Borderlands 3 is finally here, and with it comes a brand new character in Zane. This guide will detail the best gear to use with Zane, as well as how to level up your Zane Build.

The borderlands 3 zane leveling build 2021 is a guide that will help you level up to Zane.

Zane, the Operative, is a specialist who formerly worked as a hitman and utilizes his talents, as well as his devices and deception, to mislead opponents and gain an edge in fights.

He is well-known for his ability to combine several talents, allowing you to combine two skills to create a strategic playstyle that gives you an advantage over your opponents.

Undercover Construction


The Under Cover build emphasizes on a playstyle that makes excellent use of Zane’s Barrier ability and his ability to delay opponents with critical strikes so that you can take advantage of their hindered state.

Adrenaline is an excellent passive to start with since it reduces the action skill cooldowns, allowing you to utilize the Barrier skill more often.

Zane is a little squishy at start, but with the Hearty Stock, he can raise his maximum number of shields, and if you find a decent shield mod to equip him with, he may become very durable later on.

This build necessitates the learning of the Brain Freeze passive, which allows you to delay and even freeze opponents, allowing you to take advantage of enemy state linked to your other skill tree passives.

We add one point to Rise The Occasion to provide Zane with a little bit of health regeneration, since it is preferable than having none at all given the points constraints.

With the Confident Competence passive, Zane’s gun damage and accuracy are increased depending on the amount of shield he has, thus Barrier may help him remain unscathed and sustain a larger boost.

The Really Expensive Jacket will increase Zane’s survivability by decreasing the amount of time he is afflicted by status effects, but the Futility Belt will reduce his total damage by converting all elemental damage to non-elemental damage.

When he damages a frozen opponent, the Refreshment passive adds a significant amount of life steal, which works nicely with his Brain Freeze passive.

Calm, Cool, and Collected is a useful passive ability for restoring shields, health, and speeding up the cooldown of Zane’s active abilities.

Distributed Denial enables you to use Barrier to obtain extra benefits and boost your friends, which is very useful during tough battles.


The Barrier talent enables Zane to create a barrier that stops projectiles, while the Digi-Clone ability lets him to relocate himself while also preventing opponents from concentrating on him, which is beneficial for keeping his other passives active.

When Zane and his friends come into touch with the Barrier, the Charged Relay augment buff gives them a boost in mobility and reload speed, while the All-Rounder augment turns the barrier into a dome that protects all sides.

To assist Zane retain his shields even more, we utilize the Schadenfreude augment, which restores his shields when the clone suffers damage.

To decrease the odds of opponents attacking Zane, we wear the Which One’s Real augment, which has a high probability of forcing foes to attack the clone when it is created or when Zane switches places with it.


Part of this strategy depends on Zane’s ability to deliver critical strikes on opponents in order for Brain Freeze to work.

Zane will be able to use life steal from his weapons to restore his health if he can damage frozen opponents.

Calm, Cool, and Collected will force his active skill to refresh when his shields and health are full, allowing him to utilize his active abilities more often.

This build is excellent for keeping Zane safe from opponents for the most part, and by being able to utilize his Barrier often, he gets not just protection but also a boost in mobility and reload speed, as well as extra damage from shooting through the barrier.

In this build, Digi-Clone is crucial for keeping opponents off of Zane so that he can keep his health and shields up so that Calm, Cool, and Collected can be used more often.

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Agents have been doubled.


Our Doubled Agent Build is designed to enable you to constantly deliver huge amounts of damage while also allowing you to be a little more reckless in combat so that you have a greater chance of surviving.

Syncrhonicity is a crucial component of this build since it boosts Zane’s damage by boosting his gun damage for each active action skill, which may stack twice.

We level up Zane’s Donnybrook passive, which triggers when he kills an opponent, to boost his damage output while also granting him life regeneration.

Fractal Frags is a fantastic method to do additional damage every now and then since it allows your clone to spawn with a grenade and gives it the opportunity to hurl a grenade after you kill an opponent.

Zane will launch a grenade by chance after firing his first shot with the Duct Tape Mod passive, which may assist kill opponents faster and make clearing areas simpler.

Zane may depend on his shields not just to remain alive but also to interact with other skill trees, therefore it’s crucial to include Quick Breather in the build to force your shields to recharge when you switch places with your clone.

We include the Old-U passive in the build so that you may use the clone to save your life during Fight For Your Life, which kills the clone and instantly revives Zane, making it a viable choice for saving your life in combat.

