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The Warden is a boss that guards Hammerlock until you can release him during the Hammerlocked quest.

He appears as a police officer who subsequently reveals himself to be a goliath, and he may be the first assignment you face.


During the Hammerlocked task, you will confront the Warden, whom you must kill before you can release Hammerlock, who has been abducted on Eded-6.

Warden who fights and kills


Wardens are more resilient than most opponents, but they still have flaws like headshots and may be destroyed with basic kiting and significant weapon damage.

When the Warden isn’t shooting his explosive assaults at you from afar, he will pursue you and try to deliver melee blows.


Taking cover during most of his assaults renders him almost worthless, but be aware that there will be bandits targeting you as well.


The Warden will alter his look by morphing, similar to how goliaths do, which will replenish his health and force you to be more precise.



The Warden, like other humanoid foes, will take more damage if you aim at his head, resulting in critical strikes.

Shooting the head while he is simultaneously transforming and gaining a smaller head will deliver critical blows to him.


The Warden will try to heal himself at times, as shown by him releasing a brilliant light while hitting the ground.

As soon as he does this, assault him till he runs out of health.

Attacks of Note

Shockwave Clap


The Warden will try to get near to you and clap his hands, sending a shockwave forward that causes damage.

This may be easily avoided by maintaining a safe space between you and the warden and stepping out of the path when he approaches you.

Jump Slam


The Warden will try to jump in your direction, dealing a large amount of area effect damage where he lands.

Keeping your distance from him may help you avoid this assault once again, particularly if you go to the side.

You may avoid this strike by moving around the Warden, and performing circles around him can render this attack ineffective.

Tire Toss


Every now and then, the Warden will try to hurl a tire at you, which you can easily avoid since he takes his time to acquire the item.

It’s important to avoid being struck in order to limit the amount of harm he can inflict on you.

Barrage of Rockets


The Warden will try to launch a barrage of rockets at you, which if not dodged, may result in a significant amount of damage.

You may just hide behind other items, causing the rockets to explode before they reach you.

Drops of Note


The Warden will drop uncommon to epic gear, with a high possibility of receiving the legendary rocket launcher “Annexed Jericho.”



  • Risk going too near to him to avoid being tossed about by his powerful melee strike.
  • Always aim for his head, since it is his weak spot before and after his metamorphosis.
  • While dodging the Warden’s assault and kiting him, you may harm him with elemental weapons that inflict damage over time.

The borderlands 3 warden drops is a character in Borderlands 3. If you want to know how to kill the Warden, where they are located, what their attacks are and what drops they have, this guide will help. Reference: borderlands 3 shiv drops.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you kill the warden in Borderlands 3?

I am unable to answer this question.

What does the warden drop in Borderlands 3?

The Warden drops a Legendary class item called the Wardens Key.

What legendary Does the warden drop?

The Warden drops the legendary sword, Murky.

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