set of attacks and has a straightforward method of defeating her.

You’ll be able to shoot The Destroyer’s body, which Tyreen has absorbed, most of the time, but your attacks may be impervious at times, requiring you to target her weak point on her back while she rests.


She’ll employ a variety of attacks on a frequent basis, including area-of-effect strikes, direct attacks, and easy-to-avoid attacks.

You can readily understand how to avoid her strikes, and some of her attacks can even be withstood if you have the proper gear.


During the battle, you’ll encounter Korax Drones, which you may dispatch when there are too many or store for when you need a second wind.


Tyreen The Destroyer will bow down and try to take a short rest if she takes a big amount of damage, essentially her health bar falling into fractions of itself, giving you a chance to attack.


You may climb up her back and blast a glowing spot on it to inflict a huge amount of damage and even push herself out of The Destroyer’s body for a short period of time.


When you shoot the susceptible area of her back while she is sleeping, her real nature will be pushed out, and you may use this to your advantage to inflict harm on her.



Tyreen may sometimes leave The Destroyer’s corpse to taunt or fight you, giving you an opportunity to strike her.

If you strike her head when she is out of The Destroyer’s body, she will suffer critical damage, causing her to absorb more damage and allowing you to quickly kill her.


Tyreen’s luminous portion on her back becomes susceptible and deals a critical hit while she is sleeping, typically after having her health down to a certain degree.

You can achieve the similar look by shooting it from a distance instead of attempting to climb up on her back while it’s open.


Tyreen is expelled from her body for a brief period while the weakness on her back takes damage, enabling you to inflict critical damage to her while firing at her.

Attacks of Note

Shockwave in two parts


Keep an eye out for his slam strike, which enables him to narrow the gap between you and him while battling.

Tyreen’s Laser is a laser that has been created by Tyreen.


Tyreen will reveal herself and fire a laser at you in an effort to inflict progressive harm over time.

You may either get out of the path, gain some space, or fire bullets at her, focusing on her head to inflict a lot of damage and drive her back inside.



When big orbs are released, they burst into smaller orbs that inflict area of effect damage in the region where they fall.

Keep your distance or move away from where the smaller orbs will fall to prevent this.

Spikes that are submerged


Tyreen The Destroyer will try to harm you with subterranean spikes in order to set you up for an Eridian shard explosion.

This is a sluggish attack that may be avoided, and it mostly acts as a decoy for when she throws an Eridian shard at you.

Shard of Eridian


Tyreen The Destroyer will fire an Eridian Shard or bomb at you, which will detonate in the region where it falls.

This may be difficult to avoid since it comes after another attack, however it can be ignored owing to the low damage or simply avoided by sliding or moving quickly.

Shockwave after Shockwave


Tyreen In order to harm you, the Destroyer will send forth shockwaves that travel ahead in a straight path.

This is another of her sluggish attacks that may be avoided by just stepping out of the path.

Laser Multiplier


Tyreen floats in the air, protected, and fires a series of lasers that inflict damage if they hit you.

This may be difficult to escape since they constantly moving, but rather than fleeing, go towards her and slide or sprint through the lasers to remain out of her path because she will only travel in one direction.

Set of four lasers


Two orbs are unleashed and go in your direction, creating four lasers that harm you if they come into touch with you.

Assume you’re using a jump rope, and you’re heading towards the beams, ready to leap over them when the moment is perfect.

Orbs bursting


Several orbs are released in a splitting motion towards you, moving outwards until one comes into contact with you and does damage.

To avoid being struck, just remain out of range and maneuver in between two of them.

Lasers that soar


Tyreen As they travel over the boss battle arena, the Destroyer will spread out lasers that will destroy everything in their path.

Simply walk out of the middle of the boss battle arena or between the lasers when Tyreen The Destroyer flies by to avoid this.

Carpet Bomb from Eridian


Eridian bombs will drop in a line and detonate after a short period while flying over the region, typically accompanied by lasers.

Simply walk away from the explosives that Tyreen The Destroyer has dropped to avoid suffering harm.

Drops of Note


Tyreen The Destroyer typically drops rare to epic gear, however it has a chance to drop the legendary pistols “King’s Call” or “Queen’s Call.”



  • Tyreen The Destroyer’s assaults are extremely simple to avoid, particularly if you maintain a considerable distance from her.
  • Rather of crawling on her back, you may just shoot the vulnerable spot from afar while she is resting.
  • Every time Tyreen activates The Destroyer and emerges, you have the chance to shoot headshots at her for extra damage.
  • Save the weaker foes that spawn so that you have a means of recharging your batteries.

Tyreen the Destroyer is a boss in Borderlands 3. This guide will provide information on how to kill, location, drops and attacks of this boss. Reference: tyreen the destroyer weakness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you kill Tyreen in Borderlands 3?

Tyreen is killed in many different ways, but the most common way is to shoot her with a rocket launcher.

What does Tyreen the destroyer drop?

Tyreen the destroyer drops a random item that can be used in crafting.

How do you kill the destroyer in Borderlands?

The destroyer is a boss in the game. You will need to find and kill its weak spot, which is located on its back.

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