Another benefit that depends on having action skills active is the Supersonic Man passive, which boosts Zane’s movement speed and stacks with each current action skill, giving you greater mobility.

The Like A Ghost passive is introduced to increase Zane’s chances of surviving battles by giving him and his clone a chance to avoid bullets, which is increased even more if an action skill is active.

Because the Digi-Clone can both deal and take damage, we add Boom.Enhance. to the construct to provide his clone greater gun damage, health, and other benefits.

After switching places with the clone, Double Barrel enables your clone to use the same weapon as you and adds extra gun damage.


We utilize both the Digi-Clone and Barrier skills in this construct, with the difference that we use the Dopplebanger augment instead of the Schadenfreude augment.

The Dopplebanger augment increases the build’s damage output and may be utilized to quickly destroy a group of opponents or deliver massive damage to creatures that are tough to kill.

The barrier stays the same, utilizing both the Charged Relay and All-Rounder mods, which can be utilized for movement as well as protection while hitting opponents, giving you a period of time when you are safe and have the flexibility to do a lot of damage.


This build has passives that enhance Zane’s damage, and utilizing them to his advantage may significantly increase his damage, making it easier for him to destroy opponents.

Zane may call his Digi-Clone before rushing into a battle or utilize it when he is about to die to get himself out of danger or to increase the amount of damage he delivers.

He can immediately resurrect himself if he is knocked out, or he may switch places with the clone before this occurs.

Barrier is an excellent method for him to defend himself when rushing into battles, and he can also use it in conjunction with the Digi-Clone talent to protect himself and his clone while firing at opponents. 

Build a Hitman 


Zane can sprint about the field destroying opponents and dashing across regions because to the Hitman Build’s emphasis on mobility and damage.

This build necessitates quick mobility and enables you to kite opponents and do damage while moving about, making it difficult for them to catch you while you pick them off one by one.

Violent Speed and Violent Momentum work together to make Zane move faster after a kill, while Violent Momentum adjusts his damage as he moves faster.

Cool Hand is added for a quicker reload speed, although it is only leveled up to level 4 to create space for passives from the other trees.

Death Follows Close is crucial since it boosts the effects and durations of kill abilities, making it particularly useful for Violent Speed and Violent Momentum, as well as any other kill skills that have been introduced.

After killing an opponent, Violent Violence improves Zane’s damage per second by increasing his firing rate, which works nicely with Cool Hand to rapidly unload clips into foes.

Playing Dirty will help you take down opponents fast since every time you kill an enemy, one of your following five shots will fire an additional projectile, making it simple to knock down adversaries one by one.

While you see red, all of your kill skills will be activated, which is extremely helpful when you’re in a battle since you can utilize all of your kill skills if you don’t have any active when rushing into a bunch of opponents.


We utilize Zane’s drone, the SNTNL, as our initial ability to aid in the battle against opponents so that Zane may remain mobile while his drone does damage.

The drone has the Bad Dose augment, which enables it to weaken opponents while simultaneously increasing Zane’s firing rate and movement speed, allowing it to increase damage with Violent Momentum.

Barrier is our second ability, and it helps Zane remain shielded while also increasing his movement speed, providing him excellent mobility that alters his damage output when combined with his other abilities.

Barrier provides him with more protection and damage, and he may take it up and keep it with him while moving about to prevent taking needless damage.


As Zane battles opponents, he will use his SNTNL skill to activate his kill abilities, ensuring that he receives all of the benefits. This may also be done using Barrier, as it is best to utilize whichever is most situational at the moment.

Zane and his drone will both be moving about a lot, maintaining speed and taking down opponents, so while attackers are being destroyed and diverted from Zane, his drone will be taking them down while boosting him.

Zane can still be struck when running about, therefore it’s best to utilize Barrier to remain shielded most of the time and use its speed boost to add to his damage in addition to the Barrier’s projectile damage increase.



Zane is a highly mobile character to play, and he’s capable of inflicting a lot of damage and exploiting his opponents’ folly.

Unlike other characters, Zane may utilize two of his talents, one of which substitutes his ability to use grenades. The player can choose whether or not to use the grenades in exchange for an additional ability.

You may combine two separate abilities to use with Zane, which is highly recommended due to the fact that he has certain passives that are impacted by each active passive skill, giving two times the advantages.

The zane builds is a build guide that is used to help people create their own Zane builds. It was created by the Borderlands 3 community and it has been updated frequently since release.

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