Baryon Bough is a unique exotic bow in Destiny 2. It’s an Exotic weapon that fires three arrows simultaneously, with each arrow doing more damage than one of the original arrows fired. The bow requires three different perks to unlock and is only available on the Nightfall Strike playlist for players who have completed the game’s campaign.

In How to Get Baryon Bough in Destiny 2 you will learn how to farm the rare item. It is a farming location that can be found on Nessus.

Baryon Bough is one of the resources discovered in The Dreaming City, which may be found in a variety of locations and acquired in a variety of methods.

This substance is characterized by its ethereal hue, which is a combination of purple lights and sparkles.

“A diffusuceae species valued by the Awoken for its many use. Bring it to Petra Venj to find out how much it’s worth.”

Where Can I Purchase Baryon Bough?

This substance may be acquired by participating in activities or just hanging around in The Dreaming City, which is where Baryon Bough can be found.

The Dreaming City is the only place where you can get Baryon Bough, and you can get it by accomplishing the following in its many regions:

Chests to Loot

Opening chests concealed around The Dreaming City, which are sometimes in plain sight.

Bounties must be completed.

Completing bounties bought from Petra Venj, who may be found at various locations around The Dreaming City (marked on the map.)

Baryon Bough Collecting

Finding the objects that can be picked up, which are scattered around The Dreaming City and may be obtained by interacting with them.

Getting Public Events Done

Participating in Public or Heroic events that occur periodically across The Dreaming City and provide varying prizes for good results.

Taking Down Bosses

When it comes to events, there will be bosses who emerge from time to time in The Dreaming City, and killing these monsters will award Baryon Bough.

Use of Baryon Bough1631486173_685_How-to-Get-Baryon-Bough-in-Destiny-2

Baryon Bough is mostly used to trade with Petra Venj for particular goods, and as the item descriptions indicate, Petra Venj is your best option for figuring out how to utilize it.

Players may use the Baryon Bough they earned in The Dreaming City to purchase particular goods that they can utilize in this location’s many areas.

Players may buy a Tier II Charge of Light for 25 Baryon Bough and Tincture of Queensfoil for 50 Baryon Bough in The Dreaming City.

  • Charge of Light – Tier II is used to charge the Blind Well activity in the Dreaming City, making it more difficult and rewarding.

Tincture of Queensfoil is a potion that grants the user the power to view many of The Dreaming City’s secrets, including hidden passageways, chests, and the Ascendant Challenge portals.

The destiny 2 baryon bough farm is an area in Destiny 2 that players can go to to farm Baryon Bough.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is baryon Bough used for Destiny 2?

Baryon Bough is a weapon in Destiny 2, it can be found on the Dreaming City. Its primary function is to summon additional weapons from your inventory, which you can then use to attack enemies.

How do I get to the Dreaming City?

You can use the portal in the Black Garden to get there.

Where is Petra VENJ in Destiny 2?

Petra Venj is a character in the Destiny 2 video game. She is a Warlock and one of the leaders of The Last City, where she rules over the Wardens.

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