Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter developed by Bungie and published by Activision. It’s the sequel to 2014’s Destiny, which was also developed by Bungie. This walkthrough will detail the story of the game from beginning to end, including all major events that happen in between.

The destiny 2 a guardian rises mission is the first mission of Destiny 2. It serves as a tutorial for players who are new to the game and it also introduces players to the lore of Destiny 2.

  • Story kind of mission
  • Old Russia, Earth is the location of the mission.
  • Time allotted for the mission: 10–15 minutes

A Guardian Rises is the first mission you’ll encounter in Destiny 2 when you create a new character.

You begin by waking up in the company of a “Ghost” who claims to be yours and informs you that you have been dead for a long time.

This instructional mission has you and your Ghost trying to get inside the Cosmodrome, a Russian spaceport in Fallen territory.

Goals of the Mission

Come inside the Cosmodrome.


As you awaken, Ghost will give you some background on what’s going on and direct you to the Cosmodrome.

You must make your way through a scrapyard that you have just awoken in to a tiny opening in the wall.

Strange noises and possibly a Fallen unit making its way through a hole in the building will greet you as you enter.

Continue to move.

As Ghost explains, the only way to get to the other side is to keep going further into the building.

As you approach the waypoint, your flashlight will activate as you enter the darker areas of the building.

Ghost will activate a switch that gives light but also attracts the notice of surrounding adversaries, instructing you to grab a nearby gun on the right side where a gate opens.



Make your way towards the waypoint with the weapon resting against a crate close to a mound of bones, but be careful as attackers will soon arrive.

As you take your weapon and walk towards the waypoint, you’ll see the Fallen are closing in on you and ready to attack.

At this point, Ghost will speak with you and explain why he brought you back, as well as engage in some character class conversation.

How to Make It Through the Breach

The next step is to get it through the breach while defending yourself from incoming Fallen foes with the weapon you just picked up.

Along the journey, you’ll come across adversaries, and as you go, Ghost will give you a hint that there’s danger approaching if your tracker starts to flicker. (indicates the presence of adversaries)

Continue battling your way to the structure’s exit and make your way to the waypoint to escape on the other side.

There will be a treasure cache along the road that Ghost will tell you to access, exposing an energy weapon (Stubborn Oak shotgun) that will be added to your inventory.

Defend Against Assault


As you leave the structure, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a fight, as a raiding party of Fallen has arrived in the region.

A Fallen Walker, as well as other soldiers, will be present in the region, and you will need to repel the attack by killing foes.

Other players may arrive in the area and battle alongside the raiding party, enabling you to team up to defeat the Fallen Walker and other surrounding foes.

Keep an eye on the signal

Following the defeat of the Fallen raiding team, Ghost will get a friendly signal from Shaw Han, stating that the Vanguard mission has been compromised.

The transmission will be distorted, and Shaw will be unable to hear you via comms, prompting Ghost to tell you to go over to his position and hunt him down.

Continue to the waypoint and battle your way through Dock 13 (where Fallen are camped), and you will finally arrive at Shaw’s position.


  • This mission serves as a tutorial on how to play the game and exposes key narrative aspects that will be carried over to the subsequent missions.
  • Take the time to get to know your character’s skills since opponents will get tougher to kill and quicker as time goes on, so now is not the ideal time to put them to the test.
  • The Fallen Walker is a tough opponent, and you’ll be fighting it in an open world environment where other people may assault it as well.
  • You may disable the Fallen Walker by blasting the light-emitting plate on its legs, which reveals a vulnerability and allows you to inflict Precision Damage.


After a long period of being hunted down by Ghost, who brings you to Shaw Han, A Guardian Rises marks the start of your adventure as a Guardian.

As you go through the Cosmodrome, you battle your way past opponents and master the fundamentals of utilizing your gear and skills.

Shaw Han says that his fire squad has vanished and he is on his own, but he is reluctant to let you assist him since you are “fresh out of the dead.”

He accepts and the two of you join up when he sees your competence as well as your desire to assist him out as you respond that you have already made it this far.

The a guardian rises destiny 2 warlock is a walkthrough for the game Destiny 2. It includes a detailed account of the story and how to complete all of the missions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete Guardian rises 2 Destiny?

Guardian rises 2 Destiny is a game that has an ending. This means once you beat the final boss, there is no more content to be had in that game.

How many steps in a Guardian rises?

The Guardian rises two steps.

What do you get from a guardian rises Destiny 2?

A guardian rises is a type of loot that can be obtained in Destiny 2. You will get this item by completing the game, or buying it from the store.

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