The Cosmodrome in Destiny 2 is a large, sprawling area where players can find Lost Sectors to explore. These are areas that have not yet been uncovered by the game’s developers and contain unique loot.

The destiny 2 lost sector rotation is a guide that will show you the locations of all the Lost Sectors in the Cosmodrome.

The Cosmodrome is a huge ancient shipyard that still remains in Old Russia on Earth. It was built a long time ago.

Several groups, including the Fallen, Hive, and Taken, are vying for control of various areas of the Cosmodrome.

Exodus Garden 2A and Veles Labyrinth are two distinct lost sectors that may be discovered in the Cosmodrome right now.

Also, be aware of the following missing sectors’ locations and maps:

Map of the Cosmodrome’s Lost SectorsCosmodrome Lost Sectors Map

Locations of the Cosmodrome’s Lost Sectors

  • The Divide (Exodus Garden 2A)
  • Forgotten Shore – Veles Labyrinth

2A Exodus Garden (Deksis-5 Taskmaster Location)Destiny 2 Exodus Garden 2A (Deksis-5 Taskmaster Location)

  • Deksis-5, Taskmaster is the boss.
  • Barricade Servitor, Resilient Vandal, and Resilient Heavy Shank are elites.
  • Fallen Faction
  • The Divide is a geographical area.

The Exodus Garden 2A lost sector is one of the first lost sectors you encounter in Destiny 2. It acts as a basic lesson for all lost sectors, although it may be replayed at any time.

To go to The Divide, you must return (after fast traveling to Hann) and return via Dock 13.

In this forgotten area, you’ll come across a number of elite opponents, but most of them aren’t that dangerous if you take them on one at a time.

As you go through this missing sector’s last section, you’ll encounter Deksis-5, Taskmaster, a stronger version of Servitor.

Labyrinth of Veles (Ak Baral Rival Of Navota Location)Destiny 2 Veles Labyrinth (Ak Baral Rival Of Navota Location)

  • Ak Baral, Navota’s Rival is the boss.
  • Revenant Cursed Thrall, Revenant Knight, Revenant Acolyte, and Revenant Wizard are among the elites.
  • Hive is a faction.
  • Location: Forgotten Shore

Veles Labyrinth’s location may be readily found by checking your map and searching for a ship with a lost sector mark on it and an opening on its deck.

Inside, you’ll find tunnels leading to an underground complex that the Hive, headed by Ak Baral, Rival of Navota, has seized possession of.

You’ll start in a maze-like region with numerous dead ends, and after you discover the correct route, you’ll arrive at the facility where you’ll continue.

You’ll discover a huge gateway at the end of the facility where opponents, including Ak Baral, will spawn and you’ll have to battle them to get the lost sector treasure.

More opponents, including elite ones, will spawn if you kill Ak Baral fast, but you may already escape the lost area at this time.


  • The Spin Metal Leaves resources are found in the Cosmodrome, thus they may be obtained from lost sectors.
  • Fallen foes may be shielded by Servitors, therefore it’s preferable to eliminate them before facing large numbers of them.
  • Cursed Thralls will try to rush you through Veles Labyrinth, which may make things tough if they catch up to you in the tunnels.


The Cosmodrome has just two lost sectors: Exodus Garden 2A, which is controlled by the Fallen, and Veles Labyrinth, which is inhabited by the Fallen.

While Exodus Garden 2A is one of the lost sector lessons, it is still on the list of lost sector candidates for challenges.

Despite the fact that the Taken arrive at the Cosmodrome, they have little authority over the area, and you will most likely encounter Hive and Fallen opponents.

The ExoDus garden 2a Legend lost sector is a location in Destiny 2 that can be found on the Cosmodrome. Lost Sectors are areas of space that have been forgotten by the Traveler and contain powerful items, weapons, armor, and more. Reference: exodus garden 2a legend lost sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you farm lost sectors Destiny 2?

No, there are no farming methods for lost sectors.

How do you jump to Lost sector?

You can jump to the Lost sector by pressing down on your left stick and then moving it in either direction.

Why cant I see legendary Lost sectors?

Legendary Lost sectors are not available to be seen by players.

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