The Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge is a weekly event that rewards players with exclusive gear on a rotating schedule. This week, the first challenge of the week is for players to complete the “The Wretched Eye” Nightfall Strike and then defeat Oryx in Gambit Prime.

This week, the destiny 2 ascendant challenge rotation is coming to an end. The Ascendant Challenge is a weekly event that has been in Destiny since the release of the game.

The Ascendant Challenges are weekly rewards that take place in The Dreaming City and change in location each week.

Because they are comparable to bounties, you’ll need to acquire them first by obtaining a clue of where they’re located and activating the instance.

The Ascendant Challenges may be used as a late-game grind to get better gear while also increasing their Power Level.

Players may perform Ascendant Challenges once a week to earn Legendary items and Dark Shards.

Petra Venj offers the Ascendant Challenge weekly reward for a modest fee of 1,500 Glimmer per week.

Each Ascendant Challenge will have a new location each week, and you can figure out where they are by looking at the clues on the reward or reading our Ascendant Challenge calendar.

This Week’s Ascendant Challenge

The Ascendant Challenge for this week, as well as the other rotations scheduled for this month, may be seen in the list below.

Remember to carry your Tincture of Queensfoil with you while visiting the places, otherwise you may miss the portal leading to the challenge.

Date Name of the Challenge Location Strength of the Curse
9/07/2021 Shrine of Forfeiture Esila’s Gardens Weak
9/14/2021 Ruins in Ruins Keres’ Spine Medium
9/21/2021 Edges that have been honed should be kept. Seclude by Harbinger Strong
9/28/2021 Abyss of the Agonarch Wishes Floating on the Bay Weak

What is an Ascendant Challenge, and how does it work?Ascendant Challenge

The Ascendant Challenge is a weekly reward that you may earn once you’ve progressed to The Dreaming City, whether early or late.

You may accept these bounties in The Dreaming City, buy an item that will enable you to complete the Ascendant Challenge, and earn prizes for accomplishing them.

The Ascendant Challenge is one of the greatest ways to acquire endgame gear and a fantastic method to battle some Taken monsters while eating it, according to players.

What Is the Best Way to Begin an Ascendant Challenge?

To begin an Ascendant Challenge, purchase the Ascendant Challenge reward from Petra Venj and a Tincture of Queensfoil as well.

To make the portal visible, go to the Ascendant Challenge’s location and apply a Tincture of Queensfoil.

When you enter the portal, the Ascendant Challenge will begin, which you must finish in order to get the prizes.

How do you complete the Ascendant Challenge?D2ASCE10521-2

To start your Ascendant Challenge, go over to Petra Venj, the NPC that hands out bounties in The Dreaming City.

After you’ve obtained the Ascendant Challenge (which should be the first on the list), you’ll be able to look for your challenge.

You’ll also need a Tincture of Queensfoil, which is a consumable that will allow you to access your Ascendant Challenge portal.

It’ll be time to find out where the challenge will be after you’ve acquired the Ascendant Challenge reward and the Tincture of Queensfoil. The description of the reward typically includes information on the challenge cycles.

Once you’ve discovered the location of your Ascendant Challenge, go over there and use the Tincture of Queensfoil to reveal the gateway to your challenge.

When participating in the Ascendant Task, all you have to do is finish the challenge to get awarded.

Buff of Ascendance (Tincture of Queensfoil Buff)

Many people believe that the Tincture of Queensfoil is only utilized after you reach the Ascendant Challenge portal’s location.

Because it is intended to disclose mysteries in The Dreaming City, you may use it when you reach the beginning region, or even before you reach it.

Because the Ascendance Buff has a lengthy duration, the easiest method to detect the Ascendant Portal is to apply the Tincture of Queensfoil as soon as you arrive in the beginning area.

All Ascendant Obstacles

You won’t have to search for the Ascendant Challenges anyplace else since they’re all in The Dreaming City.

There are now six distinct Ascendant Challenges that you may be faced with, and the duties inside each challenge will change.

To avoid having to travel back and forth looking find the gateway later, use your Tincture of Queensfoil to make it noticeable.

1) Ascendant Challenge of the Cimmerian Garrison

The Cimmerian Garrison Ascendant Challenge may be found in Rheasilvia’s Chamber of Starlight, which is a Lost Sector.

The Portal is situated above two Hobgoblins shooting at you inside the Chamber of Starlight, and you may leap using the stairs that emerge or glide up from the boss spawn location.

To complete the Cimmerian Garrison Ascendant Challenge, just travel the lengthy route that leads up to a platform with a few floating stones.

Enemies will spawn after you reach the platform, and you must fight them all to complete the task.

2) The Ascendant Challenge of Ouroborea

Head to Aphelion’s Rest, which is a Lost Sector in The Strand, to discover the Ouroborea Ascendant Challenge.

You’ll see the portal as you enter Aphelion’s Rest, but if you don’t see it, just face the boss’s chest and turn around.

You must destroy the crystals at the beginning region of the Ouroborea Ascendant Challenge, but first you must search about for the blight.

