Borderlands 3 has been released, but is it worth playing? We’ve got a walkthrough of the game’s first mission to help you decide.

The on the mountain of mayhem bug is a glitch that can happen in the mission On the Mountain of Mayhem.

You successfully melted the ice gate in The Horror In The Woods assignment, granting you entrance to Negul Neshai.

You must now go to the DAHL research ship in order to collect a sample of the Heart Of Gythian, which will be required to save Wainwright.

Main Missions in the DLC Guns, Love, and Tentacles

Walkthrough of the MissionB3GLTM5-2

You will be able to enter Negul Neshai once you have finished The Horror In The Woods, and you will then continue through it.

The Dahl spacecraft you’re looking for will be near an abandoned research center, and you’ll need to make your way to the edge of the region first.


There will be defensive guns guarding a reinforced gate as you approach the complex, and you must destroy these cannons in order to open the entrance.

Once the guns have been destroyed, a chain reaction will occur, forcing the gates to open.


You’ll be assaulted by Bonded opponents once the gates open, and you’ll have to push your way further into the Dahl stronghold.


Eleanor will activate the spacecraft such that it overheats as you approach the Dahl base, preventing you from collecting the sample of the Heart Of Gythian.

You’ll need to move quickly and locate a way inside the Dahl base, which is completely shut.


Gaige instructs you to search the area for an outdated security turret with adequate firepower to blast the entryway open.

The only issue is that the turret has no power, so you’ll have to see whether it can still function and if there’s a method to make it work improvisedly.


You’ll next go to the rear of the security turret and break the fuse box’s cover in order to inspect it and discover that two fuses are missing.

You’ll have to improvise and find out a method to replace the fuses when Gaige discovers that they’re gone.


You’ll need to get an electric krich heart from a nearby nest, which may be found within an electrified krich.


Once the electrified heart is dropped, it will have a waypoint indicating its position, which you may pick up and use to continue looking for another fuse.


Following the waypoint, you’ll find a tiny facility powered by a fuse, and you’ll need to make your way inside to get it.

The fuse will not be visible, and you will be led to a chamber where the ground has been electrified, where you must then climb to the top.


The fuse is linked to a power source that is connected to the wire electrocuting the floor once you reach the top.

Take the fuse, and the electrical power will be cut off, enabling you to safely leave the facility.


Replacing the missing fuses, return to the security turret and install the fuse and the electrified heart.


When the power is restored, use the control panel on the side to activate the turret, which will be indicated with a waypoint.

The security turret will fire at the entryway, blowing you inside and allowing you to enter.


After the door has been unlocked, go through the abandoned camp and battle your way past the enemy until you reach the Dahl research ship.

Once you’ve arrived to the ship, go below and look for a method to get inside while fighting off any Bonded that come in your way.


A nearby lift will transport you to the ship, but you must first kill all of the Bonded in the area before continuing.


After you’ve dealt with the Bonded, go over to the elevator to summon it and utilize it to board the ship.


Most of the doors will be blocked when you board the ship, so you’ll have to improvise your way inside by entering through the left side and climbing up the pipes.

When you reach the top of the pipes, you’ll see a hole in the wall that you may crawl through to get to the ship’s system.


Gaige will urge you to hack a nearby computer so she may get access to its interfaces, but you have no idea how to do so, so she will send Deathtrap to assist you.


Go to the bot station to have Deathtrap sent to your location so that he may hack the system for you.


Soon after, kriches will appear, having been woken by the bot station’s activation, and you and Deathtrap must kill all of them before going on.


The door leading to the system is locked and cannot be opened, therefore you and Deathtrap will be unable to continue.

To continue, you’ll need to discover a method to power the door, which you may accomplish by tracing the cables to determine where the power went out.


There will be pipelines that can be fired into the earth, dumping water that will subsequently transmit an electrical current.

In order to complete the flow of electricity, two pipe holes must be shot.


As you fire both pipes, a severed wire that is transmitting energy will move it over to the door owing to the spilt water, which will continue to flow towards it to power it.


When you complete, Deathtrap will already be in the system, allowing Gaige to enter the ship after hacking the system.


Once the system has been hacked, you must follow Deathtrap into a room equipped with a projector, which you will use to locate the heart sample.

Follow deathtrap and battle through any Bonded dispatched to stop you after discovering that the heart is in the Xenocardiac Containment chamber.


You’ll eventually arrive to the Xenocardiac Containment chamber, where the heart will be yours to take.


Pick it up and give it to Gaige, who will instruct you to install it on Deathtrap so it can utilize it later.


Move up to Deathtrap and engage with him to complete the installation by shoving the heart into its eye.


Deathtrap will need to be supercharged in order to use the heart, which will need you to protect him throughout the process.


Before the task can proceed, bonded opponents will be dispatched to your position, and you must kill them all.


During the charging of Deathtrap, the power will become too great for Gaige, who will panic and urge you to pour the boron coolant into the core, which is indicated by numerous waypoints on a panel.


After failing to halt the procedure, Gaige will urge you to disconnect the tritium fuel while still panicking.


Disengaging the tritium fuel won’t help, and Gaige will advise you to destroy the override control panel, which won’t work either.


Gaige will begin to scream and urge you to simply turn off the entire thing since Deathtrap seems to be incapable of handling the situation.


Gaige will inquire whether Deathtrap is all right, and you’ll have to go check on him, only to find out he didn’t make it.


Eleanor will begin ridiculing you and Gaige, and then send an Empowered Grawn to murder you, which you will be unable to stop owing to Eleanor’s use of energy from the Gythian Heart.


A cutscene will play in which Deathtrap reboots and fires a new kind of projectile that seems to have energy from the heart sample. Once you kill them, a cutscene will play in which Deathtrap reboots and shoots a new type of projectile that looks to have energy from the heart sample.


Deathtrap’s laser will force the Empowered Grawn to become weak as a result of the energy from the Heart Of Gythian empowering it, allowing the two of you to kill it.


Gaige will then congratulate you by asking you to give Deathtrap a high five and not to leave it waiting while it awaits your response.

The task will be finished after you give Deathtrap a high five.

On the Mayhem Mountain, there are rewards.B3GLTM5-40

The task will be completed after you have high fived Deathtrap, and you will be awarded with approximately 153,334 dollars.

Once you’ve completed On the Mountain of Mayhem, you’ll be able to begin The Call of Gythian.


  • Although there is a great distance to go, most opponents may be ignored; nevertheless, if you want to kill all of them, entice them to one location by advancing ahead and killing them all at once after they pursue you.
  • Check your surroundings since most routes are obstructed or unavailable, so you’ll have to climb about from time to time.
  • Aim for the Empowered Grawn’s head to inflict extra damage, then seek shelter when its invulnerable activates again until Deathtrap breaches the barrier.

The empowered grawn location is a mission in the On the Mountain of Mayhem Mission Walkthrough: Borderlands 3.

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