The Borderlands 3 Wendigo Guide will help you learn how to defeat the new enemy in the game. This guide includes a list of attacks, drops, and locations where you can find it.

The Borderlands 3 wendigo glitch is a glitch that allows players to kill the Wendigo without having to fight it. This glitch has been around since the game’s release, but was patched out in later updates.

The Wendigo is a monster that you face in The Horror In The Woods quest. It is initially hunted by you and Hammerlock, but it may later be farmed.

It seems like a mash-up of odd creatures all rolled into one, and it has a terrifying aspect, thus the name.


You and Hammerlock seek The Cankerwood for the Wendigo because you need its kife to thaw out the huge gate leading to Negul Neshai during The Horror In The Woods.

The two of you entice the monster and battle it together the first time, but after that, everytime you start a new instance, you may try to kill it on your own.

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Wendigo vs. Wendigo & Wendigo vs. Wendig1631486352_105_Borderlands-3-Wendigo-Guide-How-to-Kill-Location-Drops-amp

When you first start battling the Wendigo, it will try to attack you from both near and far away, but it is better to stay away from it at all costs.

This is because if you go too near to it, it will be easier for it to strike you with its ranged attacks, but if you can remain at its sides or even run behind it, you may utilize close range weaponry.

There will be times when it will employ such an attack, and you will be able to leap on its back and over it to escape its powers.


The Wendigo has the ability to climb and jump great distances, and during this phase, it may summon foes to attack you and cause enormous spikes to fall.

If these spikes fall on top of you, they will injure you, but you may subsequently utilize them as cover to avoid being struck by the Wendigo’s Projectiles.


The huge spikes can also be utilized to knock down the Wendigo, as you can wait for it to charge at you and then move out of the path or behind the spikes, causing it to slam you and knock you down for a time.

The Wendigo can be knocked out many times, and you may take advantage of this to inflict a lot of damage.


The belly of the Wendigo is its weak point, which may be seen lighting up from time to time but will always be regarded its weak spot.


The Wendigo may be knocked unconscious for a brief period if it receives enough damage, particularly if it is targeted on its belly.

You may easily knock down the Wendigo when it is leaping about or on high terrain by exploiting its weak point.

Attacks of Note



Wendigo rushes up to you and strikes you with its antlers, which may do significant damage and even knock you back.

When its antlers begin to glow, get out of the path or even leap over it and behind it to escape this.

Moving in front of a fallen rock spike may lead it to collide with the spike and knock itself out for a brief while.



The Wendigo will use its elemental powers to spit fire on the grown and move it from side to side, scorching everything that comes in contact with it.

This may be avoided by leaping over it or jumping behind it when the wending uses or is about to use the ability.



Whether or whether the Wendigo has a clean shot, it will try to fire a Fireball at you, which will do damage on contact.

By shifting to the side, leaping out of the path, or jumping over it, you may easily avoid it.

Drops of Note1631486356_862_Borderlands-3-Wendigo-Guide-How-to-Kill-Location-Drops-amp

The Wendigo drops a variety of gear, ranging from common to epic, but it also has a chance to drop legendary items.

The legendary assault weapon “Stauro’s Burn” is likely to be dropped by the Wendigo.


  • Although the Wendigo has a red health bar, it is immune to incendiary weapons, making it preferable to use other elements or high-damage regular weapons.
  • Using the spikes as cover may help you kite the Wendigo at times, as well as provide you room to replenish your shields or health.
  • The tiny opponents that spawn in the region are sluggish and may be overlooked at times, but utilize cover to avoid them.

The borderlands 3 wendigo health is a new enemy that has been introduced in Borderlands 3. It is an ice elemental monster that can be found at the top of the map.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat Wendigo in bl3?

To beat Wendigo in Bl3, you need to complete the game.

Can you farm the Wendigo Borderlands 3?

Yes, I can help you farm the Wendigo Borderlands 3.

What does the Wendigo drop in bl3?

The Wendigo drops a random item from the list below.

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