There are many blights in the region that must be destroyed in order to eliminate the barriers that protect the shields.

3) Challenge of the Forfeit Shrine Ascendant

The Forfeit Shrine Ascendant Challenge can be found in the Gardens of Esila, which are located towards the bottom of The Dreaming City’s map.

To go to the Gardens of Esila, head towards The Strand and leave on the right, which will take you south up a mountain to the site.

As you enter the Gardens of Esila, the Portal will be hidden behind the second mountain to your left, but be cautious not to fall off and perish.

You must walk about picking up Arc Charges one by one and depositing the energy under a huge ball of blight in this task.

After you’ve planted three Arc Charges, the center will be bursting at the seams with energy, which you’ll need to utilize to destroy any opponents that appear, completing the task.

4) Ascendant Challenge: Shattered Ruins

You must go to the Spine of Keres, which is located north of the Divalian Mists, to discover the Shattered Ruins Ascendant Challenge.

Follow the route ahead to the first bridge, being careful to use your Tincture of Queensfoil before leaping down to see a shortcut path of concealed stairs.

If you can’t make the leaps, you’ll need to follow the stairs or walk around and continue to the right until you see the portal from afar.

There will be a huge tower that you must climb and a monster that you must kill in order to complete the task.

5) Ascendant Challenge: Keep Honed Edges

To locate the Keep of Honed Edges, go to Rheasilvia and enter the huge structure. Continue on until you pass the statue.

Continue to the right, following the route ahead, until you reach the exit to the building’s outside.

You must climb to the top of the statue using the platforms to the right of the exit (Tincture of Queensfoil must be utilized) and then follow the stairs to the portal.

Follow the way to a group of Knights, where you should eliminate weaker opponents before taking up a sword to defeat them.

After killing the Knights, you should follow a bright ball to the next section, which consists of a series of gaps that you must leap over while avoiding big boulders.

There will be a chest at the end of the many rocks you must leap over, and after you open it, the task will be completed.

6) Abyss Ascendant Agonarch Challenge

The Agonarch Abyss Ascendant Challenge is located inside the Bay of Drowned Wishes, and the portal is located right before the boss battle area.

There will be a light ball in the region that you must follow until you reach the absolute bottom; however, since this is a jumping puzzle, be cautious with your leaps.

Two bosses must be beaten before a chest appears, which you must open in order to complete the challenge.

Below are links to all of our missing sectors guides:

Taking part in the Ascendant Challenge Time Trial

You will be storing your progress each time you finish an Ascendant Challenge quicker than before.

This qualifies as a run for your time trial, but you can only perform it once each week since the gateway shuts after the Ascendant Challenge is completed.

Restart the Ascendant Challenge

Every weekly reset (Tuesday 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time), a new Ascendant Challenge will be chosen and will run until the next reset.

You may use our Ascendant Challenge tracker to see which Ascendant Challenge is now active and where it will be located.

Where can I get Queensfoil Tincture?

Petra Venj will sell you a Tincture of Queensfoil for 50 Baryon Bough, which may be acquired in a variety of methods throughout The Dreaming City.

Only 5 Tinctures of Queensfoil may be carried at a time, and they should be consumed before reaching the portal’s location to make it easier to detect.

Rewards for the Ascendant Challenge

For each Ascendant Challenge you accomplish, you will be rewarded with Legendary gear and Dark Fragments.

Legendary gear is unpredictably distributed, and Dark Fragments may be used to make specific purchases from Petra Venj in The Dreaming City.

Apart from the prizes at the conclusion of the Ascendant Challenge, you may also get additional items while participating in it.


  • When fighting with powerful opponents, saving enough Energy to utilize your super when ready to enter an Ascendant Challenge may be a great assistance.
  • You do not have to complete the Ascendant Challenge alone; bring your buddies if you need assistance.
  • The Ascendant Challenge is rotated weekly and follows a consistent pattern in terms of location and challenge type.
  • Instead of completing the lost sectors where the Ascendant Tasks are situated, you must simply enter the portals and fulfill the challenges.
  • From Monday to the end of the week, you have the whole week to complete the ascending challenge, giving you plenty of time to watch each cycle.


Ascendant Challenges are once-a-week tasks (bounties) available from Petra Venj for 1,500 Glimmer.

Your Ascendant Challenge will expire a week after you buy it, and a new one will be available weekly.

The prizes earned for completing the Ascendant Challenge are used to buy additional goods from Petra Venj, increasing the amount of rewards and Dark Fragments available.

Ascendant Challenges may be completed early in the game after you have obtained entry to The Dreaming City.

The destiny 2 ascendant challenge tracker is a site that tracks the progress of the weekly challenges in Destiny 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the ascendant challenge this week?

The ascendant challenge is not currently available.

Where is ascendant Challenge This Week 2021?

It is currently unknown.

What is the ascendant challenge weekly bounty?

The ascendant challenge weekly bounty is a new way to get extra loot in the game. It will be released every week on Friday at 12pm PST.

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