The Witch’s Brew is a new weapon that can be found in Borderlands 3. It has one-hit kill capability and it can also reduce enemies to ashes. Here’s how to get the Witch’s Brew in Borderlands 3, including where to find the gun and what other weapons you should use with it.

Borderlands 3 Witch’s Brew Walkthrough is a walkthrough for the game. The glitch allows players to skip the first mission of the game, which is usually difficult.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Eden-6 is a planet.
  • Jakobs Estate is located in the town of Jakobs.
  • 26th level

The bog witch needs assistance with something, but Murl is concerned, despite the fact that he has not received any proof that anything bad is taking place.

Your mission is to assist the witch in collecting materials for her concoction and assisting Murl in determining whether she is up to anything.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Getting to Know Azalea


Head to the witch’s location, which isn’t far from Murl, but be aware of the surrounding bandits, whom you may need to dispatch if they get too troublesome.


Use the strange pipe at the entrance to her area to communicate with the which.


Azalea will emerge as a weird magical picture in the form of a green hologram, and she will urge you to assist her in collecting mushrooms in Grotto, a nearby cave.

Pippie’s trail


She’ll send her pet, Pippie, into the cave with you, and he’ll take you to the mushrooms.


Keep close to Pippie when you cross the bridge into the cave to complete the task quicker, since he will only act if you are near by.


The mushrooms will not be present until Pippie comes to dig them up, so follow him around the cave and accompany him to each waypoint so he may dig up the mushrooms.

In the Grotto, There Are Enemies


There will also be a few monsters in the cave that will need to be dealt with so that you and Pippie can gather more peacefully.

Pippie can be struck by opponents, but he won’t die. This may slow things down, but you can still go to each mushroom while battling.


Keep in mind that there is a huge opponent known as a tyrant, which is essentially a giant saurian that looks like a tyrannosaurus rex and may be fatal if you are not properly prepared.

By moving in places where it will have a hard time reaching, you may kite this monster and avoid its strikes.

Mushroom Collecting (Swamp Blooms)


Initially, Azalea will request that you go gather the green marsh flowers that Pippie is digging out.

Pippie can’t tell the difference between the red and green marsh flowers, so she needs you to gather them.


Murl will ask you to gather red swamp flowers when you enter the cave to collect swamp blooms, which you will need to accomplish as well.

You must return to Azalea after you have 3 of each swamp bloom to get your next instructions.

Putting The Green Concoction Together


As you return to Azalea, she will instruct you to throw the green flowers into a boiling mixture, which you may accomplish by interacting with it.


When you accomplish this, Azalea will start laughing and eventually reveal her real plans as an adversary emerges from the vat.


Her concoction has evidently evolved, growing and toughening a tink, which you must kill before reporting to Murl.

Plan reversal


Murl would explain that he sensed something wasn’t quite right, which is why he requested you to gather the red blossoms.


You’ll walk inside the shed he takes you to, where you’ll be able to add the red blossoms to a mixture he’s been working on.


To create a special weapon for you, toss the red blossoms into the vat where Murl has been combining materials.


Murl will offer you a weapon to fight Azalea’s intentions once you’ve combined the red flowers in the vat.

Getting Rid of the Mutated Mixtures


To prevent Azalea’s mutant minions from being used again, use the weapon Murl provided you to destroy Azalea’s vats.


Once you’ve destroyed the first vat, the door to Azaleas will open, and you’ll need to locate and destroy four more vats.


Head to each of the vats and disable them by shooting them at least once with the rifle Murl handed you.


You will encounter many opponents, and it is up to you whether to deal with each group of foes per vat or to hurry through all vats and deal with all enemies at the finish.

Regardless of your progress, smashing the fourth vat will summon Azalea to attack you, and you must kill her like you would any other bothersome bandit.


After killing her, return to Murl, who will talk with you and provide you the prizes for completing the task.

Rewards for the Witch’s Brew Mission


Completing the Witch’s Brew quest will get you approximately $3,427 in cash and the legendary grenade “Fungus Among Us.”



  • Collecting the red and green flowers is simple regardless of how you continue, which may include clearing the area or just following Pippie as he swiftly moves on to the next bloom despite any opponents in the way.
  • When destroying the vats, you do not need to wait or clear opponents, and you may immediately go on to the next one afterward.
  • Because there will be a lost spawning and restricted areas to overwhelm you, area of effect weaponry may be utilized to quickly wipe out groups of opponents in the region.
  • Because the tyrant in Grotto can inflict a lot of damage, it’s better to fire it from distance or kite it for easy hits.

In Borderlands 3, the Witch’s Brew is a special item that can be used to open up new areas. To get to Azalea, you will need to find the Witch’s Brew in the main town of Sanctuary. Reference: how to get to azalea borderlands 3.

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